When you walk into LCD's Overwatch stream and the usual crowd of "KI GODS" is dissing KI balance and game mechanics


Of course they are… same thing on Facebook too. Just the other day when the KI page announced the Combo Breaker pot bonus its chock full of people hating on the game. So Im like “why the ■■■ are you here if the game is so terrible?” Makes no ■■■■ sense.
I think its more of a “I want to fit in with the crowd,so Im going to hate on the game too.”

Walking out was the right thing to do. I wont support any of those people as long as they continue to bring negativity into the scene.


For me, if your negative review on Killer Instinct isn’t on the forums and it doesn’t meet the constructive criticism criteria, then I see no need to even acknowledge the fact that you even have an opinion on Killer Instinct.

I’m not with engaging idiot trolls that will most likely get banned and wind up doing nothing but look foolish spreading misinformation to fit their agenda this year and the years after.

Those attending the Combo Breaker tournament, good luck and fight on!


Well, these were not trolls but respected perennial top 8 players. But yeah, I agree with you. Having said that Larry wasn’t even streaming KI at the time!

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Well considering most of my Twitch audience is comprised of former/current KI players it’s pretty reasonable to expect the topic of KI to surface especially when I stream the game from time to time. Like you mentioned I was streaming Overwatch during my 24 hour stream and was half asleep yet I still don’t recall myself even mentioning the game at all unless you weren’t referring to me but ‘others’ in my chat.

Either way just like your Simpsons gif suggests you were free to head on out if you saw something you didn’t want part of. When old time KI players just start dissing the game or the developers I kind of just ignore or intervene and stop it when I can but most of the time just start randomly taking about other fighting games.

Now that KI is back into the spotlight kinda with the pot bonus announcement, you’re gonna see people talking about the game more often whether it’s positive or negative.

Also yeah…the KI players that hang around in my chat aren’t “idiot trolls” but rather top8 evo finalist and multiple tournament winning champions; it’s probably best not to assume otherwise. In regards to your forum mentality it’s a rather silly one to have in my personal view. Someone from the community doesn’t need to come to these forums and make a thread to have an opinion or have it justified for that matter whether it’s a positive, negative, or an outright incorrect one. Same thing applies here in the sense that the people on twitch probably think the people on these forums are “idiot trolls”. Most of the community doesn’t use these forums and if I had to take a wild guess pulling a random number out of my butt I’d say less than 10% since 2013 when the game first came out.

I’m just the messenger here but at this point in the games life cycle in my personal opinion I think it’s rather silly to care about what people are saying in a Twitch chat about a game completely unrelated to the streamer.


It wasn’t you, it was your audience. And yes, I’m free to head out.

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I guess it is rather silly. But to clarify, I was refering to those who aren’t top 8 guys, mainly trolls on facebook who do nothing but bash the game as whole. My apologies if my personal experience got in the way.

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It’s worth noting that you can be both of these things at the same time. One of the huge misconceptions among the FGC is that if you are good at the game you must understand game balance and your opinion must be reality based. Despite over and over again the “wisdom” of the high level community being wrong. But instead these guys are really just offended that the developers didn’t listen to their great advice. These people who will straight faced argue that you shouldn’t break combos or counter break EVER even though any rational analysis or review of high level play shows that you should use these tactics.

The merit of your play performance is not the same as the merit of your balance arguments.


I have no opinion on the matter, but for those interested in what Andy is talking about, it’s considered a logical fallacy. It is recognized as an appeal to authority if anyone should be interested…

Though that isn’t to discredit the skill-level of players, as much as it is to say that explicit evidence is necessary when providing the argument that something is not properly balanced. Otherwise, it becomes a fallacy.


this whole thread is a good reason why the game is dying.

Want to support the game? Cool!
Want to hate the game? Cool!
Want to Make useless threads and posts saying negative things about the other group? Bad!

Ive seen more content “arguing” against each other than i have ever seen “support” OR “hate”. I literally just checked the FB group of the top players this morning, and they are all running sets and meeting back up, so KI DOES have a good chance of coming back here.

Most of the negative opinion of the game probably comes from garbage “discussion” like this. “Who is right, and who is wrong?” Every time i’ve opened my browser over the last year, These forums are on the home page. But an unsettling amount of time, i end up reading 2 paragraphs of a useless discussion and leaving before i get a headache.
Even those of you with real, logical, calm discussion… You are just contributing to the problem by encouraging a discussion that YOU KNOW wont have any positive result, and will fizzle out over time.

L E A V E.


Andy you’re my spirit animal. Keep dropping bars dude.


That seems a touch unreasonable. I mean if you get right down to it the forum is basically a place for people to talk about things that are not going to change the world. It’s a video game forum after all. And I think suggesting that somehow just mentioning that high profile tournament players belittling the game in public places is not good for the game is just as bad if not worse than belittling the game in public places is just… wrong. I apppreciate that it is aggravating to you to read (and to many others I’m sure). But you aren’t going to convince me that, in the context of the drama loving FGC that what has really turned people off to KI is the discussions on these forums.


Those players are only playing the game again because of the Recently mentioned 50 grand in pot bonuses. If there were no money involved they would conitnue to trash the game. Its not all players but the there are several that are coming back just for the chance at the money. And when they loose they will go reight back to trashing the game because such n such bug, or move caused them to loose.
Coming back to play for money is fine, but dont trash the game, come back and then trash the game some more.
Just dont trash the game of players period is what everyone should consider doing.

If I had that sort of power I’d use it for good and revive KI!

Prize pool or not it’s great to see several well known KI players back to streaming.

It’s not a particularly shocking statement to say that some higher level tourney players and some moderate to lower level players see the game differently, interact with it differently, form opinions differently and talk about the game differently, even amongst themselves.

Some higher level players seem to prefer this environment, and some don’t. Same goes with some moderate and lower level players.

Regardless, you put all of these people under one tent of “KI fans” and you’re going to have some cultural crossover when talking about a game, especially when you get in to what’s considered positive, what’s considered negative, and just how much that helps or hurts the community or the game as a whole.

I don’t fault players for having issues with the game and talking about those issues, just as I don’t fault anyone that would rather leave such a discussion if they deem it to be too negative or toxic. Honestly, some of the ■■■■ that people have said in streams puts me off as well, so I tend to ignore the comments. Similarly, I wouldn’t blame any of them for not wanting to come to a place like this if they think they’ll be shouted down just for providing their unedited opinion.

It all boils down to these guys that swear they are the best at KI and when something’s were changed they all started whining because they were losing. IG tried to please them with giving explanations of what was being changed and why but they continued to whine on streams and every social media network that they could

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