Kind of disappointed about no Keith David

At least it doesn’t sound like him from what I can gather. Couldn’t afford him, I guess? :sob:

The new guy still sounds pretty amazing though. Awesome job.

Maybe it’s because I’m no english speaker and I’m not that used to Keith David’s voice, but for me he seems to be him…

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Yeah, same here. I love Keith David’s voice, especially when it’s coming through that lovable alien.

Oh well, having Arbiter in the game at all is still good enough for me!

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Who gives a flying fap who the voice actor is? Sounds the same to me anyway.
Is Arby even going to talk in-game, or is this trailer the only time we hear his voice?
How much talking do you expect to hear from him outside the trailer?

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We’ll hear him talk at the start and end of every single fight.

Honestly, I’m not surprised they didn’t get Keith David, seeing as Double Helix and Iron Galaxy have opted not to use big name voice actors in the game (no, they all went to do MKX. To be brutally honest tho’, I’m happy I don’t have to hear people like Steve Blum, Tara Strong, and/or Troy Baker for the umpteenth time lmao) for whatever the reason… my guess is probably budgetary concerns. Keith might’ve been a little too high-priced for Iron Galaxy’s budget just to do a couple lines and some grunts.

Like I said in the trailer thread, it’s not a dealbreaker for me personally, but I do understand where the disappointment might be coming from.

Gotta admit, so was I.

Intros, Win screen, Combat Dialogue, Taunts, Possibly Story mode, etc. So really, there is a lot of potential dialogue.

I could’ve sworn the devs said that Keith David would do the role when I asked them about it a while back… :frowning:

We probably would have no stages if they hired Keith David :smirk:

That’s just it - they wouddn’t have to. They could’ve simply used all of the Arbiter sound files of Keith David from the Halo games.

I’m ok with it. Its sad that we can get Arbiter but can’t get his original voice, but this one isn’t too bad.

Voice sounds great to me… I really don’t care who does the voice and I love the halo franchise.

Keith David community fund time!


I think you’d still have to pay the VA, even if you are using Voice Clips…

If they could just use this phrase for the intro I’d be content. Along with a Wort Wort Wort.

It would’ve been cool, but I’m not that surprised. The new guy isn’t Keith David, but he still sounds good. :+1:

Is there a reason why he’s not voicing The Arbiter, Were it so easy…

Because he’s voicing Eagle!

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Budget bro. As you can see they can’t even afford for each character to have their own Stage. I just hate that they won’t consider charging more money for Season 3 and push out the launch date to do it right. I’d wait for ultimate, all stages, lighting upgrades and throw $60 at it as a new game but Microsoft dosent want to take that chance.