Which ARIA body is your favorite to play as?




Booster. :rocket:

I like to mix it up. The different shadow attacks are appealing to me

I can certainly tell you the blade body is the worst 1 for me. I never understood it, but unlike with other characters, I can almost never get her DP to come out. I almost always fail at it, especially mid-combo.

My favorite is blade.

Gundam Wing Instinct Mode.

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Mmmmm hard choice.

Flips a coin


You have a three sided coin…?

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I think the name answers for itself.

Bass Body. types in random text as post must be 15 characters or more

Blade body is definitely my favourite as it has the best normals and the best synergy with bass assist, which may be the best move in the game.

I’m gonna pick blade. I think bass is best for spamming but blade has best defense.

Love booster. There’s just something fun about floating over an opponents attack and then dive bombing them to start a combo. Blade’s a close second for me. Kinda wish that bass had another unique attack to go with it.

Booster by itself. Awesome.
Blade I find necessary but a bit cheap. Same for Bass. Love all body parts as a whole, so don’t get me wrong.

Instinct body. Random text since it needs 15 characters

Blade cause I can get a 50% one chance break combo in it.

Now that is a good answer. :white_check_mark:

Bass but only after the others have died. I love being at such a huge disadvantage. No assists, no mix ups, no overhead, no aerial mobility, no reversals, no damage ender, no wall splat, no way to heal potential damage. It’s so awesome coming back with that body.

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But it has insane dash-in and dash-out for mad-zoning. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, not descriptive enough? That’s almost 2 full lines of text O-o