Where to watch the KI EVO announcement?

Does anyone know if the announcement IG has for their EVO panel will be streamed? If so, where? On their usual home channel? Or will it be on one of the srkevo channels? I am eagerly anticipating this one and want to be in on it when it happens.

@KI_Central is going to live-tweet the panel, there may be others as well. It has been stated that this panel will not be streamed.

Someone mentioned that “Periscope” was used last year, but I don’t know what that is offhand or whether it will be used again.


Thanks for the response Skeletal. I kinda wish they could stream it, but I guess with a limited time table to make announcements you can’t do that full treatement. I will be watching KI_Central’s twitter feed then.

Edit: Apparently they are using the main Iron Galaxy channel to stream Videoball from Evo. Or at least they were.

I read somewhere that It might on Periscope or Facebook Live.

It has begun!


Are they streaming it? Because all I can see is a page telling me to “join group.”

Yeah there are.

Can’t join without approval. How do I view the stream?

I can’t share it

Welp, that’s a bust. Thanks anyway.

I’m just refreshing KI_Central’s twitter feed constantly, right now they’re just going over shadow lords and not really anything we haven’t seen already from previous public events about it.

Like @xSkeletalx mentioned, KI Central on Twitter is live-tweeting it (including pictures). Here is a link to their page: https://twitter.com/KI_Central?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

Right now the devs are going over Shadow Lords again. They haven’t announced anything new yet.

Fingers crossed for final character announcement!

I hope that happens too. Right now it looks like they are going through the entirety of Shadow Lords mode again. I know last time it took them like 30 minutes to do it. I really hope they don’t use the majority of their time showing something we’ve already seen back at E3.

Stream is not working for me.

Thank YOU!

New multiplayer mode announced. You can use everything you earned in Shadow Lords and use it against another player.

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if you have windows 10 copy paste link in Microsoft edge