Where can someone report people that are disrespectful at ranked?

I kind of doubt that TJ has very many more 6-4’s than the “average” member of the cast, but even if true, slightly lopsided MU’s are just one of those things you’re going to have to deal with if you want to play fighting games. 6-4 isn’t particularly onerous, and you’d find fights that are at least that bad in every game with almost every character. Sometimes your toolsets just don’t work well against an opponent’s.

Playing on Steam might be able to help a bit, since I know at launch there was a not-insignificant number of new players there. But that’s not guaranteed tbh, as people will undoubtedly level up and grow on that platform as well. I recommend friending anyone who you have a good match with and seeking out playing with them - I find it’s helpful to growth to have friends who you can sharpen your skills against. People being jerks is to some extent unavoidable, but at the same time there’s plenty of friendly players out there that you can befriend as well.

Best of luck out there. :+1:t5:


KI seems to be very toxic fighthing game importing those trash behaviours from “shooters”.
Just report and block them in Xbox live, there isn’t much more to do.

I remember at the arcades a taunt was a strange thing to see…But humiliations and no mercy finishers (same in MK) were accepted and taken. I don’t remember being salty for that, but I do remember being salty because the stick was broken
and I couldn’t block. That was terrible!


Welcome to the community. However, be aware that in any competitive game, you will encounter this: https://twitter.com/RainbowHeavy/status/924501125541195782. There are many videos on YouTube from various players being ‘mean’ to each other.

Don’t be discouraged. Just try to learn from your mistakes.

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Thanks for all the replys. I should play more than wasting my time on the forums or watching streams. :wink: I will try to do some quality sets before I hit the ranked again. Cause from what I realised here… the best think to do against jerks is to win them.EDIT: Fighters are just not for me man. I cant remember all the animations. And i cant react to overheads and stuff. Its just me. I will stick to other games. Sorry for the post.

Don’t worry about the post. You have the right to report someone if what they say is truly upsetting to you. This is why I only play game with friend’s or single player games.

I feel that ranked modes and leader boards can bring out the worst in people.

Single player KI is boring. And noone wants to play KI from My friends.

You can try Shadow Survival which will give you the experience of playing against human intelligence, with no talking involved. It isn’t as good as a real human, but it can be used to help train you to look for patterns in the opponent’s gameplay.

It is important to have friends/rivals to play with. I still play because of that reason: a rival. If you have none, you can try finding someone in Ranked with a similar skill level as you (someone that barely beat you in a match), and add them to your friends list with the aim of leveling up together in Exhibition mode.

Fighting games are hard, and remembering animations so that you can react to overheads and break combos properly takes time … lots of it. For some of us, it feels rewarding to put in that time (so that we can beat our rivals in the next FT10 :smile:), for others it is a turn off. If you’re not having fun learning, I won’t encourage you to invest anymore time than you already have.

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I spend too much time on this game(months). I think I need to chill and take a long break.