What's your opinion of Shago?

So, far the character is cool visually, but I’m upset that there’s no new stage, accessories, or ultimates for other characters. I think it’s too soon to tell if he’s broken, but I already know that Aganos is going to lose to him (fast projectiles, teleport into throw-juggle full-combo punish mixups, and that not-ultimate on blocked ruin/natural disaster as a punish just scares me), and for me, that’s unfortunate since Aganos is my main…

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This is similar to what I said in another thread but, Shadow Jago looks pretty awesome. He’s tons of fun to watch fight! Those Combos! All the teleports and his effects look great too. My only slight complaint is after you do the instinct grab thing, it zooms in to his face and then suddenly snaps back full screen, it doesn’t flow very well and looks a little funky. A smoother transition from the zoom would be better. As far as gameplay goes, they seemed to really emphasize his moves are mostly unsafe, unless you surge. Meter management will definitely be super important. I imagine I’ll run out of meter before I know it! I really like his instinct, and I feel like if you like Spinal, you’ll probably really enjoy or be good with Shadow Jago in that state!

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Well shadow tigers lair was originally his. We funded him to be a character, didn’t think he’d get a stage. It’s nice that he has 9 colours but surprised by no accessories. He could a had some really cool masks and swords.
Over the 45 degree double uppercut.
Annihilation needs a scooter fiNishimura from the close up.
Ultimate is nice though him having it exclusively kills the finisher for me

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…and we still don’t know if he has any emblems, playercards, or textual taunts either. :frowning:

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Eh, we’ve basically known there wouldn’t be a new stage for a while now. It’d also seem a bit redundant, seeing as though he basically shares a stage with Omen already. I mean, what would you want out of a new stage? Maybe they could do a third relighting of Jago’s stage, say for twilight, and attribute that one to Shago or Omen?

No accessories is a bit of a letdown, sure. But you got 9 colours, which wasn’t actually part of the deal last I recall.

Don’t write the matchup off so early. We already know that most of Shago’s approach is unsafe, so you may be able to bully him with your great pokes until he decides to commit to something. Shago is looking very read-heavy, so whilst all of the teleporty stuff looks broken, you may only need to get a single good read on his mixups to swing the match in your favor – and if you don’t get it, he might only strip a chunk or two and then still get wrecked.

This is all vague speculation, of course. Shago looked super powerful on stream to me, and I can’t tell for sure where he’s going to settle in the tier lists and whatnot, but I suspect it’ll all play out okay for reasons I’ve articulated before.

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I’m willing to bet you that Aganos beats Shago.

Low-to-the-ground air fireball sounds good in theory, but Aganos blocks 5 of them and now has meter for shadow ruin, and you can never throw a fireball again. All of Shago’s non-meter approaches do one hit (including surge slide), so if Aganos has a chunk, he has basically no way to ever hit him. I bet if Aganos sits on down-back, blocks some fireballs for meter, and manages to hold onto 1 chunk, Shago will have no reliable way in without guessing surge divekick. Which might be a thing, but it won’t be great.

It’s a random bunch of theory talk, of course. Shago might guess shadow fireball in neutral and kill your chunks (if he dares to spend the meter on such a thing, and risk shadow ruin if he’s wrong), and maybe he’ll go nuts and you’ll just lose a bunch of mixups in a row. But I don’t see it being stable long term for Shago.

Raging demon punish on blocked ruin or whatever is meh. Just don’t get ruin blocked and you’ll be fine.


I’m just afraid that fighting Shago will be a frustrating match of guessing. The cost of 1/4 meter seems rather low for the ability to teleport in from the front or back while being safe on block.

Shadow Jago looks amazing! The surge system and shackle mechanic is just what I need to ■■■■■ with everyone. And that phase-teleport dash thing is awesome! I love that you can burn the instinct meter to do an ultimate style attack and not to mention how KILLER the Ultimate is!

My one disappointment is his color 9. I was hoping for a Jago skin and they gave me Mr Skeletal body paint.

EDIT: I didn’t realize screwdriver minus driver was censored XD

I am curious if he has accesories?

Honestly I think he’s got some promis and he will defiantley reward players who are great at combo executions.

His juggles do not worry me because I’m sure they are breakable if any of you have never made a habit of breaking juggles, START PRACTICING!

He’s a high offence character with low-damae so it will balance him out some.

I’m sure he’ll get accessories later down the road, but that is something that will come much later.

No, his dash into DP does 4 hits. Every time he dashes forward into throw range, Aganos is in a Fulgore-teleport-like 50/50 where you’re either getting thrown (now into a juggle) or losing all of your armor.

