So many have taken liberty to post what they feel is WRONG or needs work, but I think it’s time for a nice thread about our most favorite things about our favorite game.

So many things I absolutely love about KI include the inclusion of all of the original females, the consideration of fleshing out retro inspired alternate costumes, the unique music of season 1/2 that still is superior to any fighting game I know of, and an incomparable combo mechanic system.
The inclusion of IG and mostly Keits’ amazing knack for movesets and abilities, the creation of risk vs. reward, and an ongoing dedication of a refusal of cloning characters while opening the FGC mind with introduction of new properties and combo traits.

My absolute favorite of all HAS to be killer instinct’s mind-blowing 3D stages. Their design, their depth, their ambiance and atmospheric sound elements, their interaction (the course of a 2 round fight causes visually stunning destruction or inclement weather conditions),
I challenge all fans to try fighting each stage at least once without the fabulous music to experience the dedication to a sense of atmosphere in killer instinct’s stages.

the chimes in Jago’s stage.
The bombs and helicopters that sweep left to right stereo in orchids stage. The dam and jungle sounds of Maya’s stage. The thunderstorm of thunders stage. The electronics of arias stage.

I know there are a lot of players who are most excited about the return of our fave game ever and the wait has been long, but man, here we are, FINALLY a new season, a new gorgeous lighting system, I mean I seriously will look forward to practicing on these newly lit stages even if it isn’t a new mode, the new option to CHOOSE YOUR EPIC SCORE for ANY STAGE is worth $80 to me, KIM f in WU MAN I seriously tear up as this character might mean more than orchid because I thought she’d be dead forever and forgotten. She’s back. With what will be my most favorite stage ever.




The game is okay… I guess…


Fuglore. Nuff said. Also Hype beam.


The Product:

  • Innovative gameplay with a diverse cast. (not just coppying other fighters)
  • Large variety of free alternate colours.
  • Amazing soundtrack made by a talented, HUGE KI fan Mick Gordon.
  • Best netcode and ladder system of any fighting game ever!
  • Good lore that even an obsessive fan like me can’t complain TOO much about, (I was worried for a bit that Spinal was “just a ghost pirate”, but his full backstory was pretty darn good)
  • Character visual redesigns that are not offensive, and retro costumes prepared in case some of them are. (Cinder). Even if certain retro costumes felt rushed…
  • Pricing model that makes the game cheep to enter but still allows obsessive fans to dump their wallets (why do I think that’s a good thing XD)

The Staff:

  • Dev’s that actually watch the forums and make large scale changes based on requests and overall involvement with the community (wow who’s ever done that excluding crowd funded game devs).
  • Dev’s Directly support the competitive scene, organizing tournaments and fund raisers.
  • Dev’s that must be working overtime to get this much content out in so short a time. 1 character a month was pretty nuts especial considering it followed large staff restructuring; DH also had the base game ready in under a years time.
  • Full developer walk-throughs of upcoming (competitive) content that is open to suggestions.


  • Awesome merchandising.

Season 3 will bring a new game for me.

New additions to gameplay that change the fundamentals so I have to relearn a lot of old techniques.

New characters (four at launch), I have a lot of new things to learn and while combos to try out.

New stages and relighting so even if there are three stages I will have a feeling of “new” with something as old as Jagos stage.

I love KI, wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. Lots of negativity and for valid reasons. But, I feel as if those who are being negative lost sight of what made KI shine for them.

March 29th is coming, let’s play it and get a feel for it and see if those points are still warranted.

Whether it does or not, I know I will enjoy this game for what it started as and what it is. I do have my criticisms but I want to thank DH, yes DH; but, most importantly, IG for all their hard work to carry the weight and torch of KI and offer me hours of pure epicness.


hard to mention anything that hasnt already been said but there isnt enough praise for the amazing netcode. its what keeps me coming back the most.

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The characters, the music, the gameplay, the netcode, the community, the dev team, the customization options, the announcer…

To name a few things. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok guys here my reason. :smile:

Me and RockIsSponge have know each other for 30 years… I’m 32 lol. Weve played ganes since I was about 4 / 5 and we LOVE fighters.

Untill KI season 2 Street Fighter 3 3rd strike was our favorite. It was the most diverse, skilled and finely tuned game of all time.

