Whats next for the game?

So whats next for KI, has anything been said or mentioned thats asign of anything coming, are we getting anymore characters? are the remaining characters that didn’t get ultimates getting them and there working on them now? is there a season 4 thats happening? or is it a full sequel? Or is it a worse case and theres nothing happening at all? Does anybody know anything or have any news or information thats true and not speculation?

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I know Microsoft is what made KI’s Come back possible and I know they were hoping this would sell more Xbox Ones… so really its up to them. And I’ve learned never to rely on Microsoft. So from my perspective KI will fade back into obscurity… not for me though. Unless Fantasy Strike knocks my socks off then I have no reason to stop playing KI Regardless of how obscure it becomes. I’l be like those people who can’t stop playing Super Metroid.

For this game in particular, what happens next is based on the community. Do we keep playing KI because we enjoy it or drop the game due to the “lack of support”


The best answer of 2018! Look at the dudes who play Melee. If they can make that game popular then so can we!


All I know id MS is still currently working on this version when it comes to fixing frame rates, bugs, ect…
That’s better than absolutely nothing at all. The 2 main directors also are still active on the forums and social media.
If I had to guess I would think they are wanting to do a sequel and have a plan. Im sure they think about it daily. They just need the green light to begin work n the project.

I bet we hear something either at KIWC or later this summer.


I hope so. I’m certain the team wants to do a sequel. I’m less sure that they will be able to. But I sure hope so.

Its crazy to think that the wouldn’t be able too. With all the crappy games that are out there now and coming soon… you would think that KI has enough support and backing that its a no brainier.

I rarely hear anyone say anything bad about the game except fans that didnt get what they wanted visually.
Im willing to bet that the sequel is coming and its just all hush hush right now as the teams are currently working on other projects…once those are complete KI has to be next in line. Eagle came out when? They probably have to let the game live on complete for at least a year before starting the next chapter and then another year before release.

I think the dev team gave it all in this game so I am not seeing a new KI anytime soon. I think we 'll have a new game after a lot of things roll and a new dev team finds the spirit to do it.

Basically I would like to ask the @developers if there is something in this game that they wanted to do and they didn’t get to that. Did they have plans for more characters-fighting styles or other modes or anything.

If a sequel is on the horizon hopefully we can get one developer from start to finish. Consistencies in design and animation and just an overall a fluid experience. One can only hope.

It would be nice to see another KI. MS is probably to busy working on another Halo/gears/Forza to make a great KI game again. Maybe they are fixing the “world’s most powerful paperweight” they need to focus on games. Not everything else.

I’m pretty confident (and hoping) a full next gen sequel is coming, probably as a launch title just like KI3 was for Xbox One.

The only question is when is MS next gen console coming…My guess is Fall 2020.

What’s next? We have all we need for enjoyable competitive gameplay for years to come.

I doubt we will get another next gen console. I think we’ll just get another update, sorta like what the X was.

Nothing lol seems like they’re done and don’t really care anymore

First off, KI is far from “dead.” There are a few reasons why there’s another bout of radio silence in the KI Universe, and if you’re paying attention, there’s obviously something stirring behind the curtain…

Let’s take a look at what’s happening right now, and what’s around the corner:

The 4th issue of the Killer Instinct comic is hitting store shelves next week. The story is brilliant, the art is well-done, and you can tell whoever wrote it genuinely cares about our universe of madmen and monsters. Perhaps the largest plot points clearly stem from one of Mira’s dossiers, but I’ll leave that up to you to unlock and learn about… :wink:

It may SEEM like a small deal, but there are a few more Crimson Guardians to be released in Shadow Lords, as noted by their respective dossiers. Win or lose in Shadow Lords, Gargos is there to remind you to check back for updates, and I’d love some new story threads to explore alongside the pending Cimson Lion Guardian, Owl, etc.

I can’t be the only one who finds the placement of the Colors/Terror Skins sub-menus in the Store to be superfluous for a single pack each? If the @Developers wanted to, they could’ve tossed all of the skins and skin packs into a single sub category like they did with the unlockable music, icons, backgrounds, etc. I believe that the Omen Color Pack and the Terror Pack are only a taste of what’s to (eventually) come.

SIDE NOTE TIME! I finally unlocked all 29 Shadow Skins this week! Yay, me! Purple is my favorite color, and I really like the lore of ARIA pouring vats of purple umbra goo into molds to make “Shadow” versions of the other fighters to combat Gargos. Gotta unlock ‘em all!

Trading cards! I don’t have any information about when they’re releasing, or who’s designing them, but I can confirm that we are getting official KI trading cards! #StayTuned

And finally, ENT Aganos, AKA the Tree-Man - OR - Blame the Ultimates!


Look, it’s clear that the KI content that we got in 2017 was planned well ahead of time, and it seems like we were going to originally get four fighters to raise the number to a nice round 30 that would be released each season over the year. We got Kilgore, Shin Hisako, and Eagle, but because people overwhelmingly screamed “GEV M3 MI U1TEMETUZ!” the team spent time and energy that could’ve been used on a 4th fighter to make the set of Ultimates that we have now. (I’m NOT bagging on the Ultimates, as they’re great, but I’d have loved a new monster SO MUCH MORE)


It was revealed that they were considering the 4th fighter as a character that would’ve been based on Aganos, and it has already been hinted at that the KI Crew has thought about making an ENT (Tree Man) based on Aganos via that legendary Character Survey.


I personally believe that the ENT would’ve been released in late summer/fall before Eagle, because the revelation of Eagle is a big deal for longtime KI fans. It’s a major shame if ENT was given the bench, as I LOVE the monsters of KI more than anything else in the series, and a tree-beast would’ve been by far my favorite fighter of the year. (Kilgore is really cool, but TREE-MAN!)


IF we got the ENT instead of the Ultimates, it’s likely that we’d still be riding on the hype train of the ENT or Eagle, who would’ve probably released earlier this winter, and there wouldn’t BE any perceived radio silence in the world of KI at the moment because we’d still be figuring out our latest fighter.

Look, I want Season 4 more than anything, and at the very least, if the ENT was planned to be fighter #30, can we pretty-please round out KI with our unreleased killer tree beast?

KI’s not done, not by a long shot, but I blame the Ultimates for the lull in the hype- I just wish that we would’ve gotten the ENT (or whatever the Aganos-based fighter #30 would’ve been!) first. I’m right there with the rest of you and hoping for more info about the future of KI soon, but until then, I’m going to grab my new comic next week, poke the Tuesday thread, and fight on.


PS. Insert obligatory “Sharkman please” note here. :shark:



Man, an Ent/Treeman as a remix character for Aganos would’ve been hella cool, I won’t lie. AND Sharkman too? I’d always like more monsters.


Hmmm… I can’t help but to wonder if I had forgotten anything that we KNOW is on the way… Did I miss anything? :thinking:

It’d be really cool if someone [@rukizzel? @TempusChaoti? @snickerdoodle?] would be so kind to share if my ENT Aganos theory was in the ballpark of being right. Pretty please? :green_heart::skull::purple_heart::wolf::green_heart::t_rex::purple_heart:


I’m not any of those people and am in no way affiliated with Microsoft, but I’m guessing no.