Where are you stuck at in ranked?

This may sound like a strange question if this has only happened to ME, but let’s see:

Where are you usually “stuck” at in ranked?

I ask because i am NEVER anywhere in the middle of a tier. My ladder is always completely empty because once i start getting better, it shoots to the top in just a single day. This happened:
-When i was silver BEFORE the reset
-When i was Gold BEFORE the reset
-and now, while i am Gold AFTER the reset.

I have never been anywhere in the middle for more than 24 hours.

Has this happened to anyone else?
Do you think the amount of points in a ladder should be increased to add more variety in the matchmaking system?
Do you think they should add more ladders to better classify the players? (Platinum, and Diamond Divisions, maybe?)

Or is it JUST me? Am i the only one who has never been a “middle rank”?

Well, I qualified into silver and while I was there, I shot through the ranks. However, once I got to the gold tier, I got bogged down into a quagmire and couldn’t get past 100 points (and was regularly brought back down to 0 several times). However, now that all of the truly good players have moved on, it’s become a bit easier (although the challenge is certainly still there) and I’m slowly climbing up through the middle. However, it is slow, because I can’t stand ranked and only do a few matches at a time at best. I know I’ll get to killer tier, but it’s going to be a couple of days…

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before the reset I got majorly stuck around 200-300 points in gold, id constantly get there then end up back at 0, currently around 600 points in silver but im only doing 3 or 4 matches every other day, what would really add to the mix would be ultimate rank up, face a really good player for the opputunity to double your points or lose everything, but at any interval, so say you have 500- gamble for 500 or lose 500, or gamble your 200 points to get 200 points or reset to nothing. now that would be very interesting to see who does what.

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I’m at the bottom of gold. I suck.

no you dont.

want help? i just hit 200pts.

I’m a Silver Scrub and I am proud :joy:
Seriously though. I’m like 200-300 points in silver. Partially because I didn’t do well enough to do any further, partially because I haven’t been playing ranked.

I’m stuck bc of Kim ■■■■■■■ Wu, that’s why.

I test out other characters in Ranked, they get points. Then I’m like, ‘but Kim… y u no top tier?!’ so I switch to Kim, and lose all my points. not on purpose. Then I pick other characters and get them back. Then I switch back to Kim and…

so my situation is more of a choice/fun thing, but it’s still a thing.

Im still not on board the “Kim is low tier” train.

She gets the easiest counter hit setups in the world, so she should easily take care of at least half the competition with just that.

Her normals are sick. I dont think i have ever beaten her normals in air-to-air or air-to-ground situations.

She has quick damage. 1 lock out can easily cost me 50%.

When in instinct, her dragon cancels cause some CRAZY stuff to happen. I KNOW when people get use to her, the cancel strategies are going to get incredible.

Other than fixing her shadow counters, i dont think she needs any help.

No one promised that the character was going to be top-tier just because she is your favorite. XD

(And im not saying that to YOU specifically. Im saying it to everyone who feels like their favorite character is ENTITLED to a good move set, just because they are a “favorite”.)

how did I know that bag of worms was gonna get opened, lol.

I’m too casual-but-steady to really argue, all I can say is she’s harder for me to win with in ranked than a bunch of other characters.

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Silver, I am a noob to this game. :slight_smile: I do use characters I don’t even know the moves for online sometimes too though. lol

I am at Qualifiers with my main and very high gold with my alt. My main will rank up soon because of the patch.

I’m stuck in low gold. Was going to see if I can make it all the way to Killer with just Rash but I’m constantly getting hammered.

I don’t think we need more points. It’s far too easy to rank up in the ladder as is. I still think there should be a monthly reset of rank much like Halo or better known in StarCraft 2. The truly dedicated an thus the better players we can see hit Killer each month. If it resets regularly players will have to consistently play to keep their rank. Why should a gold player who hasn’t been around for months remain gold? They did the rank down for killers that aren’t around for longer than a month, why not all tiers?

I’m not stuck anywhere as I’ve hit killer. with time I think everyone can as well.

Currently on silver. I can shoot back up the ranks with my main (Jago) no problem, but I’m focusing strictly on Kim Wu and it’s giving me trouble.

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Is there really such a thing as being “stuck” in a skill ranking system? Wouldn’t being unable to move forward mean that’s where the game is placing your skill level? (Assuming all the high level players have finally moved on that is.)

Im kicking ■■■ in ranked! I flew threw bronze 16-2 and Silver 23-2 with a 10-0 win streak to promotion. Now early in Gold Im 4-2. I plan on flying through GOld as well…but not near as fast since I will end up facing more Killers and 3x the amount of matches.

But I definitely expect to reach killer soon…if i could just stop playing bloodborne, Lords of the fallen and Dark souls LOL

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Yes, but i figured that “stuck” is a good term for people who constantly want to move forward, but cant.

I would be OK with being “settled” into a rank, if i knew i wasn’t getting any better. But i think i will be killer soon, so for now i am “stuck”

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Can you use combo assist in ranked? I’m having trouble with the “silver menace” as well. At the bottom of bronze with two fights in, why am I fighting these jerks?

Yes, you can.

Would you like some help today?

I can get on and play with you right now if you would like.

Actually, when i qualified into Gold, i got stuck hardly between 67 and 0.
1 week later, i’m between 400 and 600.
But sometimes, being stuck in one ladder/bracket means you missed something in your gameplay to become better, to earn a better rank, but that’s my thought.