What's goin on in KI Community?

Also he wasn’t insulting people on Ultra-Combo forums lol, he was LITERALLY talking about the folks on NeoGAF. smh

Im also not a easy person to deal with…
Its about temper and attitude.

In any way i tried to disrespect Keits…

"my view is that the “pros” don’t voice their opinions on the forums because they are too special to rub shoulders with the “randoms.” How do you reckon this??

I’ve been reading a bit of the infamous stream chat… the complains were so childish they weren’t even Worth considering them! all this fuss for angry kids…

Human nature. Believe me, these guys are all well aware of the forums. But where are they?

Sorry. This is a false equivalence. Your $60 doesn’t entitle you to have your feedback incorporated into the game. The 7 million people who have played KI collectively have a voice in influencing its future. But that has nothing to do with anyone being rude or making inappropriate remarks. The “I pay your salary” line has never worked in any situation, ever. Don’t try to introduce it here.

This discussion is NOT about game balance. It’s not about personality clashes. It’s about whether it’s okay to turn into a mob of internet trolls if you don’t get what you want.


Ha ha. The part about the pros want special access is totally right! I know one who was so piszed when he did not get the early Gargos access. I think the problem is that they started to feel entitled. I also think that they don’t post here because they think they are above it, but if IG let them get donations in here, then they would all be here posting in about 2 hours. Now them asking for money is a whole other issue that I will not get into now. The reason some are mad is because they feel it is messing with the money they could make. Some of them look at this as a job, instead of getting one. I watched a guy get banned because he told the streamer to quit asking for money and get a job.

Now where is this 7 million players crap comming from? That number seems really high. I could see 7 million people downloaded it, but 7 million active players? I call BS on that.

yeah studios will always post the number of free downloads a game has. NRS did the same thing when MKX launched on mobile f2p in addition to consoles, Boon went out and tweeted some huge number of downloads ‘across all platforms!’ and never went into specifics about who’d actually paid for anything.

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As @Hotsumari says, it is a download number. Whether it’s legit or not to use that number depends on what you are trying to say. If you want to say KI is making huge money or is the world’s most popular game then it doesn’t work. If you want to say awareness of the game is high and your marketing program is working… Yeah, probably this is good.

In my case I just want to use it to point out that for the <100 people who regularly post on the forums to say " we paid for the game so you have to listen to us" is bogus. For that it works fine.

I have a job, and i work hard too.
I think every people on planet work hard on their jobs.

They cant say that to us.

This is what i was talking about… You misunderstand me.

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We may be having a language barrier issue. But no one is coming to your job telling you that you suck at it, and the devs aren’t asking you to pay more for KI. The point is just that if someone works hard making a game that you like, you shouldn’t ■■■■ all over them. I don’t believe you should ■■■■ on anyone, but for this discussion the fact that the devs work hard is relevant and the fact that I work hard is not.


I figured the total downloads is where that number came from. And you know that you don’t work hard :laughing: I know because I have been out side yelling that you don’t work now :smile: Keeping in mind that I know nothing about you at all.

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I’m not sure what this means exactly, but it made me laugh!

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I was poking fun at what you were saying about how no none wants to be told that they suck at their job. I thought it would be funny to say that I was outside your work yelling you suck.

I hate how texting can ruin a good flow of jokes :unamused:


Wasn’t one of the main culprits who is a pro apart of this forum? That kan ra player. (Not saying no names).

Yes , and it’s a good illustration. He has posted some stuff but he’s not here now…

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Well, i never said they suck…
So your message wasnt for me.

Ki is one of my fave games of all time.

Ah, thanks for clarifying. Your earlier post made it sound like you were saying Iron Galaxy doesn’t work hard, I think that’s why people were getting defensive.

Doesn’t change the fact that he was insulting people.

But it was a joke lol.

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