Where are the ULTRA BREAKERS?

Because it isn’t an in-match combo anymore. The fight is over, and if you’re the one being Ultra’d, you lost.

Like I said, would you think it would make sense to be able to break/cancel/counter a Fatality in Mortal Kombat? They’ve already won the fight (just like your opponent has the second they correctly trigger their Ultra and the yellow flash appears) and you’ve lost it; the question of whether a Fatality or multiple Ultras is sportsmanlike is one thing, but there’s no good reason for some sort of Ultra Breaker to be added.

Before we beat this horse to death any further, take a look at this thread: Ultra Breakers!

I think you’ll see that the only reasons given for adding this feature effectively boil down to “because I want it” and “because I don’t want to watch someone Ultra me.” There’s plenty of reasons given against it, from both the community and the Creative Director from MS.

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I think my convo hardly promotes argumentative views.My voice is my voice and putting in the 18+ years of being a loyal fan and consumer of sales of the series ,my voice should be heard,and as far as my experience of the modern KI ,challenge me in a exhibition! #ive payed my KI dues

Absolutely true - my point was that you’re asking for something which has proven unpopular in the past, and you’re not giving reasonable evidence or examples as to how it adds something tangible to the game or the player experience. I pointed you to the other thread because that’s exactly the same kind of situation (though different words were used) which happened there, and it ended up going downhill.

I’m not saying you can’t discuss or want Ultra Breakers, but support your point with evidence and examples, and have a real discussion; not doing so is how arguments happen on the forums.

I was giving you the benefit of the doubt that you might be a newer KI’13 player based on the fact that I don’t recognize your name (welcome to the forums, btw) and because even though you may have played the originals a lot there are definitely differences in the new game. Your statement about “everyone uses the same tactics” was also very broad, and incorrect; you seem to essentially have specific concerns with how Combo Breakers work, rather than think every character plays exactly the same - the original statement being so broad led to my confusion and required clarification.

If you want to play Exhibition some time that would be great; with the understanding that we’re both playing for fun, and not to make a point.

Whether I think I’m going to win or lose, I’m not going to “fight me, bro” over anything!

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OOOhhhhhhh!!! Its a challenge!!! I want to watch!

@xSkeletalx …bring out the HUGS!!!


I personally believe all forum disputes should be settled by FT10’s SwiftRage

Hashtag givemeaforumSwiftRageemote


Me and my girlfriend, otherwise known as a human-being @oDragonSpirit rather enjoy the extreme epicness that is an ultra. Sure in a situation where I am left sour is where I am disrespected. But if the game is fair and the player is respectful, I don’t mind sitting through one to see what kind of flashiness he/she can add to their ultra.

Hence, Git gud skrub. No but seriously, yeah, just deal with it.

You have a valid point and wholeheartedly understand. However, I can still see it as being a “rage” quitter because you never saw it throughout to the end and it just seems like you gave up. I won’t justify my point as a giving up situation, rather as an opportunity to evaluate what you did wrong. When someone disrespects me and full ultras me, I take the time to see my errors and what I did too much and too little of. During this I go back into the match prepared vs leaving and jumping to another similar situation. This helps me improve rather then move on quickly, losing valuable information about the mind game and matchup.

Because an Ultra isn’t a combo, per say. It is a fully rendered animation showcasing the final blow in an “ultra” spectacular moment. In other words, it’s done so to end with a bang. Wouldn’t make sense to break something when clearly, you have lost the match by being in that point.

BH Thompxson… good luck. :joy:

But there are lots of times when the fight wasn’t exactly “fair” and the player wasn’t respectful. If you’re just starting the game and you’re up against a killer, or if you beat someone six times in a row and they get one win on you and then quit to main menu, there’s no respect in them doing a 20 second long combo on your body.

The match is already over at that point. You have seen it through to the end: the end result is that you lost. Anything after that is superfluous.

In other words: you can’t “give up” or “quit” something that’s already over.

Wouldn’t it be better to exit the match and go watch the replay, or go into training mode? What possible advantage is there to forcing a player to watch a pre-canned animation looped three times, rather than giving them the option to do something else?

Yeah and I get sour, but I move on from it. Making sure I don’t make said mistakes next time and if I ever notice someone being a douche prior to them getting an ultra, I leave. If they happen to win one and full ultra, teabag and leave then I am capable of understanding how frustrated they were to do that. I honestly either laugh it off or just pity them because I know they got lucky and are soaking in a fantasy desperately trying to prove their machoness.

Which is why I wasn’t justifying my point on that reason alone.

But then I wouldn’t get the chance to have a comeback, potentially win after thinking it through and proving I was the better competitor. Any replay or training for me is after I already admitted my defeat.

Come on buddy, I thought you were there for the discussion on misusing memes. It would’ve been far more appropriate to do…

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ha ha! Thats even better!..honestly Ive never posted a meme until then…so im new to the meme game! lol

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Fair enough. I didn’t mean to rag on a padawan. Carry on, young sir!

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same reason you can’t parry a Fatality in MK.

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I’m not saying it should be back but I would like all these types of things from them old games to come back. To all the people who say no because your dead well no your not because only shago can kill you because he has an ultimate and no one else does

uhh…yeah. Pretty sure a man is dead when an ultra combo activates.

Unless you’re TJ Combo.

That’s the only character that can ‘break’ an ultra.

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But what does shago’s ultimate do because in the old games it was an ultra and a no mercy so if thats not what it is in this game does that mean he is just doing another ultra or your saying the other character is becoming more dead if that is a thing.

Ultra Combo = Dead
Ultimate (Shago Only) = Worse than dead.


whats worse than death

Perhaps you don’t get what I’m saying or you’re trolling (which I don’t mind) :grin:. Either way, what I’m trying to say is, Ultras and Ultimate Combos as of KI S3 is unbreakable by default (unless again you’re TJ Combo).

Every character kills you regardless of what finisher they do.

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Yeah I’m trolling Lol

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