When the (beep) are we getting a price?

Why have we still not gotten a price for S3? We already have a release date why can we not get a price? Can DEVs please just release the standard price for S3. If we are getting a ultra edition or what? I do not see why we did not get a price announcement when we got the release date.we have less than 3 weeks until release and barely any information. I really do not see how this is good marketing for possibly the last season of KI and one of XB’s few exclusive that compete with PS4 and WiiU. Make me understand the logic please.

$20 for combo breaker. $30 for Ultra edition. No classic game.


Odd indeed - maybe they have an unexpected announcement they’re holing back on that will effect pricing?

If it was that why wouldn’t they just announce it. No need to say pricing coming soon if it was going to be the same as the others. Not only that there is arguably less content in this season compared to others so far.

Yeah, maybe but why wait lets say if they announce it on thursday, friday or later that’s 2 weeks before release. I just find it bad marketing in a month with the Division, UFC2, and PvZ2 recently released. I say they should have just atleast given up what to expect even if they can’t show us let us know so the hype builds more and people stop complaining and speculating and being disappointed.

http://www.shacknews.com/article/93511/killer-instinct-kicks-off-season-3-on-march-29-on-xbox-one-and-pc $20 for combo breaker and $30 for ultra.

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Can a Dev confirm this because in the Arbiter stream they said pricing coming soon and it has not been announced here and that is some site I never heard of. I rather get confirmation from Devs and other sources than just this one please.

Thanks tho

@TheKeits @GoogleMyName @TempusChaoti @rukizzel Can any of you confirm?

the most recent game to my knowledge to release content over a span of 3 years is Destiny. If we were to go buy this model, content depreciates over time and so to does the price. yes for a brief instance destiny did charge 59.99 bucks for all the content but that didn’t last very long at all. more than likely people weren’t buying it but as soon as TTK and both expansions his 40 bucks, there was nothing but praise for its value.

10 bucks for each previous season
and 30 for season 3. KI season 1 was free on games with gold wasn’t it? they aren’t gonna charge 60 bucks.

of course I’m trying to be as logical as I can be when guessing.

of course the flip side is that MS have publicly acknowledged paid DLC splits the player base. Making revenue on this game with accessories and skins would be a great idea. I’d buy skins for playables I don’t even use. that would be funny that a price hasn’t been announced cause there isn’t one.

honestly this model I just mention would be a thing of orchestrated beauty. release 4 characters and 3 stages for free. let the game settle in for patches and tournaments and then during the tournament seasons release hella paid skins and content. BOOM!

Paid DLC doesn’t split this player base though that only applies to games with maps and stuff that can only be accessed through DLC like CoD or Battlefield. If you do not own any DLC you can still play again all characters in all stages regardless of purchase so no one is ever split you just do not have access to characters unless they are that week(or months idk how it works forgot) free character.

I really just hope one of the Devs atleast says that sites pricing was correct or incorrect/official or not official.

I say this because I have a limited amount of money right now able to be spent on games and this decides whether I can get the deluxe edition of another game I want.

lol, yup. my kids just bought PvZ: GW2. sorry IG. maybe when it’s 20 bucks in the used bin.

of course everyone knows I’m full of it to make a point. IG knows “I can’t quit you”.

For weeks I had kept 30 bucks for KI. Unfortunately no clarity, and now I already spent it on other stuff in the xbox store that actually had a price (darn Star Wars pinball tables!)

They already confirmed. 20 for S3, 30 for ultra edition. 60 for all seasons, probably without the older KI games.


there is no official source, I don’t understand why they are waiting so long.

I kind of agree. This game is exactly 3 weeks away and seems like info is just trickling out really slow. Yeah we’ve seen the four launch characters, but stuff about the actual game, UI, modes, on and on is still a total mystery.

Seeing as how quite a bit of time has passed and no clarification from the Devs I am going to assume the pricing from the single sourcd posted before is wrong. I see no reason they would not reply if that was official which it obviously is not. I can deal with it. 3 more weeks but still would love to know what is the thought process behind keeping the fan base in the dark about everything so close to release. I can not think of any game that was more shrouded in mystery less than a month before release.

Regardless I am buying and I am hyped.

Whelp, that sucks. I just put $45 on my account expecting to pay full price for ultra. Now I’m going to have money sitting there because I never buy crap off the marketplace.

The price is not official but if anything just buy KI Gold to get XP boosters to level up quicker. No brainer.