Which Instinct do you think got changed the most?

  • Jago’s Instinct
  • Sadira’s Instinct
  • Spinal’s Instinct
  • Fulgore’s Instinct
  • Sabrewulf’s Instinct
  • Aganos’ Instinct
  • Glacius’ Instinct

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I was thinking about this yesturday and realized that the S1 characters had their instincts changed more then the other seasons for different reasons.

And when I say changes I don’t mean things like instinct cancels or activation’s, I’m talking the actual instinct itself and how it works.

I vote for spinal or Jago. Just some food for thought.

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I don’t even know what Jago’s originally was so I voted Spinal.

Jago’s was originally, just walk forward and do attacks, boom health back.

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I don’t know why people voted Spinal as the only thing that was changed for him was instead of getting 5 skulls at once, his skulls come in intervals.

Sadira on the other hand, lost web damage, lost the ability to jump cancel manuals, can’t drop a web during an ender, was given the ability to jump cancel specials without the need to hit confirm.

Sabrewulf went from just a 20% damage buff + chip damage to his Feral Cancels with Damage Buff + Chip damage, to just Feral Cancels with a limit on the Feral. :stuck_out_tongue:

Spinal hands down.

What was just regenerating skulls, we now have bouncing skulls which no longer suck meter, the skulls themselves don’t regen but you gain twice more from spectral attacks and skull ender, AND you can suck back your own skulls for resource so you’re pretty much never without skulls. In the right hands, spinal’s new instinct makes him even more of a chaotic monster than he was previously.


Guess you don’t remember spinal’s completely. Originally it was 5 skulls right off the bat, then they regenerate. That was changed to only one skull per activation and they regen back. Now, they don’t regen, but gain double skulls, and they bounce.

Sadira’s was also changed quite a bit as well. There was also a limit on wulf’s feral cancels, the timer was just extended.

Spinals Skulls bouncing and staying on the screen until impact and not sucking meter wasn’t a change to his Instinct though, just the function of his skulls. My points were strickly to changes to how his Instinct works now versus how it used to. :wink:

No…his skulls only bounce in instinct. That was a change to his instinct…


My bad… I play Spinal quite a bit and honestly never noticed them not bouncing when not using Instinct.

Bouncing Skulls to pressure the opponent into making a mistake is the best Spinal has in my opinion. Too bad he needs to get beat up pretty good first for it, outside of Shadow Lords.

It’s a change that I feel (and that I’ve seen) can be really dangerous. Speaking of which, if he uses the overhead skull and even if he’s out of instinct it still bounces forever if it doesn’t hit anything but the floor or ceiling. Go check it out right now in training.

And it’s still bouncing…

I’d say it’s a tie between Spinal, Wulf and Jago, as all their instincts changed drastically. Only thing that was kept from wulf’s was the chip dmg, only that was kept from Spinal’s was the extra skull gain properties (and even those changed) and Jago only kept the extra + frames and life gain property (and even that was changed drastically).

They all changed a lot for the better, though, IMO.

Voted Wulf because fundamentally I feel he’s the character who changed the most due to his instinct changes, as the loss of that huge extra damage and the gain of feral cancels turned him into a totally different character when in instinct, and the use of his instinct went from getting huge easy damage to getting a lot more pressure and harder to break combos. Jago on the other hand still focuses on life gain as the main use of his instinct (even if it’s done differently), and Spinal is somewhere in between, as he still takes a lot of use from his instinct by upping his skull gain but also makes great use of it with the bouncing skulls for pressure and setplay.

Yeah the skull is still bouncing…hasn’t stopped. And now it’s gone. Guess if you move off-screen the skull disappears.

I definitely like Jago’s current instinct over his old one. Not only does the double fireballs help him apply pressure more, but also it allows Jago to gain even more health than he did previously (which I believe was about 20%). So if used right, he can get a second full instinct on the same life bar!

I did a test with jago’s instinct. If you use both bars, and hit with every fireball during his whole instinct (without combos of course) he gains roughly 40% health back total. Of course the opponent is basically dead by that point anyway.

Still more than he did in S1 so my point still stands.

I don’t remember how much he could get back in S1.

As I said, about 20%

I can’t take your word for it since it’s been too long. But it doesn’t really matter anyway, it’s in the past now.