When's the next tease from Tusk?

They said no new announcements. They didn’t say they wouldn’t show the retros or accessory sets.

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So true…

You’re really right. But hey, maybe I will watch stream or not! : D

Oh well… back to what original characters they’ll make.

It’s the same build we saw Friday

Oh…I could’ve sworn Keits or someone else said that they haven’t shown retros and accessories yet while also talking about Sunday’s stream. Especially because the other devs have talked about Kim’s retro looking exactly like the original and all…

Oh well! New gameplay is fine.

I saw one of the devs say on Twitter if I recall that there won’t be a teaser for the next character because they’re not ready to show them.

Well they said it’s the same build they’ve been using, and the UI for that build doesn’t have anywhere to change or set colors, accessories, and costumes. Everyone is set to default.


You guys have to keep in mind. I think they said only 8 characters this season.

We’ve already seen 4. If they show to much to soon they wont have enough to reveal later on in the year to keep people interested.