What was your worst forum discussion ever?

I know. Some MK fans are happy because prince dead, they think NRS will put Rain in MKX. You know it’s little rude… :confused:

Well that’s a new low. :laughing:

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Mine was on this forum when discussing releasing KI on multiple platforms.

Makes you realize that people read what they want to read.

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Anything revolving Halo 5 in the Halo forums…just…ugh. Not to sound like I’m defending everything in that game, I do think the campaign is weak and some things considering game types not being in the game but these people will complain about the smallest things that others have mention for 1369th times. “Worst sounds ever” every game almost sound entirely different. “Worst Esports ever” why are you watching it then? “The campaign is too linear” have you played Halo CE ever? “I hate the new gameplay” well it sucks that you don’t like it but you’re not forced to play this game, but they’re are the classics to play. Christ this is why I think this forum is one of the best, because you guys make constructive topics, issues, and even opinions. The Halo community is definitely falling apart (at least in the forum) where as KI is growing and becoming more mature.

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Yeah I played through Halo 5’s campaign, and I didn’t really see anything that was particularly noteworthy to gripe about, but the lack of split screen did kill the game for me…I played the rest with my family, and doing so on H5 would require at least 4 XB1s (5 if we let our 3 year old play as well…but probably not for a serious run). And while there are several games we would like to play that that would accommodate as well…no…just no…

I actually like Halo 5. The campaign’s not all that great, and I definitely can’t speak for its official forums, but the multiplayer, for me at least, is what makes it fun. A lot of the classic modes have made it in, like infection, grifball, fiesta, firefight (coming soon), forge, etc. It’s come a long way since it released. I highly recommned it for anyone with even a passing interest in Halo. For me, it’s the definitive game of the series, multiplayer-wise.

Yeah, I used to go to MKO a lot, but while part of the reason why I stopped is just the forum dying because the one guy that’s left to take care of it can’t upgrade it, but also because several forum members were insanely thin skinned and always resorted to personal attacks when confronted with an opposing opinion on anything under the sun. Just the general tone on that site has been off for years now. It always seems like the next argument, the next drama, the next little tantrum is right around the corner.

I remember MKvsDC announcement, MK9 getting spoiled, Freddy / guest debates and what not being some of the worst, with the latter sort of being the turning point for me where I really started to notice the change. I signed up for TYM, but never really felt compelled to post.

I really wish MKO would modernize. Any time someone brought it up, Mick would get angry and be all “you know someone that can do it? Fine, otherwise, shut up. Invite people here. Start conversations.” As if the reason why people left and no new people replaced them is because there weren’t enough new things to talk about.

I don’t begrudge him. I haven’t the first clue how to run a website. It just kinda sucks. I lurked since MK5.org and posted since prior to MKD and it was a great place to talk MK. I hate that it played out like this when it didn’t have to be this way.

Sorry, but if a side step off of the topic, but that whole site and it’s steady decline have generated a lot of bad discussions on that site. That plus the decline in general are among the worst for me, which is why I brought it up in the first place. (Boom! Brought it all back to the topic! :slight_smile: )

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I was a member with that community through a large part of my MK9 and Injustice days. You can probably still find a lot of my old posts there. :slight_smile:

Is it a good place to talk MK, from your experience?

It was; I don’t know if it still is, though, as I haven’t been there for some time…

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Damn that must have sucked. Luckily my brother moved out of the house and I got my own xbox in June of 2011. Online co-op with my brother is probably the best experienced I had whenever my brother and I play together. He pretty much dropped the idea of couch gaming and I sorta followed his footsteps, excluding playing with friends in the same house. I do agree though that Halo 5 should have had spit-screen as well but hopefully Halo 6 could resolve that issue.

Definitely agree with you. It’s been rough for the first couple of months but it picked up tremendously once the Hammer Storm update arrived. 343 is polishing this game a lot and I can say to them is to keep up the good work.

I was a member there for a year or so. Its a good place to talk MKX, but like all forums, it has its asshats. I compiled and reconfigured a handful of combo threads to parse and update them and give them some kind of legibility. I was extremely active on that forums for a while. Then the PC debacle came about and I walked away from any game WB has anything to do with.

When I left though it was the absolute best place to talk MKX tech and meet actual, talented players. You may have to sort through some ■■■■■■■■, but thats the nature of the internet.

@paintwaster2 You have a right to like the game. I’m sure Halo 5 had some good stuff going for it.
But my only complaints and why I never touched it at all is lack of playable elites and no split-screen.
So fi anyone asked if I play Halo 5 my response is "I never played it"
But I also agree with you. I love the Halo game sbut I hate the community and the way it behaves on the forums. all they do is whine, whine, whine. Some of it is justified but the other stuff good lord.

That’s why I only go on the “Elites in new multiplayer matchmaking thread” And the forums itself, you canot even inform them about how much of a jerk and they justify wit with “Its the internet” being on the internet does not give you the right to be a a-hole

Having no Elites in 4 and 5 is a reasonable issue when other games had them, it also sucks that split screen isn’t in the game.

KI turning into a MvC clone.

I wanted them in. If people are so worried about it, why not let them be in social playlists. The people who whine about them will spend their whole time playing the MLG/Arena playlists anyway.

Most likely because Spartan abilities were introduced but even then you can disable them to have Elites playable. Halo Online did this if I recall.

Too bad Halo Online was exclusive to PC. It did have playable Elites there.

I also think Elties need to be playable on the sixth Halo.

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Elites were always hard to implement in Halo, because they are by and large canonically bigger than Spartans. In earlier Halo games, they were easier to headshot and kill in multiplayer because they had a bigger hitbox than the spartans did. This in turn, is also why nobody played them, or for those that did, why they were almost always seen looking at a downward angle (using their torso to prevent being shot in the head from behind). In later games, they were made slightly better despite their size, and with abilities that the Spartans couldn’t use, which is why we had massive war-like Spartans vs. Elite-style games. Elites, as a whole, while cool IMPO, have never been truly popular among the masses, though, so the developers have decided to largely bench them from multiplayer. That being said, there are at least 2 suits of armor in Halo 5 that can make your Spartan in multiplayer resemble an elite, so at least there’s that. :wink: