Which Comic K.I Character should come to K.I

So for some reason I.G can’t get the rights to the K.I Comic Character’s to add into the game no idea why but if they could get the rights to just 1 Comic Character which one would you rather.

  • The Chairman
  • Bright River
  • Maddox
  • Kara
  • Tech (Orchid in disguise)

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The Chairman

Bright River





Who knows. Maybe Tech is the next Shadow Orchid lol

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Not if they couldn’t get the rights to the comics. Besides, I’m pretty certain the game is a retcon at all his point over the old comic, which means that the comic itself no longer counts or technically even exists within the KI lore.


But they could bring back someone as a reimagined version to fit this continuity, lets not ignore that possibility. Out of these, I would like to see Kara.

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That’s why its Hypothetical

So? The Classic game’s no longer counts or technically exists in KI lore but we still have all the character’s from them if the Game Character’s can be re-done for this KI so can the Comic Character’s Hell just look what they did to Eagle in the Novella as Evidence of that.

only difference is Eagle actually existed in the games canon. However as a new character I’d have no issues with it. Kara I’d likely pic cause Tech looks like she’d be a weird mix between the Supervisor from rise of the robots and Glacius.

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Bright River follow by Kara :slight_smile:

I picked Kara, and if they can’t do comic characters, I’d still like to see a blonde Ultratech assassin that’s a direct rival for Orchid. I’d much rather see this than straight up Shadow Orchid. If she can’t be “Kara,” then aforementioned names like Nightshade, Belladonna, Oleander, Jasmine, etc would be great too. Man, how are there not more video game characters named Nightshade? Love that name for a KI character.

I would’ve picked The Chairman, but he’s more or less retconned out, isn’t he? I’m assuming he’s Chairman of Ultratech, yes?

I’m sure they could write around it, of course. Perhaps he’s the public face of Ultratech. Maybe he’s CFO or COO or maybe Chairman could still fit somehow. Either way, I really do think that an evil, human suit should be a character. An executive, sort of Wesker from Resident Evil type.

I’d then go Bright River next, followed by a Maddox and Tech. Can’t say I recall any of them. :slight_smile: