Where do I start?

So it is pretty clear that I am a Jago main, I don’t think I have ever switched away from him as long as I hoped I would’ve. I have often said I needed a beak but I always seem to keep coming back to him. The only real time I have ever stepped away from him was for a short time mainly with RAAM, then TJ an a little Rash. But, I never felt comfortable enough to take on serious contenders using these characters.

I want to have another solid character and as much as I enjoy the characters I mentioned, I don’t think any of them really stick to me like Jago does. Maybe TJ came the closest because of how fun he is, but there is still something that is missing that makes it hard for me to become attached to them.

So of all people why did I choose Kim Wu as a potential candidate for when I don’t play Jago? Well besides her being Bae Waifu, she has a real unique charm to her that not many people picked up on. I am the Tiger Spirit and Jago is all I know, learning how to buffer my moves isn’t something Jago does like Kim would. Learning how to successfully AA using grounding normals opposed to dps, learning proper footsies without having the tools Jago normally would.

Essentially Kim is my counter-part and an ideal candidate to understand considering how helpful it would be towards developing my playstyle.

But, my questions is… where do I actually start with her? If I am to relearn or learn different gameplay strategies, I need to break my old habits. I can’t do that unless I have direction. Would like some insight on her and perhaps some tech.

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The Tiger meets the Dragon

Shoulda stuck with bandages.

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Since there isn’t much I can say because I suck at these, I will try and help you the best way I can.


Links: http://ki.infil.net/kimwu.html

Bastfree’s Channel with some videos on Kim tech:


I would say learn these things:

  • Max Ranges for her buttons and specials.

This, because she is a very good footsie character. She is a whiff punishing monster. If someone misses a move, Kim is there to capitalize on it. You honestly have to learn this. (Because I know you didn’t with Jago, due to the fact I throw out buttons sometimes that I could get punished for and you don’t capitalize :stuck_out_tongue: )

A good whiff punish could be the difference between victory, or defeat.

Plus, it helps with neutral. Gotta have good neutral. Her walk speed is fast too, so it should be fun to do this. She has short low buttons, but like I said, footsies with this character is essential. You could be out of range of that standing heavy kick from the opponent, and suddenly walk in and punish them for pushing buttons.

  • Patience.

Kim has the tools to go nuts, but I feel like the best way to play this character is to have patience, and good blocking skills.

  • Resource Management

This is a big one. This can mean life or death in a situation. Always try and have one dragon stocked (That’s what I do at least) and use your shadows meaningfully. (Example: Jago doesn’t have to worry about wasting resources because he can gain them back very quickly.) Becuase if you start throwing stuff out, then you will have nothing left to help her with.

That’s all the advice I can say typing. It’s easier for me to show people. But, I’m sure the other people you tagged as well as other fellow Kim players can add more stuff. Good luck, and if you need help, you know where to find us. :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, I’ll gladly teach you in a Kim Mirror if you’d like, just let me know. That’s how I taught you with Jago, and look at you now…

So proud :sob:

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Tagging @oTigerSpirit for good measure.

Can’t help you with the tech side of things, as like my Jago, my Kim is mostly just based on solid play (and perhaps better use of her parry than most). Know your meaty timings, block on defense, and use her omni-counter to make them pay for being predictable.

Biggest difference between the two characters is that Jago controls space with fireballs and windkick, while Kim does it primarily with her buttons and great walk speed. Work on walking forward and back into the ranges where you have buttons, but they can’t hit you unless they commit to something negative or unsafe. Also, use dragon kicks to shut down aggressive movement. If someone wants to just hold forward, make them pay for it.

The dragon kick difference is the big thing I think. I believe that “perfect” Kim play will use these on reaction to punish virtually any unsafe action from midscreen. It is an incredible space control tool at these distances. Unlike wind kick though, you can’t just toss it out, because it’s negative lol on block (and no, dragon canceling out of it doesn’t make it any better). So be judicious about how you use it, but use it - it’s a very potent piece of her kit.

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You were right to tag Sonic - his Kim Wu is beast! :wink:

Tech wise, as @TheNinjaOstrich said, bastfree’s youtube channel is a great resource. Then there’s always just messing around in training mode.

Difference between the two characters? Jago is a all-around, MacGuyver kind of guy to me. Kim Wu plays a pretty specific way and she’s fairly good at it. But yeah, id hate to see you as Kim Wu, on your wakeup, go for dp and get nothing… Like you said, learning a different way about punishing, pressuring, even combo mechanics.

What’s always worked for me was to just watch players like bastfree, ostrich, sonic, lcd, and even players in different fighting games. Id say the best step one would be to either mirror match or play your Jago against Kim Wu players in long sets. Do a little studying of your gameplay afterwards.

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What I do sometimes, is watch someone like Bastfree, and figure out what he is doing.

Like I’ll see him perform certain things, and I’ll try to replicate them. Then I ask myself, “Why does this work?” “When does this work?” “Where does this work?” and so on.

