What was this? (Rash Ultra Bug)


Can you help me figure out what was this? At first I thought it was the bike, but now I think it could be rollback.
Near the end I did a shadow counter that “connected” against Rash’s shadow (or that it seemed) but then his ultra poped out. I’m confused XD

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Could you record the replay from the game’s archive?

When there is lag, the replays don’t work properly. This sounds a lot like a rollback problem


Lol. You took that better than I would’ve :joy:

I’d guess rollback. Game thought you shadow countered early, so got tagged by the last hit of the shadow?


Id have left the room, took a shower, made myself some Beef Wellington and done some old school martial arts meditation in order to keep from losing my cool. And i’d still probably have lost it.

But i’d blame rollback. I can’t think of one way that would work without rollback being at play.


Lol, those were funny comments, thanks for making my day :joy:

I usually get very salty with lag (I’m streaming this week but the connection with the X1 is not working properly, the connection alone seems fine, looks like the problem comes from the console, I’ve streamed before from here and haven’t got these ammount of lags :disappointed: )

So, my salt is real. I don’t mind “few matches” but when most have lag it’s discouraging. Apart from that it’s something it can happen (online gaming, huge distances, not the best internet infrastructure…etc).
I’m not playing for any money or world cup, In the end there’s not much I can do about this. Sometimes it’s on my end, sometimes it’s on the other player end. I came to the conclusion that only offline matters to me, so the salt is not that awful at the end of the day.

And from this, I just try to take what I’ve learned (if there’s anything). Can I punish tongue? can I break tongue mediums on reaction? Missing a shadow counter that looked it connected but because of rollback it didn’t it’s not something that won’t let me sleep at night n_n

Actually this was kind of funny of how crazy it was.


The fact that you yelled out in a language that’s not (to my knowledge) your native one tells how … ahem … passionate … you were about what happened.


Whenever I start attemping to speak English while streaming online the “what” comes out completely naturally. Actually the WTF is conmonly used in my country :smiley: (I just spared the remaining words)


Wow… the frog said “No!”


Good ole Ultra assist to save the day for that guy. No way he meant to Ultra you out of that.


I don’t see why (SEMI-NECRO POST) ultra assists would’ve been necessary (or even likely) for that confirm. If you do a shadow move at all when someone is near danger, you should be mashing out ultra. Who knows what he saw on his end, but even in rollback I’d be ready to confirm (mash) a touch or bad shadow counter into ultra. It’s not a particularly high-level thing to go for to be honest, and there isn’t much (any) downside to going for it.


Ok guys, this is NOT rollback! :cold_sweat:

I was just watching Animeninjablade’s stream and saw he found out this bug:

So I just got robbed by a bug, or that it seemed :confused: I could have had that match :sweat:

Looked like a glitch/bug as you suspected

@Dayv0 @STORM179 @SneerfulWater57

We can discard rollback, right? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Let’s be fair here. The game’s only been out for 4 years. Let’s give the developers some time to work out the bugs…


I hope they fix this soon. Before Rashes take advantage of this and spam ultra while opponents are in blockstun


Yea I saw this in the Killer Instinct Club, it’s pretty crazy and really should be fixed


Lol. That’s pretty crazy! I’d recommend throwing that video over in the bug reporting thread.


Roast that toad! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Update today?

Hey all- this is fixed as of the patch on 11/30/17!

Patch notes incoming- thanks for catching this and you patience while this fix was waiting for release.


Just would like to say THANK YOU for listening and resloving the problem!


Cool beans. Now we just need to un-break the Steam version :sweat_smile: