Which Characters have the Easiest Time Against Eyedol, and What do You Do with them to Win?

I know the theory: rushdown characters beat Eyedol when he’s Mage, zoners beat Eyedol when he’s Warrior.

However, as is usually the case, theory doesn’t predict practice 100%. Mage has some sick-nasty tools he can use to keep his distance, while Warrior has equally sick-nasty tools to close distance and then smother you with infinite block strings when he gets there.

So my question: are there any characters who have particularly good matchups against Eyedol? If so, what do you do when you play them to win?


Glacius. He does well against both bodies in general.


Thanks for the response :slight_smile: What tactics help Glacius most in the Eyedol matchup?

Spinal. Mage can’t do anything against him.

Between 3P/K Counters, Grab, and Teleport, Hisako doesn’t seem to have many reasons to care about Eyedol. Counter and Grab can effectively shut down Warrior, and Mages specials are all slow enough to teleport punish (except maybe his own teleport, but the damage is crap and doesn’t lead to great oki).



light Orda Shield can punish j.HP, floaty flight and quick dashing and thwart floor lasers, Slide can outrun meteors. shadow phase is good to punish teleporting etc etc.

Curiously enough? Omen is a good choice to counter Gargos/Eyedol


I smell a plot twist…!?

Aria destroys Eyedol

Who bests eyedol for both stances? These are my picks


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Neither Kan-ra, Shago or Jago destroys Eyedol IMO.

Even MU at best, and Kan-ra has a difficult MU against him

I don’t play the characters. But I do highly suspect they best eyedol in both stances.

Maybe not Cinder. It’s tough for him to get in on either stance.


Eyedol’s worst matches - Spinal, Cinder, Eyedol (mirror matches) and Shadow Jago.

That’s not true… Warrior could defeat him…

Can warrior beat glacius?

Yeah. But if you use Mage, then you lose.

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It depends on the user.

I defeat him easily with Kim & Orchid, etc in standard play, but

the multiplayer spammers of the ground special and jumping like Mexican beans can be a bit challenging lol


But seriously, Glacius does just fine against Warrior. His size makes him easy to zone, and his normals don’t beat an ice lance.

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You are right about his normals don’t beat ice lance. But Eyedol’s Mage can beat Glacius in distance. Glacius can’t escape from Mage’s Bolt Strike - QCF+LP or QCF+MP and then Tele-Strike it. When Glacius use instinct mode, it’s Mage’s very worst matchup. But Warrior could defeat his instinct mode’s Puddle Punch because PP is not safe. Grab him after Puddle Punch! Or you can punish his Hail with shadow Crushing Shoulder. You will break his ice armor! To be honestly, Glacius is not really hard to my Eyedol…

Only pro Glacius player can defeat him… Yeah…

Ever heard of Liquidize?