True, I didn’t consider that. But it’s a pretty big bet by him (Fulgore teleport stuff is largely safe). And taking the throw doesn’t seeeeeem to be as big of a deal? It’s low raw damage without meter, so I’m probably fine with taking a few of these and maybe breaking a followup here and there. If Shago has less than 1 full stock, I think his throw is probably quite a bit less scary than Fulgore’s is (which sets up the whole shebang for him + good raw damage).

I think any character that has to take a massively unsafe bet to knock off Aganos chunks (and can’t do it reliably other ways) struggles against him.

Maybe if he can do dash, multi-hit DP and cancel into shadow fireball for safety (like Fulgore can)? Is shadow fireball safe point blank? If it is I can see that being pretty good.

I think the biggest thing for Shago vs Aganos will be surge divekick, though. Safe (?) on block, beats throws, also can come out of the dash mixup. However if Aganos is willing to take some throws and he throws out pre-emptive (maybe reactionary?) AA flicks, he might do okay in shutting it down, who knows.

Yeah, about the colors - IMO, with the exception of 1 and 2, which we already had, and 9, I think they’re all absolutely terrible.

@Infilament, while you’re right about shadow ruin, you also seem to have forgotten that Shago has his tether and can steal 1/2 of his opponent’s meter with his shadow attacks, like his shadow shendokouken, which could also simultaneously and potentially prevent Aganos from using his shadow ruin to counter it (and shadow natural disaster won’t work to avoid the projectile attacks for the same reason) - if I was Shago, that’s what I’d be doing (and with his dash/teleport cancels and projectiles vs. Aganos massive hitbox, it should be pretty easy). And sure, Aganos can flick away the projectiles or even block, but Shago can shoot more than 1 fireball at a time unlike Jago - and they’re much faster too (Aganos can’t possibly flick them all fast enough). He can use this to his advantage to then dash in and easily, hit with the tether during instinct, or use any other surge attacks instead to remove chunks and start juggling Aganos in the air, where he’s most vulnerable (since Aganos generally should stay grounded).

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Eh… tether is okay, I guess, but if Shago is spending bar, that just means he’s gonna use the Dark Gift (or whatever it’s called) to give both players 1 bar later. Even so, it’s just in instinct mode, so if you whether a bit of a storm you should be fine.

The real question is, how can Shago open up a blocking Aganos with 1 chunk? None of his tether stuff really helps him open you up per se (none of it is overhead), it’s just good pressure so he can throw you. If the throw takes a ton of instinct time off and leads to 25% (breakable) with a bunch of meter spent, that doesn’t seem too bad to me.

Unless I’m really wrong about how good surge divekick is, I think Aganos vs Shago will be slightly worse than Aganos vs Jago, whatever you peg that matchup as. Not unwinnable for either character, but probably slight advantage Aganos.

(I might be wrong on the matchup number, but I’m trying to convince you that Shago can’t/won’t run over Aganos)

Shago is as broken as Omen!!! And Obviously Shago will beat Aganos using his “bugged move that randomly ignores chunks” that half of the cast seems to have.

Yeah, it amazes me how much I seem to find things that absolutely ignore his chunks with certain characters.

As for Aganos vs. Jago, that’s hard to peg, since it really depends on the skill of both players with their respective characters. As for Omen, in most cases, I destroy him with my Aganos.

In the scenario mentioned above, we’re (or rather I’m) assuming that Shadow Jago can’t get poked out of start up on the dash uppercut, or anything dash period. I think he won’t have invulnerability on that or his uppercuts, with exception of the shadow version and surge (second).

But that’s just me.

Overall, it’s what was in line with what I was thinking.

Shadow Jago will suffer in close range because anything that he needs to be safe requires meter. This provides me to think that Spinal will be a difficult match up because of his power devour, and since Shadow Jago has more than one use of his instinct meter, he needs to keep it in order to win the match.

I’m thinking there will be some compensation in the whiff punishment department, perhaps he’ll excel there.

I just had a thought - Aganos already has a built-in advantage using his chunk armor against the new S3 stagger mechanic that was showcased in the Shago stream. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fun fact: Fulgore’s cancel into air lasers (done with ‘basic’ timing) isn’t safe against Aganos. He can get a full punish with HP if he has 0-2 chunks, or a full punish at 3-4 chunks with Shadow Natural Disaster… but don’t tell Fulgore players that.

I could see his dash uppercuts not having invulnerability, but I feel like that would’ve been made very clear if that’s the case.

I can’t see his normal DP not having invulnerability. A DP that’s completely vertical and isn’t invulnerable doesn’t sound useful to me.