What Would You Add to Your Favorite Character in a Sequel?

These hypothetical threads/discussions are always fun and its been a long time since I’ve posted something like these on the Ultra-Combo forums so what the heck let’s do it.

With only 280 characters on Twitter it was hard to as you could imagine to do an extensive explanation but here I can go more in depth. For this fun exercise the goal is to take your favorite character in KI or the one you play the most and figure out what you would add to spice them up or make them more fun/cool.

While Orchid is my favorite character everyone says shes too boring in this game and that breaks my heart. With that in mind I wanted to come up with three things to change that opinion of people but also cater to what I want as well.

  1. First up I’d love to see Orchid’s helicopter kicks make a return. This is mostly a cosmetic/flavor thing but it just looks cool as hell especially in her Ultra in KI2. I wouldn’t really care if it wasn’t part of her tool set but other fun ways to add it back would be as an ender or part of her ultra.


  1. We gotta bring back the classic Orchid fireball. Back in the old games almost every character had a FB and I’m glad DH/IG made the decisions to cut back on that but I think it fits Orchid’s design pretty well especially with the new direction of her tonfa being lazer sticks now haha.


  1. Lastly and probably the biggest one is my idea to allow access to her ability to turn into a firecat more often instead of just used as an animation. The best way to explain this is to use an example like Zeku from from SFV where he has two modes and two different tool sets. For Orchid it could be her Instinct Mode or perhaps a special trait she could activate every so often that gave her new tools to work with but while also looking flashy. She turns into her firecat form and could gain armor or become invincible to projectiles for a short time, maybe even have special auto doubles and linkers while in this mode. Just a fun idea to spice the character up and turn a “boring footsies character” into a flashy fun character.


Quite frankly I’d love it for them to go back and look at every character and give them something from the old games that didn’t make the cut in the 2013 version for example let Spinal take the appearance of a different character; while it might not have any practical use it would just be something flashy and fun to have. Another example is to let Cinder turn invisible during auto doubles or something like in KI1.

Share your ideas here guys I’d love to hear them.


A s long as there was a sequel, Orchid in a suitable new costume and new alternate head options


I think it would make sense for Orchid to have a slow moving, short range fireball a bit like Juri’s fireballs. It could replace the grenade but would allow not just the setups but also countering other projectiles and screen control. I agree with the other options, too.
For my main ARIA I wouldn’t change a thing. Perhaps make body switching more of a valid strategy. On paper it pays off to change bodies when needed, but in real life top players barely do any switching.


Riptor is the only thing thing that will make me buy a new KI so…

Spinal was a special snowflake.

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1.Shadow kicks not a projectile. (So shadow moves cant pass through it)
2. Fwd HP = standing over head recap
3. Stagger or make his throw the stagger but with the ability to actually do something afterwards without the corner or instinct cancel.

Thats 3…now to over do it below LOL

Full character options.
Stage, music, all colors, skins, retro, customization, ect…
Better wakeup DP type move
Fwd HP = standing over head recap
Ability to hold down the kick button to lengthen the range of his slide. (But holding button would cause more recovery)
Remove Demonic despair
Shadow kicks not a projectile. (So shadow moves cant pass through it)

The only I wanna hear about Orchid I’d her ultimate (still not salty). Or maybe make the fire cat it’s own character like a human firecat hybrid.


I’m already liking this thread so far. Good stuff!

As for my character:


  • Mid-Air Auto

  • Mid-Air Linker

  • Special Move: D/F K: Ultra ender kick. LK comes out super quick, MK comes out slower and hits harder, HK comes out slowest and hits hardest. Shadow version is a kick followed by three spinning roundhouses. LK version is an opener and linker, MK version is a linker, HK version is a wallsplat ender. NOTE: The kick doesn’t come out until the opponent releases the kick button. If opponent doesn’t release the kick button before she hits the ground, the kick doesn’t come out at all.

  • Counter Projectile: PPP, creates a quick web that covers her upper half (or lower half if she’s crouching). It also goes away quickly and takes a moment to recover. If she catches a single projectile in the web, she’ll spin around and hurl it back at the opponent. If the opponent doesn’t block it or destroy it with another projectile, they take projectile damage wile also being stuck in a web for the same duration as one instinct web.

  • Loosen window on some of the more difficult to time juggling moves. Not by a ton, mind you. But slightly.

  • Add a little more damage to her damage ender, and take a little more damage off of her shadow recluse.

  • Bring back the ability to do multiple salticidae on opponent while they’re in mid-air. Maybe not as many as before, but twice would be nice.

  • Change Shadow Web Cling to Shadow Web Swing: Web Cling isn’t as invincible as I’d personally like it to be, so instead of using it and hoping for the best, I’d rather she quickly flings a few web lines at her opponent (maybe they go half screen distance), then swings them around once and throws them across the screen. Yeah, it’s giving her a command throw and a distance one at that, but it wouldn’t have the reach of Kan Ra’s, and could be used primarily as a “get away” kind of move.

Obviously all of that seems like a ton of stuff to give her, but mainly I just want a few things.

  1. The ability to execute full mid-air combos once you’ve done the opener on the ground and kicked the opponent in to the air would be a fun, unique thing for the character that’s supposed to be great in the air.

  2. Adding another ground special move gives her a bit more to do on the ground as well as giving her another useful shadow move.

  3. The projectile reversal gives her a nice weapon against zoners that are particularly good at keeping her out, provided people can actually use it well enough.

  4. Changing her shadow escape move to a mid-range throw that knocks the opponent back would be a nice way to give her space, but also give her something more reliable if she really needs to get someone away from her.

Maybe this seemingly mitigates her worst weaknesses, but I don’t think it does so to such an extent as to unbalance her. I’d want the web reversal to have the same timing as, say, Hisako’s catch counter. It also might not do a ton against an opponent that’s using a ton of projectiles. But it at least gives her something to fight back with if she’s trapped form long range.

I also wouldn’t think that they’d give her all of this stuff, but I think any of it would be fun. :slight_smile:


Fulgore changes
Give him air shadow moves.
Air shadow dp would be a dive punch to the ground and ends in a hard knockdown. Acts as an ender.
Air shadow fireball would be like an Akuma fireball.
Air shadow teleport would be what he currently has but from the air to the ground.
These take 5 bars instead of 4.


Give Kim a growth-spurt so her light normals aren’t so stubby. :sweat:


Narrowing down to a favorite would be rough for me since I like to play so many of them, but for one, I would give Gargos the ability to summon minions directly behind or in front of the opponent instead of just always in front of Gargos (but I’d keep that as a third option as well). It adds options to a character that already lives to make you pay attention to what everyone is doing.

Also, I would give Sabrewulf his flaming bat projectile back. Simply because I love my characters to have at least one full screen or projectile attack as covering fire, even if they aren’t zoners. Kinda like the machete toss for Jason in MKX, even though he’s mostly a close fighter.


Booster seat for Kim Wu! Keits, make it happen.