What would you like from the next Killer Instinct game?


Butt Cheek Orchid (From KI2) :smiley:

  1. Vlad
  2. Tag team
  3. Allow mods


I officially second this. Hopefully by that day, we can grow the game way better than the last.


I’m kinda confused on why so many people want tag team. I see it all over the place.

Nevertheless…I would like.

More costumes
Amazing Music (needed!)
Alternate Instincts
More Character Variety
Online Dojo
Interactive Intros/Dialogues/In game character-specific dialogues.
Stage ultras
Stage transitions (that would be cool, but not needed)
Stable lobbies
Easy crossplay
Just more combo variety

Hopefully we even get a new KI in our lifetime. It would be awesome…

Oh a bring Eagle back…pretty please :grin:


ewww, I don’t like tag team for KI per se
But I like the idea of a team like 2 vs 2 just to have fun with friends for instance. But not sure about if this will affect the combo system much or how it will be. But not for 1 v 1 using 2 chars


In regards to a tag team option I think this should be reserved for “KI Tag Team edition” and the main game is unaffected. Similar to Tekken Tag in that respect.

I’d like to see Omen return but have his design overhauled, I must admit along with Kan-Ra Omen was one of those characters I really hated at first but with time he grew on me. Maybe he could have the “copy the opponent” trick that Spinal had in the original game to end his combos (saying that I’d like to see Spinal have this ability return)

Kan-Ra must return and the guy that voiced him must voice him again please, he’s probably the best character voice in the game. Could we maybe have him say “you will make a fine specimen” In Sumerian? (although looking at the text you’d have to mess around a little)

I’d like several different ways of unlocking the same content too, maybe experts could unlock everything via online play but casuals could have timed unlocks perhaps


Unpopular opinion incoming. Fully intergrating the worlds of Battletoads and KI. Battletoads becoming akin to Final Fight and Street Fighter. That game has ALOT of cool character designs and bosses that I think could definitely work in KI. Like, you’re automatically thinking of Dark Queen, and she’s fine. But imagine if KI had these guys.


Also, as an aside. If you think this wouldn’t work because KI is too “serious” then you think KI is more serious than it actually is.


A connection rate bar would be lovely. Can’t even begin to tell you how many laggy matches I get into on a fairly regular basis. Also practice fights while waiting for a fight on multiplayer. Stage ultras for every stage. Several different ultras and ultimates per character. All new original characters added little to no guest characters. A way to end long unnecessary ultras if you don’t want to watch someone do 100+ hit combos every match. Armor/clothing /weapons have minor uses such as.( new openers, linkers, , moves and etc.) Not effects like in shadow lords though.


My list:

.Kim Wu
.Story Mode
.Tag Team Mode
. Interactive Intro Dialogues