When will 3.8 Patch notes drop?

Per earlier tweets IG is aiming to release 3.8 on Friday. Do we have a time frame as to when the patch notes will drop?


Jesus!!! you are just wondering the same thing im doing now, cause it will be for tomorrow in stream video, but the patchnote i wanna see it too its so difficult to wait.
@rukizzel :sweat:

Tomorrow? I thought it was Tuesday?

tommorow they gonna show the patchnote in video practice with all the changes.
i cant wait to see what happens to aria, if i got some bug fixes or not

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Oh so tomorrow is just the patch notes?

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omg bro thats rukkizel who liked your post :fearful: :yum: @SoSRaGnArOk confirmation on there.

I just saw that. I think I’m gunna start blushing here. Now I will not be getting worried bout my make up, but it doesn’t help that my wife sells Mary Kay

Also now I’m excited to see how my rippy fairs. I know she’s needed some fixing, but could never figure out where.

Ooohhh, we are getting new patch notes! I’m so curious to see what happens (hope they won’t hit my main but we will see, he’s ok, he is not top 8 right? RIGHT? :sweat_smile:)

The bad news is I’m veeery far from home and I can’t play or try anything at all. And I’m not sure when Eagle will be out but I’ll have to watch videos or streaming till I get back home.
At least I have internet…For now XD

From what I heard at CEO, it’s gonna be a big one. :slight_smile:


Buff Arby. Buff Arby. Buff Arby.


We will find out tomorrow! :wink:


I wish it WAS tomorrow… :frowning: :smiley:

Dreams made a reality, hearts broken.

well its Friday here now. just a few more hours :slight_smile:

I cannot wait to drink the salty tears of the character downplayers when their characters don’t get changed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It all depends as there is more than one way to buff a character. Direct buffs as in changes to the character themselves and indirect buffs because of nerfs to other characters.

Example: Sadira struggles with Glacius. Glacius gets a nerf, it indirectly strengthens Sadira.

@admins @developers any times of hours for the today stream? of it wil only be a video posted on here with the changes., if so , when?[quote=“SoSRaGnArOk, post:17, topic:21397”]
Sadira struggles with Glacius. Glacius gets a nerf, it indirectly strengthens Sadira.

lol sadira is supposed to be a bad mu for glacius, but I can tell you that my glacius s3 don’t GIVE a***** from sadira s3. ask #TDBLumiere cause I know what to do against this poordira s3 when I use glacius lomfao

Be patient and wait… :slight_smile:

In Belgium this is almost 5 pm and its too long to wait, only 7 ours and Friday is done :sweat: , I can’t wait to see eagle in action and this patchnote 3.8 video