When/should we expect a Seasons 1, 2, & 3 Complete Collection (and how much will it hurt my wallet)?

I have been following Killer Instinct pretty much ever since launch even though I don’t have an Xbox One and have only played it, like, three times in the past. The launch of Season 3 is going to allow me to really start getting into it myself because I do have Windows 10 and will be able to play it on there. However, I have purchased no content for the game and thus I am looking for the cheapest possible option to get everything that will be available by Season 3’s end. The best way I can visualize doing this would be by purchasing a Seasons 1, 2, & 3 Complete Collection, but I have no idea when that would happen or even if would be a thing in the first place. So I guess all I’m asking is what’s up there in the topic title. Note that I have already set a spending limit in my mind for it, so if it’s too much then I’m probably gonna decide against buying stuff for the game in general.

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I’m in the same situation as you, my friend. Into KI since 2013 but no Xbox One, but I have Windows 10, never got a season and I’m hoping to spend the lowest possible to have everything, so I’m not buying the S3 Ultra as it is now. I’m waiting for the news about the complete edition. It would be nice if we could preorder it too.

The Season 2 Ultra pack for $13.20 and Sabrewulf for $1.00 if you have Gold membership active on your account (including the trial version) which is a fantastic deal. It’s not all the content but it is a very affordable solution to getting some characters and costumes.

same here. Right now, it looks like they want us to go to the online xbox store, and buy s1 ultra edition, s2 ultra edition, and s3 ultra, if us newcomers want the complete experience. That’ll run us about $100.

Have they every released a s1 +s2 mega ultra pack?

If they did or plan to, it’ll probably be some months down the road so they can capitalize on PC diehards giving them over $100. Just business I guess

Right now, if you have gold, you can get season 2 for 13 dollars.

PC gamers don’t have Gold, and they already said they don’t have an Xbox. So don’t think that will help them much, sadly :frowning:

And yeah guys… I’ve also mentioned in a couple of threads now, that I think it’s incredible that the new PC adopters is having even less Info than Xbox owners… it’s really the PC crowd they need to impress right now… most of the people buying season 3 on Xbox already paid for season 1 and 2.
It’s also the PC community that’s the newcomers, so they need a good impression to “spread the word” or they’ll loose a lot of costumers there

I don’t have an Xbox and I signed up for the free trial on PC and bought the games at a discount.

So long as you have a Microsoft account and a debit/credit card you can go ahead and set this up in like 5 minutes.
Then go to the store and buy Season 2 Ultra and your done.

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I would love a Killer Instinct complete collection on disc!

  • Season 1 Ultra Edition, Season 2 Ultra Edition and Season 3 Ultra Edition all on one disc
  • Download code for Shadow Jago
  • Complete Season 1, 2 and 3 soundtrack

All for $60. Make it happen IG

It’s really strange that we don’t have one. Many games release GOTY editions a year after release. KI is pretty old at this point and no content is in any way discounted. That doesn’t seem wise.

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Think requesting Shago and the soundtracks for 60$ is a little much… but I completely agree with the 3 Ultra for 60$
Them they could make a 80-90$ special collection with soundtracks and Shago

But that’s just on two cent

They shouldn’t really sell the Ultra editions as a part of that bundle and instead it would be the season 1-3 Combo Breaker packs so all the characters are unlocked and you have to earn the colors and costumes with the premium content still locked. People are not entitled to get ALL the content for the cheapest price.
Edit: Maybe the pack would come with some KI gold (about $10 worth would be a good amount) so that you can get some premium bits for your favorite character.

personally I think you should decide what is minimal and what you can get later if you want.

What is your intended limit on the game? Me and my brother were saving up just to get the Ultimate edition for season3.

Maybe if they can rework the amount you are charged based on which content you have of KI, maybe you can buy the combo breaker pack and get the ultra editions later?..

I guess. But Im talking about releasing this complete collection on disc a few years down the line when the game is “complete”. So Im sure they wouldnt mind selling it for that price.

They have. It was a limited-time offer last summer, but it was both KI ultra packs for $32 total. It was a really good deal.

I imagine they will eventually release a complete edition for seasons 1-3, but I would not expect that to hit anytime soon. In the near-term they probably want people to buy things, particularly S3, at new-product pricing levels.

KI’s rather unique delivery platform is the primary reason for this I think. The game is always free to download, and because of its seasonal content model and way it iterates upon what’s already in the game it has a plausible case for staying at its price point. They also do tend to have a few random deals going on at any given time, and there have been opportunities to nab all the content at pretty discounted rates.

@LOLDUDE64 - I’d personally recommend buying the 3 Combo Breaker packs for the game and just forgoing the Ultras (unless they do have some kind of Ultra-pack bundle at launch, in which case go for that), but that’s just me. I played S1 on a Combo Breaker pack for a very long time, and didn’t really regret doing so. The game is a ton of fun even if you don’t have all the costumes. :slightly_smiling:


Thats not fair for us.

In that case, IG should give the OST for free to those who own the ultra editions.

Nah, I dont think they’d do that. And I wouldn’t call it unfair either. If my idea is considered unfair so is Mortal Kombat XL and the current Season 2 sale. You chose to buy each season individually for $40 because you felt it was worth your money. The idea of a complete collection disc is to cater to a wider audience by delivering the game in a “complete” state at a reasonable price. Plus, again, this could happen maybe 2 years down the line when the value of the past seasons has decreased.

I think the most reasonable Seasons bundle for PC owners would be one with all the characters, none of the arcade games, the accessories, colors, all for 60 bucks. Basically just all the combo breaker packs combined into one. Make an Ultra edition complete pack for 80 bucks.

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Would be COMPLETE unfair if they do the OST part and even worst, the Shago gift, you dreamed/talked about.

Selling a complete season with all 3 ultras for 60 bucks would be a HUGE slap in the face.