What was your worst forum discussion ever?

What do you feel was the worst online forum discussion you ever had? It doesn’t have to be from the KI forums either?

Me: I used to frequent a Transformers forum, and around the time Revenge of the Fallen was being made there was a discussion on what Soundwave’s role/design would be…and this was before his official sattelite alternate mode was known about. Anyway, a general concensus was that with his role as a communications officer/spy in the Decepticons a surveillance van would be fitting, and his smaller minions (Ravage, Frenzy, Laserbeak) would go into an area, do the dirty work, and he’d be their getaway vehicle, so to speak.
And then that one guy chimed in…
His idea, essentially, was to keep him the same as the original: a microcasette recorder. He would sneak into secure locations himself, do his own dirty work, and sneak out. His minions…they had to be there, but they didn’t really do anything…Soundwave did all the work…but they HAD to be there.

Anyway, the discussion went on for somewhere near 900 posts, and not short one-line comments…paragraphs and paragraphs…it was insane. And no matter what anyone said, no matter how many holes his argument had, he wouldn’t budge. He HAD to be a cassette player. He HAD to have his cassette minions. They didn’t do anything…Soundwave did all the work, but they HAD to be there.

Anyway, that’s my story…what do you guys got?

Last year, I heard the bad news that Elites were not going to be playable in Halo 5. The only reason I gave Halo 4 a chance because I felt I was not being fair and thought that Elites would be playable at a later time. Once I wised up about it I vowed to only play a Halo game if Elites were playable. Even an improved forge (my other favorite feature in Halo) would not be enough to get me into playing it again. So I said I was going to skip Halo 5 and wait for 6. Then someone came in and told me I was not a true fan for making decision and now that I think about it, I should of said this to them

“You are telling me that I’m not a true fan just because I choose to not spend $60 on a game that has nothing that I’m looking for? So I should just straight up GIVE my money to the devs despite not having anything that would be worth buying, Because if I buy it, it is only proving to them that they could upset as many as they want and get away with it”

I was also thinking fo calling that guy an anti-consumerist (if that exists) but that would have been stretching it. As dumb and awful as the Halo community tends to be sometimes, there are a lot of people who actually care about getting Elites back into Multiplayer because of their variety. Heck there is a topic that is still going on to this very day.

Heck that’s why I also think that people do have the choice to not give this game a go if they don’t want to. People have the right to choose. If people don’t want to give this KI game a shot I will not force them. I also believe that a fan is someone that likes it, there is no such thing as a true-fan. It’s just a concept like normal and perfection.

Pretty much any Dragon Ball vs Comic Book character threads, those always turn out nasty for everyone lol

Honestly, any discussion that starts with, “character name pweez nurf da r Op!”


Kwiller Winstink wud bee bajillions tymes butter if it had blud! and r8ted Mmmmm…


These posts sound like everytime I visit a Sonic game’s forum.

I can see that in the Sonic forum, especially as Sega pretty much promoted bestiality, and have a rash of abysmal Sonic game releases. I feel for the mascot…

i was commenting on some stupid article polygon.com had up, and then ended up getting banned from the site. they call it ‘trolling’ I call it calling stupid ideas stupid in a variety of ways. something about them and verge sets me off once a week

i wouldnt exactly call it a discussion but i posted on a thread about a story. it was on the Star Citzen fan fiction sub forum where i read a story written by a backer about some stupid BS called “The Stimpire”. basically it was a giant fan fiction about vivisection of humans, sadistic levels of torture, pain, rape, lobotomizing people, things that took it way too far that led me to believe the author was genuinely psychologically disturbed.

im no sissy when it comes to reading or seeing violent material, but this ■■■■ was really out there and i felt disgusted reading it. i even wondered who the hell even allowed that piece of crap story to stay up on the forums. i think it was eventually deleted or just drowned in the other threads, i posted on there questioning the author’s mental state and he said he was on a “rampage”. go figure.

then i read a discussion about people trying to justify spending thousands of dollars on non-existant space ships for a game that isnt even out yet (or will ever come out who knows these days), so that made my visit there worse than it already was. LOL

To date, I have been banned from 2 forums (myextralife.com and the callofduty.com forums) for things I have said angrily in the moment, and I currently have the ire of many people on the xbox.com forums and for this forum, just a few overly-righteous individuals in the GG thread that can’t seem to get over how I phrase things.

I try to NEVER post when I’m angry or stupidly passionate on a subject matter, as it usually doesn’t lead to anything fruitful. It can be hard, especially if I lose 10 matches in a row to a character like Rash (I resist unloading everything on that toad)…

Honestly though, GG, if you keep getting banned from forums then you might need to take a step back and consider your wording. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I haven’t been banned from a forum in well over 10 years, so I like to think I’ve matured a great deal since then… Besides, I distinctly remember 1 of those bans being about me comparing someone to everyone’s favorite German with a tiny moustache - that would violate any forum guidelines (including this 1, which ironically enough, I actually saw someone else do here recently).

In French video game forums, when I kill myself trying to make understand that KI is a GREAT game; using tons of very concrete examples and clever comparisons.
It ends up with: KI is ■■■■ because… because it’s KI on Xbox One and me being totally desperate :disappointed_relieved:

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Mine is the Great CA war.

I understand man. The Sonic forums have it rough, lol

I’ve never been a fan of the forums there, but I love Scott Johnson’s podcasts.

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Fun fact: he and I share the same birthday. :slight_smile:

My worst forum is “Combo Breaker 2016 Roll Call!” because no one said like “You will go? I will go to Combo Breaker too!” I wish I can meet KI forum user in person at Combo Breaker. But nope!

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Anything Mortal Kombat on any MK forum, to be honest. I’ve been on a few unofficial MK forums and it’s the same on each one of them. Some are more tolerable, but the main thing on all of them is that mature discussion ALWAYS turn into childish namecalling and mudslinging. Always. Even those who are seemingly more respective and mature will be pulled down to that level. And I admit, I too have done so time and time again, only to afterwards feel like a complete idiot for falling down on such a level.

It’s toxic though. Very toxic. And when I return to those MK forums, I only end up getting frustrated with the people who devolve the topics into nothing but sh#t.

Any community has some bad apples, but when the majority of the batch is rotten, it affects you whether you want to or not.

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I’m agree with you! That’s why I won’t join MK forum… I hate when they be like “WE WANT MORE DLC!!” and “PLEASE PUT RAIN IN MKX BECAUSE OF PRINCE!” Right?..

To be fair people wanted Rain before prince died.