What's wrong with being spoiled?

What exactly is wrong with being spoiled? What exactly is the problem with being spoiled? What’s the harm in being spoiled?

Truth be told and to be honest, I now almost envy those spoiled people with the reasons being they don’t have to work and not have to deal with the stresses and pressures of life as well as get to enjoy plenty/lots of fun in their overall daily lives.

Well, being spoiled by someone every now and then or treating yourself or whatever is fine, in my opinion. Where it starts to become a problem is when it happens to such an extent that it becomes expected; an ingrained personality trait.

If someone expects to get everything they want, can’t take “no” for an answer, feel they’re entitled to everything, etc… Well, those personality traits don’t really mesh well with the rest of society. This type of attitude can give rise to people feeling like they’re somehow special or ordained by a higher power to have more than others, or that they’re somehow superior. There’s a lot of negative societal aspects that can come from being perpetually spoiled.


Nothing… if you can guarantee you’l be spoiled forever.

The problem comes if your spoiledness is unsustainable and eventually runs out… leaving you without the skills to make it in the Real World…

But beyond that I don’t see nothing wrong with it… its what we should all strive to be some day.


I don’t like the term spoiled because it makes it seem like I take things for granted. I prefer the term blessed, as I was given the wonderful opportunities in my life through the efforts of someone else. How do I pay that back? With generosity, hard work, and a commitment to do the same for my own; when the time for children comes.

I wish people had my “luck”, truly, I do. But, I can’t choose that, so the best I can do is share whatever good I can do for others. Whether it’s charity, being a good listening, helping someone through a problem, or just giving thanks to those who give me a life of luxury. For the record, I’m not rich by definition nor do I have some empire. I consider myself “spoiled” because I am the youngest of my siblings, have a functional intermediate family, and a wonderful significant other.

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you take things for granted when youre spoiled. i left my house and overall “well to do” family at 18. i moved into a ghetto because i had no choice and it was there i learned to appreciate things more.

amid the days with little to no food, wondering how im gonna eat, dealing with the large gang across the street (which nearly led to violence) and paying bills i learned that having it made should be appreciated. you do what you can for others, and dont take any BS in the process. eventually i got stronger for it. it was a struggle, but it built character lol. oh and ill never eat another dollar jack in the box burger again


I need context here. :face_with_monocle:


that right there is what I call the very definition of spoiled.


i cant taste them anymore, i ate too many lol


The phrase “spoiled” means more than just having stuff or being well off. It’s being unappreciative of the people and things in your life. People confuse not wanting for material possessions for being spoiled. My parents provided for me and my siblings and we never wanted for anything but we were taught to be polite and appreciative of others. I’m doing the same with my kids. Part of being “spoiled” means being put off by not getting exactly what you want.


I want one now… I wish to spoil myself with dollar burgers. Heh, see what I did there?

Got a spare tenner? :wink:

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I agree with @BigBadAndy. Just because your family can afford to provide certain advantages, doesn’t necessarily mean a child is spoiled. Much of my young life, like Andy, I lived with my grandparents who were very well to do. I went to Disney Land/ World like most kids would go to a big city. By the time I was 16 I had been to Mexico at least 40 times. I never lacked for anything. However, if I wanted something like a game system or any video games, I had to work hard and save my allowance. My mom nor my grandparents would buy video games. I had to with money I earned. I not only was able to buy just about every console, I learned to take care of them. Yes I never wanted anything that I didn’t eventually get (other than a real dad (my pa was the stuff of nightmares), but I learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way.

Children that are spoiled generally have the entitled complex. Their whole view is that you owe them, ergo you HAVE to do something for them. I’ve seen kids throw horrible tantrums just because somebody said that magic word “no”. If I had ever done such a thing, I would have kissed my butt good bye.


i see you wastin money lol now im havin flashbacks. i almost got into a fight because i wanted a jack burger


You mean like being like a lazy rich?


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While we’re on the subject/topic of being spoiled and overall spoiledness, I got couple of questions for you guys now:

  1. Spoiling a girl is not as bad as spoiling a boy and overall a spoiled girl is not as bad as a spoiled boy, right? (Because I was told that spoiling a girl happens to be much more fun than spoiling a boy)

  2. How would you deal with a kid/child (including your own) who is being as well as acting very OR even overly spoiled overall?

  1. It may allude to how our society (western) interacts with genders on a social basis. For example, you may have a young lady that is handled the door for. Conversely, men are said to be gentlemen and hold those doors for those women.

In regards of being treated well and not valuing the significance of that (being spoiled), man atypically are socialized into working hard, so taking advantage of things that aren’t guaranteed to you isn’t common. However since our society socialized women into partial courtship then they may inhibit “spoiled” personality traits like being needy, not bring aggressive, etc.

This is not An umbrella topic. Ppl are uniwue. This discussion is in theory but I’m using my observation of social observations from the media. I think women today are “spoiled” based on the social stigma of them having to be courted.

  1. Put them in situations where they have to choose less spoiled routes. Such as working on teams, commit to problem solving extra curricular activities. These things would influence the child to rescind on their selfish desires and question what they need to do in order to succeed.

Hopefully through their experience, they can come to learn to appreciate what advantages they do have. Its best to deprive kids of what they are spoiled of if applicable. That way you can see how their mind works and they will slowly learn to adapt without it.

This too is the very the definition of spoiled.

This too.

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