Patch Notes 12/1/2017

Hey all!

By now I’m sure you’ve noticed that KI had a small update last night. Don’t get too excited, it’s nothing crazy. Here’s what what that patch included:

Xbox One Specific

  • Xbox One X Performance fix

Universal Platform

  • Fixed Rash doing Ultra’s from Shadow Horns vs blocking opponents!

  • Shadow Lords Dossier drop adjustments per fan feedback:

    • Character Dossiers now drop 100% for at least one of the enemies you defeat each fight (or deploy)
    • Improved drop rate of world items
    • Improved drop rate of guardian dossiers

A couple good things!

And yes, we’re aware of the issues with the Steam version of KI. People are looking into it and when I have more information I can share, I’ll be sure to update y’all. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update! By chance did anything in the patch fix Shadow Survival?


Are the dropped frames on 4k fixed? I’ve noticed that one now and again. I still like to play in 4k mode though and that’s not changing anytime soon.

Also, 100% dropped dossiers huh? Might have to go back to shadow lords and finish up.


Is there a way to toggle this in Xbox One X?



I’ll have to hop back on this weekend! Maybe I’ll finish off the Dossiers!

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I really haven’t tried it. I like the 4k display, though if you really want to play in 1080, I suppose you could just set your video settings in the xbox to display in 1080 instead of 4k. But as far as any kind of toggle, like a performance versus visual mode setting, I really haven’t looked.

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Anyone else get dropped from Killer to Gold despite playing ranked regularly after this update?


We believe the issues with Steam are resolved, can you guys check it out and let us know?

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Well duh… why did I not think of that? :man_facepalming:

Truthfully I have a second setup with a low latency 1080p monitor that I typically use for fighting games but I do like the 4k.

Even if you set the Xbox to 1080p it’ll still run the game at 4k, it will just display it in 1080p so it won’t affect the dropped frames issue.

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The dropping frames issue still hasn’t changed on my end, try ultimates like Tusks or Fulgores and you’ll see some serious drops where the audio is ahead of the visuals. And sometimes when shadow moves are performed as well by some characters.


Agreed! Still having issues with OMEN. Every time you ultra, demonic despair and shadow kick linker the entire screen frame rate drops and it really causes issues in being competitive because you can be broken much easier, drop combos, ect…
This is all on Xbox X.

@snickerdoodle @TotalJimkata

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I want to try and be patient, but quite frankly this is embarrassing at this point, it makes the game and the new console look bad… I’m at a point where I’m afraid to show the game off to friends in its current state, hopefully a real fix comes soon.

Yeah, me. Just now, I played one ranked to keep the rank and now I’m demoted to ultra master gold :rofl:

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Honestly for the XBX to be so powerful…I find in the menus that its slow and gets hung up on tiles loading and what not. Not sure if thats due to all my games and apps being on an external hard drive maybe?

I wondered the same thing too, but I copied the game to my internal hard drive too and played that to see if it played any different… no such luck. It just seems terribly optimized

I’ve noticed that when Rash now does the battlemaniac combo with a bar of Shadow meter he no longer can do the giant fist ender. Instead after the shadow move he just does the weak auto double. I’m perplexed as to why that change was made. That ender certainly had no competitive value, but it was great for cinematic value. I never used it in ranked but when playing against the computer it was always fun for recording matches, again, for the cinematic value. So why make that change? It’s a bizarre nerf considering anybody who wanted to capitalize on their combo would have simply used one of his other enders anyway. This change doesn’t impact competitive play at all, it’s odd that anyone felt the need to implement this.

When are you going to fix the fact that Crimson Guardians aren’t being sold at all?

This is making he achievement for acquiring all guardians impossible and has been the case for several months now.

Yep, I was demoted as well despite having played within the last month… I have the replays to prove it:20171203_121016|500x374