Check a few of our games. After 30 years the reads are kinda fun:

Some of the best matches we’ve ever had come from the breaker, counter and shadow counter system.

No more ultra defensive play full of footsies.

On top of that we have no mains! EVERYONE is equal and everyone is unique.

This has lead to multiple match ups that we have loved rather than a handful of good match ups and lot of one sided victories.

This game is awsome and I thank @BblackorchidD for this post :kissing_heart:


I LOVE meeting up with a KI lover who will select many different characters with me for interesting setups.

I wish the friend I used to have would have loved games like I do. No one in my small circle of friends play except me.

I look forward to casuals in exhibition


KI as a whole:

-Diverse cast. Most other fighters are 99.9 to 100%-human

-Amazing gameplay (combos feel fluid, and feel good to pull off

-Wonderful music (that should be obvious)

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I’ll start with the most obvious…

Shadow Jago:
The awesome evil version of Jago was so lucrative to me that I wanted to buy those day one Xbox Live cards. Then the community fund started and I quickly took the chance to buy the re-skin and waiting patiently for the Real Boy Edition. So far I have not only the character but the Buff as well. I was going to buy the figure at one point because I thought Color 10 was going to be soooo cool, but then came disappointment when I found out what Color 10 actually was. There is a chance that I’ll purchase him though, just not now.

The Soundtrack:
In my opinion, if a game didn’t at least have a decent soundtrack (albeit dynamic or looped) there was no chance of me being interested in the game nor having the volume at 100%. I strongly believe this is where KI shined brighter than MKX. So much moods in each theme song that really inspires me to create more music in FL Studio on my computer.

The Gameplay:
Killer Instinct (94) and Killer Instinct 2 (95) proved to be somewhat difficult to play due to the gameplay engine, with Killer Instinct (Seasons One to Three) it’s easier to pick up but difficult with each character that you want to master and/or go up against.

The Netplay:
Where MKX online failed (before MKXL), Killer Instinct basically shined like a star in space. Very little lag and input delays to deal with.

And last but not least…The Story:
Season One was okay, but Season 2 was the one story mode that had some real dialogue, good cut-scenes, and better endings. Even I can’t wait for Shadow Lords lmao!!!

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For starters, I love the fact that there are so many non-human characters. Although gameplay is what I use to judge a fighter, this game is really good for finding a way to incorporate so many different creatures in a fighter.

Another thing I like, after playing MKX, is the way KI handles their guest characters. For starters, I see no problem with guests since almost all of the original cast made it whereas dozens of MK characters have been gone for years. Sure, more new characters would be nice, but we got a lot of new characters last season, so they could be running low on ideas for more original characters. On top of that, these guests appeal to gamers unlike the horror movie icons MK uses. It’s good that the guests in KI get the attention of gamers and not movie fans.


This is my favorite game of all time. Right next to Sonic Adventure 2 and Halo 3.

Nuff said.


Well It is my favorite game of all time… So there is THAT!

Everything has already been said.

Enjoy mandrill:

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Same here. I used to play Soul Caliber, WoW, and LoL with my best friend of 15 years, but he refuses to play KI as it has “no depth” and is “too twitchy”.

He also beat me once over a year ago, but refuses to try the game again.

If you feel like it, invite me to a match sometime, dont play all characters well, but I’m adequate to good with roughly half of them and still like playing the others :grin:

I like to win, but I play for fun :sunglasses:

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Amazing characters

Amazing stages

Godlike music

Fun and addictive gameplay

Great netcode/online

Interesting and fun story/lore and overall universe

Devs that interact with the community, care about the fan’s feedback, opinions etc.

Extremely passionate and (mostly :wink:) friendly community

Support going on for 3+ years

Need I say more?


The stages and the sound, sometimes playing with no music you really appreciate some of the more subtle things

I wished they showed of more of the stages on the intro and outro they are beautiful

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What I love about KI

  • The return of all of the Characters (well almost)
  • Songs that make you feel like you’re a butt-kicker
  • Characters are presented well in the lore
  • Tense Actions
  • Great gameplay
  • Stages look like they tell a very big story
  • (like KI-1)
  • The Action
  • Never before has my battles with my bro more thrilling
  • diverse Roster (seriously, where else can you pit a werewolf against a Dinosaur?)
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