What's wrong with eclipse?

Has eclipse changed too much apart from the autocorrect??

You see, yesterday while playing Wulf I find myself trying eclipse as anti air and in most situations when I thought my timing was right I got punished. =(
Apart from some general nerfs this kind of annoyed me yesterday I ended up really upset (feeling better now XD ). I mean, there could’ve been some lag (not big) maybe, don’t know but I found it weird. All the timings were messed up.

By the way is the magic chain plus running uppercat negative? Got punished after it a lot too.

I’m having very bad days right now getting used again to this timings. In lab I seem to do well with all the juggles and stuff, but online is another story. I do rely too much on timing, since always, A LOT. But if there’s any considerable frame change and you know it please let me know.

PS: hitboxes changed…I noticed =(

go into practice and turn on hitboxes to answer your own questions… but yes, much was “tweaked” :frowning:

So it’s just the hitbox and not the speed?. Yeap, the hitbox seems smaller no doubt =(
No wake up options for Wulf without meter then?.. u.u

Hey, it’s not so bad… my main doesn’t have wake-up options WITH meter, much less without. :smiley:

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Can you counter at wake up? XD

I can - but it’s a really, really bad idea :wink: (unless I know my opponent is going to try to hit me on wakeup)

I’m a Wulf player I suffer with Hisako so much it’s like after three counters you can look but you don’t want to touch , lol.
I want to play so badly…But I must work and I don’t have time…What I’m doing at the forums =O ? haha, back to work!. Cheers Marbledecker =)

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Isn’t crouching HK a really good anti-air?

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Wulf never had wakeup options even with meter really.

Off any HKD you can be safe-jumped if timed properly. Even in Season 2, assuming the opponent got the safe-jumped right, you just could not wake up.

Wulf gets really good dammy of CR.HK juggles now though.

CR.HK, running uppercut, normal, Ragged Edge, then flip out should be your BnB AA juggle.


So glad to see @Tonyathome back in the lab with Wulf :smiley:

And not leaving him like all the rest of the whiners :slight_smile:

Yeap, I use HK aa, but you must be very precise =)
I used to use it quite much against Sadiras trying qcb + punches and then kick, since eclipse was a bit tricky sometimes.

If we could make the hitbox a smidgen bigger that’d be awesome. I swear I’ve had at least one opponent jump through it. :dizzy_face:

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Sweet, something new to try.
Got any other tips for S3 Wulf?

Wulf is no longer rushdown. He is now about juggle mix-ups and pokes.

His overhead useless. Doesn’t even combo anymore. If you try and link it, it will drop the combo.

His new jumping slash is great mobitilty to get you in on zoners and to help cross up opponents but it’s easy to antiair and like Maya’s mantis has to be precise if you want to hit a crouching opponent. Also good after knockdown is to jump over opponent and JS away then use a special to get back in or do nothing as you are now safe from most wakeups.

Uppercut is now your go to ender.

Also get good at crouching manuals. I say this because you want your cr.lk to be ambiguous. CR.lk gives you flipout to reset juggle. Cr.Mk will let you cancel into uppercut or ragged edge to continue your juggle.

His target combo can now chain on airborn opponents. So this adds another mixup out of uppercut or ragged edge ground bounce. Instead of a crouching manual you can add standing manuals or do LP>MP>hp>Ragged edge or any combo of MP>HP or LP>MP to RE.

Do not follow up uppercut with a normal anymore. Uppercut is too + on block now.

Sabrewulf s all about juggle mix-ups now. As others have said wulf is no longer beginner friendly. Many hours will need to be spent practicing juggle timings and mix-ups to get his full potential.


Like @Tonyathome says wulf wakeup game is not good.

Someone who knows their options on a hkd is going to give you a really hard time. You will have to make Good reads. No get out of jail free here.

If they like to safe jump a neutral jump or dash may work best. If they like to pressure you will need to build meter and shadow counter. But with a good player their mix-ups will keep you guessing every knockdown.

You guys gotta start dashing through people.

Wulf never had a wakeup option without meter since S1


I started in s2 and took for granted that eclipse was a dp, and after few tries online I got the idea XD but I thought that maybe it was invulnerable before. Now I know it wasn’t.
I got used to Wulf again and still love it (also I like that he’s not being picked a lot by players since he was my main forever). But I’m kind of feeling the lack of damage with the enders…When I use Glacius, Jago and Orchid and a bit of Fulgore the damage is a lot better. When I go to Riptor and Omen…Ouch, they surely struggled with it. I just would like a little more damage in the eclipse ender.

Eclipse was never, or anything close to a DP. Wulf had no reversal without meter and still doesn’t.