Who are NOT getting Ultimates?

It’s obvious that it’s the originals getting them, they were the ones who had them (and lost them in reboot). First pack choices all but confirms this.

Not salty about it, lack of stages for Mira and Eyedol hurt though but this? I don’t think anyone really minds the likes of RAAM or Arbiter losing out.

whats the bet non of the Guest will get any

Other than Arbiter, like 3.5 Quintilian to 1.

even though you have a reasonably good prediction. I have no reason to assume that’s completely true. But you did make an interesting question. However, if the second pack contains one of KI’s new members, chances are that can be easily debunked.

As of right now your theory shows promise : )

I wouldn’t be so sure the original 15 are the ones getting all the Ultimates.

Well I am going to assume the 3 packs of five ultimate’s will be for the original KI Cast. I keep having this sneaky suspicion the next to characters will be released with ults… sooo I am just going to stick with any new and guest characters.

THOUGH I wouldn’t be surprised if gargos and eyedol didn’t get ults and 2 new characters did get them

the bottom line is, 15 ultimates doesn’t mean it will be that way forever. Even so with the current 15 we don’t know who the next 10 are. So we should expect some characters not to. I’d rather it not be speculation cause that just spreads unneeded salt.

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One can’t help but wonder if they mean 15 period or 15 for now?

I know some folks won’t like this idea, but maybe a good way to go about seeing who won’t be included could be thinking of who people will pay for.

Aria, Gargos, Eydol, Raam, Arbiter?

didn’t they say that every character would get one, they are just doing the ultimate’s in waves

That’s the funny thing, we have no way of knowing and even the devs aren’t even sure, they haven’t decided if they’ll do more than 15.

But think of it this way. Aside from making Shago’s Ultimate work on all stages, what other Ultimates did they do before January?

I think the 15 is so they can get the hang of doing them. Until they feel comfortable enough to do the rest, if they decide to that is.

Considering this is the team that picked up right after DH was taken away by Amazon I think they can do it for the rest of the cast. That’s my standing though.

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@rukizzel commented on this about whether they’re making more after 15 are done in the topic ‘Only 15 characters get ultimates’,

‘15 characters are in the works, and will be distributed over the coming months. (Through the summer.) Are we planning on doing more? If you asked me right now the answer would be “no.” But we’ve investigated it. We know what it would take.Could that change in a week? Sure, and we are open to that. So when we are able to revisit (and we will revisit) a decision will be made. Now the question is undoubtedly “when will you all revisit this?” There’s no definitely timeline. We even have to stay tuned ourselves’ - Rukari Austin.

(Don’t know how to properly copy and paste someone’s quote in the forums. I’m using my phone)
There’s your answer. Ultimately, everything is unknown after 15 are released according to the developers. But will it be that way forever? Rest assured this discussion on the whole cast getting Ultimates will be brought back to attention. When you ask? Nobody knows. @VergoVan

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Tl;dr, even the devs don’t know if it is 15 ultimates period or just for now.

That’s why everyone is worried if one of their mains won’t be getting 1. But this topic is just pure speculation and not to cause a stir of emotions; at least for now, sadly.


I think it’s because it’s the first time they ever did Ultimates for everyone. So they need time to work with it and get adjusted.

unfortunately this topic did just what you didn’t intend for it to do. When you’re talking who’s getting left out it will always cause emotions.

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Let’s start with the characters that are confirmed.
-TJ Combo
These are iconic characters. When you think of KI, you think of them. Who else would fall into this category? My list would be…
Those are what comes in mind right away when I think of KI. That leaves room for 2 more. They can go a few ways from here. They can finish the classics with
-Kik Wu
or there is a chance they might go sellout and give one to Arbiter.




If you look at the first two Killer Instinct games you have 15 characters who have all been brought into KI on the Xbox One and Windows 10.

My guess is that these 15 characters are the ones that will receive Ultimates. Makes sense to me.


That’s a bit of a long shot.