Where are the ULTRA BREAKERS?

Where are the ultra combo breakers? Is it me or was i able to bust some poor players ultra in ki 2, if i had full super meter. It has been totally left behind. I am growing grey hair while waiting for hisako to finish her spiteful, intentional 150+ hit ultra. “Yawn”

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You can always disconnect xD


Then i risk getting put on KI probation

Once an ultra is initiated you can disconnect without any penalty.


Im not asking to reset my game, i want what what already introduced to the ki series, a simple way to BREAK their extremely long ultra combo.

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It’s called dealing with it.


You can’t break if you’re dead; they won, they’ve earned it.

#Deal with it.


For all of those who have forgotten. https://youtu.be/kVpOhkylG5Y

Back when each character had individual combo breakers instead of this daycare,dojo,everyone play the same tactics.

Ultra should stay as is. They are finishers of the match and a reward combo to the winner.

If your dead there should be no way to come out of it, you lost, they won, move on to the next match.


Finally someone who sees through my eyes! Very well spoken i agree 100%

I don’t know how much experience you have with the modern game, and you’re welcome to have a negative opinion when comparing to the original games, but this quote is patently untrue. Aganos can’t play the same air strategy that someone like Cinder, Gargos, or Sadira can. Thunder has zero capability to zone. Riptor isn’t a grappler. The only “tactics” that are the same are mechanics which aren’t character related; the breaking system, the combo system (with the exception of individual Combo Traits, making each character inherently different), the Ultra system, etc.

Even the characters who share mechanics have to use them in different ways. TJ, Mira, and Kan Ra all have recaptures, but they require wildly different timing, setup, and strategy, especially because of how different the startup/active frames and hitboxes are.

You aren’t the first to suggest adding a way to break out of an Ultra, but the idea hasn’t ever been greeted with a lot of acceptance by either the devs or the community. Personally I don’t like the idea, because as others have already said the game is over a that point. If you were playing MK, what sense would it make to be able to “counter” a Fatality once it has started, just because you didn’t feel like watching it?

I don’t go for extended Ultras myself; I will roll a full Ultra most of the time, and will sometimes use an Ender early. I don’t mind triple Ultras if a friend is trying something out, but in Ranked it is definitely tedious having to wait for the triple; but that doesn’t mean I think we need some sort of feature to break Ultras, either.


If you lost the match, you need the time to rethink your strategy. :sunglasses:


I disagree.

My suggestion to you OP: If you’re getting triple Ultra just go do something. Get a sandwhich grab a glass of fresh ice-cold water. You don’t have to sit and watch it.

When my brother whips out the BS triple Ultra I just go to my computer and chat with people on Skype. Because I’m not watching him slug me around in a triple Ultra it adds a bit of salt to him as well.

It may not ever get to your opponent but just doing something else while you wait is much easier than quitting and also just coming on here suggesting something that’s generally not liked by most folks here.

I just wish we had an official way to quit and search for the next match instead of unplugging or closing the game. Let them go ham on lifeless body. I’m fine with that. But don’t force me to watch it.

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So basicly your asking for a legit way to rage quit??

Seriously ultras don’t last long, it’s not big of a deal

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The “Ultra Breaker” concept was implemented in the 2nd installment of killer instinct, which at that time most characters could do only a max of 74 hits , that included full enders and a special ,if i saved up all my super meter i could have a chance at ruining an ultra. Countless quarter/tokens spent learning each characters individual combo breaker not having my hand held in the dojo,now everyone has the same breaker buttons or can just mash n guess.if your going to re-create a KILLER game, include all of the features that made that game KILLER.

I wouldn’t call it rage quit because the game is already over at that point. The winner doesn’t need to notice that you’re gone. It’s just a waste of time to watch it. And yes, some ultras are extremely long with all the instinct cancels and recaptures. Especially if you live in an area where it doesn’t just take five seconds to find another match, every saved second counts.


You’re asking for things to become more complicated, which is completely pointless, in my opinion. This is how arguments end up happening, because you’re inviting the “nostalgia goggles” accusation with open arms.

The modern KI is about the mindgames and mixups in the combo system, not the amount of finger dexterity to execute extremely complex inputs for no particular reason. What did learning character-specific Combo Breaker inputs actually add to the game other than a sense of accomplishment at having spent time learning it? Because it sounds like you want the game to require more difficult inputs simply because the originals had them. The game was dormant for ~18 years; you don’t revive a game after that much down time without modernizing, updating and streamlining things so that you make sure to reach a wide audience so that the game can flourish and we get to continue to enjoy it without fear of another 20 year hiatus.

If we’re going down that route, they should have removed mouse/stick aiming and the ability to jump from the new DOOM, since the original DOOM didn’t have either of those features.


Since this game is based on “Combo Breaking” why shouldnt i be able to break the biggest and most lengthy combo around?