Who are NOT getting Ultimates?

So we all know by now only 15 characters are receiving Ultimates starting with Jago, Thunder, TJ Combo, Tusk and Maya; but sadly not everyone will be having one and that makes us all very worried.

Let’s talk about who probably WON’T be getting Ultimates as far as we know and why.
(Remember these are just guesses, not saying they’re not on the list)

I’ll go first. I would probably say Omen because he’s still a bonus character and not getting the full treatment like other characters that have colors 7-9 and/or more accessories. But that’s a wild IF.

I still think all the original characters are getting them until I’m told otherwise.

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You know Arbiter will end up having one. If he doesn’t then I will be truly shocked.

But then again there’s Shago… :no_mouth:

Why do you think that? Unless 343 and MS are still trying to advertise I doubt they would prioritize guest characters.

Ask DH about that one.

Most likely it will be the OG cast of characters from the original two KI games that are getting them.

Jago, Glacius, Sabrewulf, Thunder, Orchid, Spinal, Fulgore, TJ, Maya, Riptor, Cinder, Tusk, Kim Wu, and likely Gargos and Eyedol. These guys being the originals that made the series, they are likely to be getting the Ultimate treatment first, as evidenced by the Ultimate pack coming next week containing Jago, Maya, Tusk, TJ, and Thunder.

So that most likely means the newer cast that didn’t exist in the originals won’t be getting one right away. That most likely include, Kan Ra, Omen, Aganos, Sadira, Hisako, ARIA, Arbiter, Rash, RAAM, Mira, Kilgore, and the two new characters remaining to be launched.[quote=“SonicDolphin117, post:3, topic:18479, full:true”]
I still think all the original characters are getting them until I’m told otherwise.

What this man said.

Good point.

I mean just cause Adam said “We never said that” doesn’t mean he’s denying it.

I believe the original crew are the most likely candidates to receive them. As much as people may like the new and guest characters, to give them priority over returning crew seems almost like an injustice. On top of that, so far the first Ultimate pack seems to suggest this hypothesis is a credible one.

Which pretty much means the new and guests are gonna have to wait a bit.

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If anyone if being dropped for ultimates in the original roster, Eyedol is likely the first to cut.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if Kim didn’t get one just cause it doesn’t really fit her character (yes I know MK games ignore that lol).

For now, I’ll say that it’s just the original cast whose getting ultimates.

I also think that Eyedol would be the first one dropped. That is why I think Arbiter would get one. MS never misses a chance to promote Halo, and giving Arbiter one would do just that. Don’t get me wrong I don’t care either way. I just would be amazed if he did not get one.

My list of nots is mostly my opinions and desires for the game.

The 3 new characters - It’d be kind of a bummer to release 3 characters then after (or as) they come out, oh, one of them has a ultimate. If they’d announced ultimates before Kilgore? Maybe.

General Raam - purely off of assumed red tape.

Omen - His master dont get one, neither should the little demon spawn.

Aganos - His win sequence is ultimate enough, and hes already got a ultra ender thats tied to a WWE wrestler/movie star.

Kim Wu - Just purely based of character. A teenager, ‘seems’ a stretch to do an ultimate. Strikes me like Liu Kang from the first MK with his non fatal fatality.

Fulgore - On the fence. He’s got a 2.5 meter move already…but is a nuclear weapon of war. Id wanna say no because he can do damn near everything except run for president.

Eyedol - As much crazy BS as he can do already, let him have a seat in the corner.

Hisako - I would imagine anything ultimate related would likely be tied to her possession…or her Naginata. And Tusk just took top spot.

Arbiter - Another red tape call.

Gargos - Yep, all boss characters, step to the end of the line.

Shadow Jago - Already has one.

Glacius - Bleg, the ice man…

So I’ve got some that are old characters on there. Let me say why new characters would.

Mira/Sadira - im putting both because they share a fairly similar reason. Number one is just off their potential as far as their individual character traits. Sadira is a spider assassin and Mira an alchemical vampire. Two? Bad guys kill.

Kan Ra - He undoubtedly talks the most in this game, but id like him to get one.

Rash - Technically, the legal stuff could get in his way and all…but Rash is such a wildcard in this cast and is probably a favorite to certain devs that rhyme with Beats.

ARIA - Just way too many creative ways to do hers, it would be interesting, and although Aganos does something similar, she already has no problem crushing skulls in her win animation.




All 4 new characters with Stage Ultras
All 3 guests
Killgore, Eyedol and Gargos

Those are the 11 that will not get Ultimate’s IMO

When it’s absolutely inevitable that the guests won’t get them, along with 2 of them also not getting stages, I am continually disappointed.

I’d rather not part-take in this conversation it will just turn everyone salty.

Damn no hope for omen by the looks of this thread lol.