When's the next tease from Tusk?

We’ve seen Tusk’s trailer, now we just have to wait for the teaser for the next character.

How long did it take between the Arbiter trailer and the Tusk teaser?


That’s what I wanna know. When?

Arbiter trailer came out 21 Feb.
Tusk teaser came out 24 Feb.

That’s 3 days.
Tusk trailer came out yesterday. So 2 days to go. But it’s not definite. They could release it earlier or they could release it later. Depends on their own time schedule.

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Maybe for tomorrows stream. That would be appropriate when many are watching.

What stream is happening on a Sunday?

just IG playing s3 as long as they can, they haven’t given us a specific time when it happens, hopefully we can take a gander at the new s3 ui (explosive title HYPE!!!)

i believed they have said the time will be given on twitter i believe

There hasn’t been a confirmed time, Keits went over it twice in yesterdays stream.

at the end of the Tusk stream, Keits announced that he and Isaac would be playing on a stream with other guests on Sunday “for as long as they can” answering our questions, playing the match-ups we want to see. I doubt we see a teaser anytime before next week though, Rukari mentioned that the next one isn’t quite ready yet so that’s why they haven’t included it.

Random gameplay stream.

They’ll be showing off Season 3 costumes/accessories as well!

As for the tease, I think we’ll have to give it a week or two. They’re not ready to be shown yet, so I assume they need plenty of visual work.

It’s an 11 hour stream. So much hype. Won’t be there for the first half but for the most part I can watch

Whaaaa SEASON 3 accessories???

Don’t think there will be any tease until season 3 launch trailer

It sounds like nothing new will be shown according to Keits. No accessories or costumes.


So pointless… That’s mean I will not watch stream. : /

It’s obviously not done yet so… what else do you want? They said this earlier in the month.

Keits said “100% nothing new is being shown. Its JUST gameplay.”

They show us more S3 gameplay. That’s all? Why not they show accessories for Season 3?

Make sure someone saves all the Kim Wu matches… Please? :blush:

Probably because the accessories are still in the concept stage, or they’re in a build that they aren’t quite ready to showcase. We’ll probably see the accessories when they’re ready to show us the select screen/when the rest of the menu is done.

i think we’ll get an idea of the next character during Final Round weekend, at the latest.