It helps me understand why, and forces me to dig deep in the frame data to learn. Plus. From there I could find my own tech! :slight_smile:


Sorry for not replying to anyone. I feel like I left the impression of posting and immediately dropping her. I’ll have you know I have been actively playing her and have gotten beat pretty bad when stuffed in a corner without meter. She is tough but once she gets going, she hits harder than Jago with meter… wait, did I just say that she hit - YOU GOT DANG RIGHT SHE DOES!

I realized she has an incredible amazing poke! It reaches far and can become a tool for feeling the opponent. I believe the command is forward medium punch, essentially she whips her chuck forward that can be confirmed if it connects, but if not it is good for pestering opponents and baiting.

Her forward heavy seems really good, but I haven’t found much use for it because it takes a while to initiate and once it goes it is pretty slow. Any real use for this?

No kidding, people back up once they whiff and I use my meter damage ender lol


Oh my goodness her range! I remember parrying in a match then using a dragon during instinct to her shadow axe-kick which was far away, canceled with another dragon to bait the lock-out, made work of the lock-out before cashing it out. It felt AMAZING! Ahahahahaaha… ahem, yep.

Yes, I have noticed I have played a lot more slower opposed to Jago. Matches are usually ending between 40-50 opposed to 60-70 when I used Jago. I can defend as Jago because of his AA DP, but something about reading the right move or even getting a parry or simply seeing the opponent choke themselves feels so satisfying.

I don’t do this very well being a Jago player. I have found myself stuffed in a corner because I used my dragons and shadow for combos, not bad right, but I had no defense after. From there, it was a piece a cake to take the game against me.


I need a mirror, that thing you told me about inputting moves earlier in order to stock them when necessary seems essential for her. Would like to know how that works along what to do in other scenarios.

Yeah, I have found myself trying this and it has worked for the most part. It is a little unusual and I feel like I’m stalling for some reason, but once I read the opponent or slow the pace I end up making an impression. It’s odd but works.

I have done this and boy how great is it! If they block and I have a dragon stocked I cancel mid-fall and use a crossup overhead, it’s crazy.

I tried dragon-kicking as much as I windkick, it wasn’t long before I realized how much recovery it had. I got hit hard for throwing it out, so now I use it for aa’s or on solid reads. It works on occasion.

No doubt, it’s been a tough few matches that I’ve had using her considering I am so accustomed to the tools Jago is equipped with.

I do that often with Thompxson, but there seems like there is more to Kim than watching videos considering I’m re-learning some fundamentals opposed to simply improving on them.

I think it’s just St. Med Punch and St. Heavy. No inputs.

However, her dragon Sweep is :arrow_lower_right: HK, so maybe that’s the one you are asking?[quote=“oTigerSpirit, post:9, topic:15830”]
I don’t do this very well being a Jago player. I have found myself stuffed in a corner because I used my dragons and shadow for combos, not bad right, but I had no defense after. From there, it was a piece a cake to take the game against me.
This is a bit hard without practice, but it will come in time. I promise!

Do you mean her Option Select setups? :open_mouth:

This is something I had to relearn as well, as Kim doesn’t get as much leeway as Jago does. But this is something that helps ALL your characters. You will learn neutral and footsies better. Not saying that you can’t with Jago, but you get it.

I would advise watching people like Bastfree, Moxy Mayham, LCD, and even I for Kim knowledge. Like I said, sometimes watching the person is a good way to lea,b.

Like I learned from Bastfree that Blocked St. Med Punch > Dragon Sweep is totally a thing, lol.

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You hold forward to swing her chuck out further whether its medium or heavy which then turns into constant swing that can deflect projectiles.

No… but, it is good to know, I like this sweep, it is animated well.

I’m getting the swing of it. I still get stuffed without resources but have found that if I find a pattern I can turn my block into a parry then into combo… reminds of the Civil War actually… Spoilers!


Yes, it improves on bad habits, which is why I decided to try to learn her. I will actually re-qualify later tonight and climb the ranks with her and see how far I get.

Not quite… :sweat_smile:

The “far out” swing is just st.MP. Her katas (where she keeps swinging) just comes from continuing to press either MP or HP. And I haven’t played her in a while, but pretty sure the basic katas don’t deflect projectiles. Firecracker (QCB+P) deflects projectiles though, and can be canceled into from the katas, and will keep on swinging so long as you’re pressing the punch.

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I can’t check at the moment, but I’ll take your word for it.

Can you imagine?

Would that work though? :open_mouth:

Would what work?

Dragon Katas being able to deflect projectiles.

(In applicable scenarios)

No, raw katas don’t deflect (at least, I’m 96% sure they don’t. You have to use firecracker.

No, I know. Lol.

Never mind, my friend :slight_smile:

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I think @TheNinjaOstrich was debating a hypothetical situation in which the “kata” could reflect too, not just Firecracker.

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Imagine the combos you’d be able to do since it’s a normal and you have enough time to react to the setup.