What's a fast way to unlock plat and gold gargos?

Doing shadow mode is taking for ever. Also was there double XP during the weekend as I’m not getting a lot of XP anymore in shadow mode.

Shadow Lords is the only way to get them unless you bought them.

But it’s such a grind…I’m only at 22%.

A few of us here have done it. Yes, it is a horrible grind. You are lucky though, when we did it, we needed to unlock everything, but about 10 dossiers. Now it is easier. Unlocking everything now puts you at 106% and you only need 100% for both skins to unlock.

Keep in mind that it is one he’ll of a grind, so you really need to want them if you plan on doing this.

or buy the DE editon on sale for 20$ or less at game stop?

I would buy the DE before I would do that grind again. Trying to unlock dossiers sucks the fun out of the game. I am around 104% and will not do it again.

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Here’s a little tip: Play Shadow Lords on the highest difficulty level that you can muster, because “Legendary” items like dossiers tend to drop a bit more frequently when you crank it up to 11.

I’m at 87% at the moment, and I hope to get Golden Gargos before TOO long!


I’m at turn 22 and I’m just stuck at 23.

Should I cut my losses and buy the de ver? Does it come with both skins?

Once you beat Gargos you just reset your run and keep hunting for dossiers. Pulling out high turn count is really only good for leaderboard stuff. It will get easier in the future.

Good news for everyone who wants to grind out the Gargos skins: the character dossier drop rate has been increased to 100% chance for at least one enemy per fight. This means that every single turn WILL get you more dossiers to get you closer, so the grind has been shortened significantly!


Is there a update to the game to reflect these changes or its automatic?

An update went lol just yesterday. It’s a pretty small update that fixes few major bugs and helps with performance issues the XBX.
Patch notes here

Oh ok! What about pc did we get anything?

The update is universal. The only Xbox exclusive thing is the performance fix