Where can someone report people that are disrespectful at ranked?

I really wish it was possible. Or I can start a thread a topic about it here.

I read someone - in the past - got temporarily suspended from Live for trash talking in KI. Not sure if that was a Live rule or IG rule being enforced. …or if it’s even a rule anymore.

But yeah, doesn’t answer your question, really, but just an FYI that it was at least at one time possible!

If you wish to report an Xbox LIVE/Steam user, there are options within those ecosystems to do so. “Name and shame” threads are not allowed on these forums however.

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Its an XBl rule…Devs cant suspend anyone.

It does happen because I have been suspended for a month and PMs for 48 hours lol

report them using the XBL system on there player profile.

You cant call player Profile on ranked. Oh man that blows. Im trying to be active and stuff. I wanted to buy the game on steam too to support the devs. But i really think they dont even check the forums. The game feels like a beta Version.

You just need to:

Show me how

Or I should give up KI. Can you recommend me a good fighter?

So you wanna stop playing a game, because someone online were being a little b#tch?
Then no, I can’t recommend any fighters, because that’s how it is on ALL of them.


Maybe a more balanced one? I know thats how fighting community is.I guess i will ask in another topic.

A quick Google search will show you the steps. Here’s the official prompts for both XBL and Steam


Also, it’s best not to take online abuse too personally. Online anonymity gives people agency to be less than respectful without fear of immediate consequence. You’ll find this sort of behaviour in every game in every genre on every platform. It’s an unfortunate reality of online culture.

If someone does something that you feel crosses the line, it is best of report them and move on. Most online services and websites (including this one) have their own reporting services to deal with things of this nature, but it only works for that particular service.

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KI is arguably the most well balanced fighting game, with most (99%) match ups being 5-5 and 6-4. There are couple outliers involving RAAM, but that’s how grapplers work.

TJ has Many 6-4 and yeah its my fault buying TJ only.

Thats just sad.

He’s not wrong, though. But yeah, salt pretty much goes double for a competitive one on one fighter.

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There will always be some bad apples in the batch but fortunately those are few compared to most other games cough COD cough. Its part of the Internet world. We don’t encourage that type of behavior and it shouldn’t take away from enjoying such a fun game.

Reporting people for being “disrespectful” is a waste of your time and it only leads to stupid things. Don’t worry about jerks.

As far as finding a more balanced game good luck. I’ve never played a game that was as balanced as this one.


At least it is just one jerk off at a time. Games like “The Division” and “Elder Scrolls Online” are full of groups of jerks.

If something really bothers you, report it. I called a couple in because they were so bad.

I guess it wont make things better of I report mean players. I should focus on my playstyle instead. If you say that KI is balanced then I will stick around. Its my first fighter and i didnt know that it is that balanced.

Yes you can, after every set you can “view player profile” and from there block them or report them or add them. If you dont catch them there them use the “Recent player list” in your XBL Community tab. It takes a bit to refresh sometimes but you can do it there.

KI is the most balanced fighting game …by a long shot!