Which two characters do you want to see get "reworked" and why?

Just a quick disclaimer here: Hoping for constructive critiquing. I’m more curious about the specifics behind why a character might need reworking, as opposed to stuff like “character X sucks.” As that doesn’t tell anyone anything substantive.

Anyways, figured I’d separate this out of the conversation about today’s post because I’m curious what people think about this specific part of it.

From today’s post by Adam:

many characters are getting buffs, a few are getting nerfs / balance changes, and two (ooh! Drama! Which two?) are having some rework done to them.

So which two characters do you want to see get reworked and why?

-Omen: more polished details in his appearance, wings always out, retro outfit (actual one stays as retro, new design), more unique moves (only the copied ones, like sabrewul sweeps). Do NOT touch him gameplay wise.

-Aganos: he is the S1 Fulgore. He is to dependant of his resources and make some MU loopsided, either for him or against him (mostly). Maybe not very radical, but he needs something. He is a very good and unique character, but cant compete against some characters


Well damn, maybe I should’ve posted my (in hindsight, really really long) post on this subject in this thread.

Summarizing, if we’re looking at a mechanical rework, I kinda think Maya and Cinder make more sense than other potential candidates. If we’re talking looks, I have five candidates (Sadira, Orchid, TJ, Maya, Omen), and I can’t think of an elegant way to cull that list down to a likely two.

Omen -wings always out!
Cinder -a little bigger/taller appearance.

Im to much of a casual player to dare or know what mechanics should or should not be reworked.

Oh one more thing. Please IG/MS try and get Ash from Army of darkness as a guest character. They are making a tv show on him now and they (owner of IP/production company) should be interested in expanding that brand. So much cool things you could do with him i KI, and he fits in a funny way IMO. (sorry for unrelated content in post, but I’m gonna beg for this in all my posts until I know who all guests are gonna be for real :slight_smile: )


Same feeling here.

One addition, not sure if it will help his game much, but I would like maybe that it is no longer possible to throw Aganos. Doing so will whiff.

IMO its a bad idea. Many characters have throws as the center of their gameplay. Thunder, Hisako, Kan-Ra, Tj, Aganos itself…
And almost all characters have special setups from their throwns

All characters should be reworked then

I cannot comment accurately because I do not know what “rework” means.

-Visual Rework
-Combat Rework

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Tj combo, only has 3 different auto doub le animations, feels stiffy in all his animations in general, and needs to be faster, like his spinning fist linkers are really slow… 2nd character could be omen/cinder/, very indecisive about this trio, Omen needs an apearance change but not that important considering he is just a bonus character not intended for maximum work like everyone else in the cast…Cinder needs a damage buff and loose an ability or something because he is way too weak…“stop complaining, thats why there is burning enders…” really…so you want me to build up 2 combos just to get the same amount of damage as any other character in the game??? wait use my shadows often? using cinder with using 4 level ender with both of his shadows used is the equivalent of Jago using a level 3 tiger fury ender, could be just nostalgia because cinder was a badass in the old games, he still is just a weaker badass. but in all this TJ deserves the treatment just because i heard people bashing on tj’s release how he is stiffy, generic, needs more work. IG can use all the knowledge they have aquired from working on this game and finally rework his whole moveset with all the time they have now so he can be sonewhat more playable again.

Omen is the only one that I believe needs it. Though it wouldn’t hurt glacius to have a couple extra zoning tools.

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They should rework Kan Ra by hitting the delete button on him.

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Omen for sure…looks only…game play needs to stay the same.

I cant stand Orchid, but her looks need an update bad… her default is cool but ALL of her other skins and accessories are absolutely horrible. I feel sorry for Orchid mains.

I think every one else is cool…i guess Maya and HIsako could use an extra special move or two… i think them having only 4 moves is kind of lame compared to Kan-ra and Spinal

in gameplay only Fulgore make it more accesible his shadow moves set

and in visual Orchid make it better the face and the hair… and redising the googles

only that

I’m positive that when they say rework, they mean gameplay. It wouldn’t be very important otherwise.

I’ll take a stab at Omen. I think they’re going to change the way his fireballs work. The random effect will still be there, but only certain buttons will shoot out certain projectiles. I’m not sure if he’ll still shoot multiple ones or not.

I get the feeling something about Cinder might get a change with either his Burnout or his Fired-Up mechanic. I don’t think he needs those changes but something tells me that that’s gonna happen. He’s fine where he’s at. If anything, he needs to do a bit more damage.

Kan-Ra has been pretty dominant overall, but I’m not quite sure how you could change him.

Maybe Aganos could get something.

Man, if they get rid of the dud… :cry:

Whilst not at all confident about it, ya, I pointed at Cinder too.

I think triple trailblazer is too awesome a thing to lose, so I hope they don’t touch fired-up. On the other hand, I could see you getting your extra damage in exchange for a toned-down, reworked or entirely removed burnout.

I really like Burnout though. It tells people to stop pressing buttons and punishes people for doing it. It would be a shame for me to see something like that be taken away because nobody stopped pressing those buttons and got punished for it.

That’s a fair point. I guess I’m mainly just bothered by a Cinder who hits so softly most of the time when he connects. I guess I’m hoping you can get your button curse almost incidentally, and still get rewarded well for it if your opponent doesn’t comply, without entirely relying upon burnout for damage.

tbh omen is my fav s2 character. i dont know what they can change. tj comes to mind but idk what to change for him? his pose makes him look a bit stiff i guess

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I’m not so confident that this is gameplay changes. Adam says gameplay tweaks, nerfs and buffs and then two characters get reworked. I just don’t know.

Frankly, I’d be nervous about too much reworking of the gameplay. The game plays well with good balance now. The two characters that have been subject to the most tinkering around are TJ and Fulgore, so they are reasonable candidates. Orchid has never really broken into the tournament scene, and Cinder or Aria both could have leftover changes that they didn’t implement because they wanted the game “final” for Evo.

I’m hoping it’s something minor like Maya animation and Orchids hair…

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I feel like rework is too strong a work for something as simple as this. He probably would’ve said refined or something if this was the case.

I think it’s pretty obvious from the context of the quote that they mean gameplay reworking, not at all visual ones.

As for which ones? Well, I don’t know for the second one, but I would be absolutely floored if they didn’t make some substantial changes to Aganos. No one really plays him at a high level, do they? There’s a reason for that.