What're 5 things you get called "Yolo" for? 😏

I’m a Thunder & I get called yolo by top players for the following…

-DPing in situations they deem to be unlikely (even though it works)
-Raw command grabbing (even though it works)
-The occasional read on breaking manuals (guess or read, it works)
-Winning or Losing… (wtf)
-Random standing normals… (Even though they work)

I’m yolo because I do things that work apparently… & then if they don’t work… I lost because I’m yolo. My understanding of the term yolo is a person who is playing the game at the possibility of winning versus them thoughtfully exercising the intention to win using said characters key attributes.

What’re 5 things you guys get called yolo for? Competing players or casual players…

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I’m not sure I could come up with 5 unique items, but I have one that infuriates me: raw medium wind kick at midscreen. ffs, it’s not YOLO – it’s safe, it’s correct, it hurts when it hits, and whatever you were trying to get going prior to getting wrecked by it deserved to be destroyed because this is KI, you insecure little insect, and in KI we celebrate powerful midscreen threats.

I wish the people calling YOLO about these things would just go back to Street Fighter or whatever game instilled these naive ideas about honest play into their feeble little heads.


Shouldn’t let it get to you, it’s up to the other player to adapt to what they perceive as being Yolo, especially if they’re getting beaten by it. It’s just salt. Flavor a steak or some potatoes with it, if they can’t adapt, that’s on them.

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True indeed. I’d just hate to see that be the reason we fail to get newcomers to this community. I want this game to be purposeful in its endevours to grow. Getting salty happens to all of us… so I get it. God knows I do… however, the conduct in accordance to miseducation could prove fatal in the attempt to grow the game. Raising awareness could potentially eliminate that. People that genuinely play yolo lose to me… however I’m willing to explain where they went wrong in the MU & aid them to level up their game. The willingness to help is just as important as the willingness to play.

  1. Omen heavy slide from full screen.

  2. rash DP


  4. shadow jago dive kick

  5. hisako possession

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I actually got called yolo for comboing someone once. Since Raam only has one linker the guy was screaming over his mic that I was just mashing the same thing over and over again and being yolo with my combos.


Speaking up this… I was paired against Lunarz like 8 times in ranked last night. I bid him good games. I beat him some & he beat me some. The games were great & fun. Then I checked out the recap for his stream & the whole time he’s was yelling at his tv calling me yolo & a scrub etc. Then he tea bagged me… He was using Fulgore… I was using Thunder… lmao… he tea bagged me like his accomplishment was so major :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:.

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People don’t say that my Aganos is YOLO, because, well, they can’t - they’re too busy picking their jaws up off of the floor.

Sadira shenanigans😐

Going in raw

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  1. for playing Omen

  2. for playing Cinder

… that’s really it…


Played Rash once recently and he said my defense was uncanny. Got called a scrub for using some of Rash’s wrecking ball offense with his instinct for mixups, as well as defending and counterattacking his negative on block stuff. Like I’m not going to punish RAAM’s -9 on block stab? Seriously.

After a while he also accused me of using combo assist. I don’t, but it wouldn’t matter much if I did, but it ruins Shadow Jago’s around the world doubles trait and I more often than not get a different ender than what I want.

From there I proceeded to body with both Cinder and Rash.

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I get called Yolo for my patented Full Screen Windkicks.

Ha! The yolo concept crossing over into KI made me think of a few:

  • I personally used to call Riptor’s tail flip “the ultimate yolo move” because it’s SO punishable. (And this is coming from a Riptor player!)

  • I wouldn’t call it yolo-related, but I’ve been on a journey to collect all of the “Battle-worn” achievements for the excitement of learning new fighters in the gladiator-pit we call Ranked Mode, and I’ve never had so much salt thrown my way since I got the Kan-Ra & Arbiter achievements. I think the Riptors that I bombarded with scarabs & carbine blasts were the saltiest fossils I’ve ever played on Ranked… (So many hurtful names thrown my way… :disappointed: )

  • Ooh! I know that everyone’s done the 'ol “Aww, crap- I’m in the Danger Zone… Time’s running out… Too much pressure… YOLO SHADOW MOVE!!!” :laughing: Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but at that point, why not? Also, I loved pulling out Sabrewulf’s pre-nerfed 10% damage boost Instinct near the end as a last-ditch weapon just in case I needed it! Now… Meh. :unamused:

Whatever works best for you Chanchula! :relaxed: Fight On!


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wait, is shagos footdive safe?!

No. Never.

Only when surged.

I have to agree with those top players. You are really yolo. I have played your thunder three times with ARIA. i won only once. and I can confirm that you are yolo as a thunder. when I played against you u will do a full screen dp ( i was like what the heck) and if it landed , it landed, if it didnt then you took the damage and gambled for a combo breaker. I got most damge because you just dp right from neutral hoping to hit. You juggle nicely after the dp and make good reads in close range and you could easily catch opponents with counter breakers ater they are frustrated with dp into HK crossup. I was suprised you are ranked number 1 but in all due respect (as I thought I was the only one who noticed this) , you should change you style and maybe listen to top players. This time the critics are right. I am a witness

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Not even then. Totally -6 on block.

Your testimony is also confirmation that you’ve played into my hands the same way that they have. Number 1 doesn’t mean anything except that I’ve been playing more often than not as of lately. In 2 weeks if I’m still number 1 then it’ll mean I’m deserving of my position. I play competitive to win, not defensive to respect my oppositions playstyle. I use the tactics granted by Keits as a means to get the deed done… I’m winning… so I’m obviously doing something right. Maybe I’m not yolo. Maybe you should just block lol. Thunder has not one set up or move that isn’t reactable. He’s one of the most telegraphed characters in the roster with no zoning capabilities whatsoever. My playstyle is very similar to ITA MASTER 411… (Not nearly as good, with the consideration that he has more experience)… but very similar nontheless. Block & zone; you’ll be just fine… I mean… am I yolo for fighting back?.. or are you yolo for not blocking?..