What's your opinion of Shago?

I think the alts could be tweaked a little

Color 3: make tattoo brown, make hair dark brown instead of golden brown.
Color 4: Red Tattoo.
Color 5: Greenish skin, make hair dark blue/black like his sash.
Color 6: Dark Red tattoo.
Color 8: White Hair, Blue Tattoo.

he looks interesting gameplay wise, gotta wait and see his macth ups


ooo my woooow badass and priceless

Ima gonna break this down fo ya’ll











if anything Omen now needs this treatment. Shadow lair is shadow jagos stage it always has been.

Omen should get a stage. It should be where he would go to try and release his master from limbo.

Maybe its turn to turn Omen into a real boy lol. Id love to see them go to town on him and make him super scary.

Im terms of ultimates. Im not massovely bothered. Ultimates are like endings once you have watched them twice your done lol.

Of course id love to see IG put them into the game but id rather all the new characters have as much time as possible spent on them.

my only wish is :sweat:( please reequilibrate all the cast cause this is a f***** monster character) i dont see how aganos or even sadira or de rest of the cast could beat them at equality . that ask professional player to beat them at equality and even i don think its gonna be so easy . im just wondering for the S3 what news hits gonna be added to others characters in cast.

anyway it was a very good presentation good shago :sweat_smile: too strong and too much escape moves but thtas a good one . just equilibrate de rest of cast and if possible give to other character cast too one overhead hit so everyone is at equality and improve de dash from others too … thats all
i cant wait to try this pretty ****** character i like it all :yum: dashspamish and teleportspamish lol :point_up::ok_hand:

the darker the better :grin: now i feel like thats a adults games cause that was nope childish yesterday :sunglasses:


I’m not too upset about him not having a stage because I had a feeling he wouldn’t have one so kinda saw it coming. I think calling him Shadow Jago with boss moveset is a misnomer seeing that he actually has quite a bit of alterations to the S1 boss moveset. He’s okay I guess, he feels more like a KI character than a lot of the Season 2 cast but don’t like the fact that his ultimate is also a super move now and you can only use his ultimate on his first lifebar before it refills. I’m not to big on the slope kick I think it was called but all and all, I like him so far.

Shago does have a stage guys, it’s Shadow Tiger’s lair. Omen is the one without a stage.


I think they could slightly mod the Shadow Tiger’s Lair for Omen, make it more unique to him.

I think Omen should share Gargos’s stage. “after Gargos is released”

So i am guessing from what Romón said on stream the levels are gonna reset for Shago, Since we were technically playing Jago

I like a lot of what he has to offer, he’s got crazy combos reminiscent of a street fighter type juggle, and the versatility of Jago’s ground state combos as well. His damage tradeoff kind of hurts, but given it’s not a Cinder level trade off on damage, and just something minor compared to all his mix up opportunity, I can live with it. At least he’s not terribly underpowered like Omen was out the gate either. Don’t get me wrong, Omen has always been capable of decent damage, but he took a LOT more combos and openings to get the KO.

I do feel though, one little criticism. The final hit of that Ultimate feels…weak. Like you hear all this thunderous bass for all the slashes that come beforehand, and the massive punch that sends them skyward. Then as he comes down for a finishing stroke, it’s just this weak hit stun sound you hear just the same as something like a vanilla Jago light laser sword. I would love to hear more audio emphasis on that final slash, like a metal resonance from the blade with a subtle screech sound that can be compared to like a terrifying scream. Something to give that final slash a lot of flavor to let you know you got owned.

How DARE HE evade Orchids pressure move.

If the instinct Facial zoom in is a start for other characters in season 3,

GUNG HO i love in sfV the v trigger quick closeps, this makes p for the .5 sec outros

hopefully maximilian helped carve what ki lacKs in visual rep

I expected hIm to have the bruce lee palm ender although i thinkit ould work better for kim wu

No new stage? what time frame are these developers working on?

the dive kick style shadow is cool

Im thinkng that the black screen Ultimate is a great sign for season 3 characters ultimates where its easy to code for any stage. By then, the fight is over so i dont see the crybabys over black screen.

No new theme music? gosh

am i the only one who thinks his ultra looks choppy and not as fluid as it could be? im going to watch again

He has his halloween mask
Everyone does

None of the ultras or even the ultra enders have a huge audio clue. Youd Think the Orchid firecat ender would set them in flames like cinder i agree its needed but with all the oTher mild final hits

It would seem out of place.

Riptor sounds like its biting into a twinkie intead of flesh probably for kidDie appeal (rash)

Omen needs his own stage… Shadow Tiger lair was always Shagos stage… Omen needs one which is more to do with the Dimensional rift… even just the next step up from Shadow Tiger lair… have it all destroyed already but as the rounds go the stage begins to break up more and dimensional rifts appear. That is what needs to be done.


I think @GalacticGeek meant a new one.

He has a stage, its Omen that needs to back off and get his own.


Shago looks OP on the stream because they had infinite Shadow meter on. So without it Shago will have to be very cautious of his shadow meter and when he spends it.

I agree Omen needs a new stage with some sort of dimensional portal leading to Gargos…and he needs more colors and accessories.

Overall Im happy with Shago and Omen …Im just glad to even have them in the game since they are both bonus characters.
Its crazy that in my opinion the 2 bonus characters are the best characters in the entire game!

I’m happy and grateful he became an actual character of his own. I spent about 50 bucks on him because I believed he wouldn’t be sold again. Normally, I would be upset I spent the money but after the time I waited, I was glad I did and even more stoked when I saw him in action.

I didn’t think we would see all colors just a moveset with 2 colors. I’m happy they included all 9… but, ascetically speaking - they are an eyesore. His body color should’ve slightly adapted with each variation of clothing just so it would look better. Still, I’m happy - don’t mean to sound like a critic.

Accesories would’ve been nice but again that’s just me being picky. He is badapples as is and I don’t really have much to complain about. I do wonder if he is the weakest damaging character in the cast though, similar to Cinder.

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