Patch Notes 12/1/2017


Yeah i wanna hop in ranks right now but im not sure i wanna risk losin my stars. Anyone got an update about this issue?


Even if you are demoted u won’t lose your stars.So you’re all good there :ok_hand:


You don’t lose your Killer progress, you just have to grind back through Gold.


I lost my killer status too even though I played last month. Glitch??? I guess I’ll have to grind through gold again. Maybe it was purposely done to make us play more since some players played 1 game just to keep their rank🤔


@developers Okay team, I just ranked up to Killer, after having my stats reset. I win a match and then face a cheater using Gargos and handedly lose the match, I was immediately reset to Gold AGAIN. Please tell me that you WILL be able to restore my Killer status. There is no point to play Ranked, if every time I lose a fight, I’m going to be demoted.


Coming from someone that has achieved Killer multiple times due to bugs, system-wide rank resets, and just because to learn new characters: A: subsequent attempts to get back to Killer will be easier simply because your skill has improved. B: If you can’t get back to Killer easily you didn’t deserve to keep the rank in the first place.


Bro, chill.


Its already fixed. just win 10 more matches and become killer again. You could have already done this via the time you took complaining about it. Master of ALL games


You’re absolutely right. Take me for example. Married with 3 kids, typically work 12-14 hours a day. And I still made Killer multiple times. And doing it again on both XBL and Steam currently.

Quit your complaining and play the game if you want to keep your Killer status so badly.


Hey thank you posting something more then trollish posts. I haven’t seen anything on it being fixed yet? Had friend go killer 2 days ago went gold after 2 games. Curious ten matches?


go to the thread where everyone is talking about it.




How exactly is telling someone that if they want to advance in a game they should play it considered trolling?
Yes I was being blunt, but sincere.

Your Killer rank in KI is not a once & done type of thing. Killer by design will boot you back to Gold if you haven’t actively sought to maintain it by playing at least 1 match a month, and that’s not counting all the times they have redesigned the system and reset everyone back to square 1 and glitches over the past few years.
The point is, the rank means nothing as a status symbol/point of achievement if you aren’t willing to maintain it, even if maintaining it means starting over. Besides if you’re good enough to be a Killer again, you should at least place in Gold, so you get to skip a good deal of the grinding.

They expect Killers to stay hungry and not rest on their laurels.


I just made it back to Killer after getting sent back to Gold twice. My promotion match was epic, not because my opponent was amazing, but that he legitimately tried to cheat and even though he lagged the junk out of the match, and I was one hit away from doom, I took a full life bar with just 5 seconds left on the clock.

I told him off too. :slight_smile:


I will start the grinding soon. It’s an excuse to play ranked lol. I could try pockets but honestly they won’t make a difference against good players.

You are amazing! I won’t probably do it. That’s a lot of passion or skill or both combined :v:


Well, I wasn’t working so hard the first few times…I just started this new job a couple of months ago.
I’ve still been sneaking a few rounds of ranked in here & there though.


Thank you for sticking with us. I’m about to pick up again. Getting tired of grinding Injustice 2.


Just wanted to tell you guys. YOU HAVE CREATED THE BEST FIGHTING GAME. I’m a huge fan of KI and just wanted to take the time to tell the team as a fan we appreciate you. Thank you for bringing us our dream game. We waited so long and yes… we saw the KI3 Easter egg and have been waited before and since then!