What was the character usage for CEO2016?

Sadly i only saw Winners semis to grand finals. So i missed a bunch of great stuff. What was the character usage like in top 8? top 16? top 32? Knowing who’s placing where as a character is always interesting to me!

I just barely missed top 8, and haven’t had a chance to watch the archive yet, but looking at the player lineup I’d expect to see: Jago (Thompxson, Bass?), Fulgore (Nicky), Sadira (Grief), Riptor (Liger), Spinal (Bass?), Maya (Pink Diamond), any of Glacius/Kan-Ra/ARIA/Arbiter from Sleep, and nfi who the other guy uses.

well Sleep used Arbiter in one set, i know that for sure! I was really hoping he would use Aria because i wanted to pick up some tips! oh well

He’ll often switch between characters between matches from what I’ve seen, so you might get your wish. Most of the other players are really character specialists, though.

Oh, Bass might’ve pulled out Cinder too, that’s possible.

There were quite a few Orchids during pools, as well as 1 TJ (Thrash Heavy), at least 1 Omen and Thunder, and a couple of Hisako players as well… Oh, and 2 or 3 of my favorite golem.


He used Cinder when he lost to Pink Diamond.

There was 1 Kim Wu. And it was @TheNinjaOstrich

That’s right! I forgot who he had played as - of course, this was because I was busy competing over at the other table at the same time, so…

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I’m going through the top 8 right now and it looks like Mister J played Aganos against Grief. Pretty cool, i always love watching top tier aganos!

It was a pretty broad top 8, even pools. Fulgore, Maya, Cinder, Aganos, Arbiter, Riptor, Jago and Sadira. I love the variety this game offers.

There was also at least one Mira, a Gargos, and some Wulf play as well in Pools. I saw quite a few Orchid’s as well.

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Dude you were amazing.

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There were a couple of Glacius that I saw in pools as well! Chocolate Thunder (who I’ve never heard of before), Rotendo, and Rick (or Rocksteady). I was rooting for them all!

At this point, I think it would be easier to figure out who was NOT included in this tournament.

Is this in the twitch archives yet? I need to take my son to a 4h meeting and need something to watch

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I was giddy to see high level Aganos play in a tournament again, feels like it’s been ages.

Here, from somewhere around the 2hr mark onward.

Yep, I was there, just not on stream. At 1 point, I was almost put on stream, but only because they thought I was somebody else… :pensive:

Well, I’m pretty sure all S1 characters were played. I think Sleep may have used Kan in pools, so that would be all S2 characters as well. I think Tusk is the only character who wasn’t played at some point in the tournament.

Really? I wonder why no one is playing Tusk? I haven’t played him myself, but he didn’t see that bad of a character. But I guess it just didn’t fit the play style of the entrants.