Whens Keith David?

I’m personally okay with whoever this new voice actor is, it seems as though he tried really hard to imitate the old sounding Arbiter has best he could. Nice deep voice that makes you feel like this guy really is a bad A$$.

On the other hand though I was re-watching the reveal on the Halo Twitch channel with the chat on and it seems all I read was and I quote:

“That’s not his voice”
“Where’s Keith David”
“It’s not the Normal voice WTF”
“No Keith no Play”

I too was bumbed but I’ll get over it.

I had an idea though, because it’s never too late to bring in Keith. Perhaps for Arbiter’s Retro costume could have the voice actors switch when the retro costume is being played. They do this in MKX for the Carl Weathers Jax costume.

Other than this though IG did fantastic job with this character and he looks fantastic; I can’t wait to see him in action.


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