What's goin on in KI Community?

not my fault if most of the users don’t think that “this is not a problem”, like you do. developers are making a game for users or for themselves? many times i’m not sure to know the answer, but i suppose it would be the first one of the two… well, in this case, they should also listen at the users, since are the users that buy the game.
but anyway, just go from angried users and ask them more explainations , i haven’t still changed my general behaviour despite all these wrong things in the game.

I don’t think I caught that, but Keits’ reaction to the Gargos retro reveal, well I can’t say it didn’t p*** me off when he was laughing about how silly they made his retro.

Still, I wish no ill will towards the guy, or anyone on either team. And I’ve voiced my opinion of the matter through the forums. Honestly for most of the community, at least for us forum members, the best thing to do over recent events is to ignore those that are being toxic, forgive & forget, and get back to enjoying KI & being excited and positive for what the present and future holds while those in positions to do something about those that were being hateful…well…do something about it.

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Oops and I was laughing with him/them.

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Eh…I’m in the camp that would like to see the retros faithfully represent the classic looks as much as possible, and IMHO him laughing at Gargos’s retro wasn’t just a “no” to that idea, it was a “hell no”. But it is what it is, sadly.

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Themselves, with the secondary goal of making the product just appealing enough to a wider audience of (hopefully like-minded) users to make the game successful in terms of sales profits. Think about it: if you had to accept half the salary you’re worth and work nigh-endless crunch to make a game, would you put the interests of some nostalgia warrior on a forum ahead of your own?

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This issue is played out. If you don’t already know what is going on then it really is just drama that is unlikely to affect you and there’s no need to worry about it. The “KI community” in question is the high level FGC tournament crowd and you can decide on your own how much you do or don’t need to worry about what goes on there. I know I’m a hypocrite because I say it’s not important and then keep posting about it, but…

I will say a couple of things. @SonicDolphin117 my view is that the “pros” don’t voice their opinions on the forums because they are too special to rub shoulders with the “randoms.” They want special access and special avenues for input - which they don’t feel they are getting. That’s about 50% of the problem. The other 50% is there are some guys who used to win a lot and now they win less. It can’t be their fault, so it must be the game. If only Keits would listen to them and “fix” the game it would all be fine. I’m not a really sentimental guy, but the point here is these guys care about their own status and the money they do or don’t make at tournaments and not really about KI at all. If they aren’t winning then they don’t care about the future of the game, so they are willing to slash and burn and salt the earth behind them to try to get that nerf that will get them into top 8 at Evo. Turns out that being 20 something with good reflexes and lots of time to devote to a game isn’t necessarily an indicator of solid character. The good news is more than a few of the high level players have shown themselves to have more moral fiber and haven’t been sucked into this BS. Good for them.

The other thing that bothers me is that this cannot somehow become a referendum on Keits and his interactions with the community. We’re getting way too close to “yeah, but did you see what she was wearing?” territory. It’s just destructive behavior to sit around reviewing the tape of all the different times Keits may have said something you didn’t like and then saying “well, he could have made this situation better by…” It’s unfair and it’s dishonest. And this road leads to only bad things. We have been really lucky to be part of what is essentially an experiment, where the developers interact freely with the community. Using their own words and offering their own opinions etc. If we send the message that those sorts of interactions beget conflict in the community, then believe me, MS will listen. So if you want the KI community interactions of the future to look like that Minecraft skit from E3 (sorry, MS that was painful) then by all means keep Monday morning quarterbacking about what Keits should have done differently. Me, personally, I would rather listen to Keits say things that annoy me than get some PR filtered line of proactive, paradigm shifting, and immersive interactive gaming garbage scripted out by lawyers and then read off a TelePrompTer by some dork wearing a fake retro t-shirt under a hipster sport coat who doesn’t know ■■■■ about fighting games or KI. Sorry, end rant.

TL:DR Nothing to see here. Just move along.


I’d prefer it if we stopped bringing it up. I love KI and won’t stop supporting it. What I read on Twitter makes me feel sick with all the negativity. I had to block that Aganos player who spews hatred. Could we please ignore those people who are trying to kill our community.

Oh No no I agree. Initially I wasn’t too thrilled with “new” Gargos design and had high hopes for the retro. During the reveal stream though I was in tears from laughter. The chat didn’t help either. I think if they changed a few things about retro Gargos he’d look alright. I don’t want to turn this into a another retro thread though.

Generally, while watching the stream, I disable the chat, because that’s not what I’m there for in the 1st place…


Oh me either…I was mostly using my retro opinion as a way to qualify that I don’t always agree with the devs.

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I like to keep it open because I do learn things from there. I just ignore the junk. In fact it was chat that I found out the tease at the KIWC was Arbiter. Also learn things like setups, etc.

Yeah I just watch full-screen all the time. The chat on most streams is just… not worth it…

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Keits’s twitter is alive, active, well and normal so… I’m not seeing the big deal either. He’s a grown ■■■ man that knows how to handle the vocal minority. I feel like too many times people confuse a core ‘community’ or playerbase with the few and the proud vocal trolls, all of whom probably don’t even make up 5% of the paying, loyal, chill customers


I just would say it’s not easy being a gamer and developer of your own game at the same time while dealing with other gamers and referring to them at the same level.

That’s what I did too, at least back when I used to watch the streams.

We are adults. Here go;

Keits is not a easy person to deal with.
He change characters entirely, not only nerfs or buffs.

S3 had drastic changes.

OF COURSE feedback is important, and fans will always do.
And i agree with some guys. BUT, twitch is not a place for that… Was disrespectful.

One more thing, you guys work hard for the game? Well, we pay for it. Its not free. Welcome to the rules of our world.

About the community, what is a community? A place when all debate and find the best solution for the game with players. Keits do whatever he wants… So, what is community purpose to IG?

We are adults, you guys are also. Both sides need to grow up, stop cry and deal with problems.

The only bad thing was the negative feedback on the wrong place.


Saying “Keits is not a easy person to deal with” is super disrespectful, and makes it seem like he’s something he is not. What character has he changed entirely? Saying things like this are part of the issue, not only with KI’s community, but video game communities in general.

Figured I’d just leave this here…

EDIT: Also, can we not flag comments unless they are clearly not constructive and rude?


Not really…it’s an opinion. And he’s entitled to it.

I’ve honestly had a similar impression of Keits, judging from what I’ve seen online …doesn’t mean I don’t have respect for him and what IG have done.

…But I don’t know the guy personally. For all I know he could be the greatest guy ever…he could be an ■■■ hole…I don’t know…I don’t know the guy. All I know is him in the way he presents himself online.

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Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but his post makes it seem like he’s only talking about facts. But I’m curious as to why you think he’s not easy to deal with. What made you form this opinion?

MY OPINION is that Keits does way more than he needs to, and ya’ll take for granted the transparency and interaction you get with him/other devs at IG. Keits isn’t the community manager, he does combat for the game.