What? So Many Crickets

My my… the Sadira forum is so quiet… What no new tech? No salty complainers? What’s going on? Web Nation, we aren’t doing our job at annoying the world! We must rise!

Buff Sadira 3.7! :smiley: Let the Salt Fly!

Unless the topic is “Sadira Isnt as Bad as You Think” Im not really interested…

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Sadira has never been a “bad” character, but that doesn’t mean that her current iteration is relatively great. Is she good… yes, but she could be better. Most of the top KI players and even Infil has stated at least once or twice or three times, that Sadira does need some sort of damage boost to keep up with the rest of the cast.

She certainly doesn’t need more moves. She’s complicated as it is.

Having the said that, the point of this thread was to generally get some (Hopefully) positive feedback on my favorite character. Maybe some new tech. Facts as they be, most of the Sadira players I followed on YouTube have stopped using her, or at least posting cool matches with her, even Kalypso.

I just wanted to get a convo started.

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If you want, I can give a bit of private games and tutorials about Sadira. A lot of tech that she can do is underutilized and I’m too lazy to make a large tech video compilation. I have a mic so I can explain things in detail.


I’m actually a pretty good Sadira… I do a lot of the tech that Kalypso does. The only thing that I have real problems with are some of her advanced juggles, but that comes more to getting the muscle memory down than anything else. :smiley:

However, it would be fun to play another Sadira here and there!!! :smiley:

If anyone feels like helping a bad player get better I’m all ears. Sadira’s the only character I can play somewhat competently, and I’m probably stretching that a bit.

I know the point of your thread is positive feedback, but I’m curious why you think some Sadira players have stopped using her. Do you think it’s her damage output? General attrition? Something else?

Personally, I think that she could use a bit more in her arsenal. I know we disagree on this and that’s totally fine. I just don’t think that, at lower levels, she has a lot to keep people entertained. Yes, at higher levels, her complex juggles are compelling, but I wonder if there’s a slight lack in variety that maybe puts some people off after a while, once the frustration over damage output settles in.

I still think that she could use a more useful ender than her current damage ender and it’d also be nice to see her get another ender in addition to the ones she has. I also wouldn’t mind seeing her get another special move, as she only has four, two of which can only be used in air.

I think she can be competitive, no question. So for me, it’s not a balancing / utilitarian issue, it’s more a variety / fun issue. It’s my same issue with Sabrewulf. They’re both perfectly competent characters, their move lists just seem a little restrictive once you get past the thrill of some of the more fun stuff they can do, as opposed to many of the other characters in the cast that, to me, have more variety and fun stuff to find and use in their move sets.

This probably isn’t the most useful feedback, but as someone that enjoys using Sadira (and enjoyed using Wulf briefly in season one as someone that mained Wulf in the old games), I think that adding a little more variety to a move set can keep a player interested provided it doesn’t add too much complexity on the low end / character entry point.

Honestly, I think adding more moves to her list wouldn’t make her better, if anything, it would just make her more complicated.
She already has double jump, Widows Bite, Widows Drop, Blade Demon, Web Cling, Salticide, Recluse, and Flip Out. She can already jump cancel off LK, and has both land and areal target combos. She can then jump cancel specials, autos, manuals (juggle) and drop webs while in Instinct. Believe me, if people can’t find variety in that move list, they simply won’t.

What Sadira needs is a simple way to do damage. It’s not that Sadira can’t get good to great damage, but the fact that she has to work REALLY hard to do so. This is why so many top players keep placing her in bottom tier. You have to rely almost completely on mix ups to do damage and at top levels, it just becomes very hard to win with her, when top players know how to circumvent her shenanigans.

When it’s a neutral on neutral fight, Sadira has a hard time enduring the challenge.

In short, as a Sadira main, on average, if an opponent makes a mistake, on a good day I’ll get 30 to 40% of their health. If I make a mistake, they can take 50% on up and without having to resort to jump cancelling Shadow Widow’s Bite to do so.

Jago, Glacius, Thunder, Orchid…(just to name a few) all can do massive damage without getting fancy.

The reality is, people will almost always move to characters that get great damage with minimal effort, versus somebody that you have to work your tail end off to get fair damage.

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To be clear, I’m not saying that she’s exceptionally devoid of variety in general. I’m saying that when you put her move list up against many of the other characters’ move lists, especially when you’re talking entry level type stuff like special moves, I think that she could use a bit more variety.

Don’t get me wrong, I like her a lot and I enjoy her move set. But when you talk about what she already has and start to pick away at it a bit, I personally come away feeling like many of her moves are situational and that’s fine, really, but it doesn’t change the fact that someone looking at a character’s move list side by side with hers might maybe think that she could use a bit more.

Regardless, I do agree with you 100% on her damage, as it does feel like it takes a lot more effort and perhaps a tad bit of chance when it comes to doing the type of damage with Sadira that other characters can do with less effort. As someone that also enjoys Kan Ra, I don’t mind having to work a bit harder, but it does feel like I’m at a slight disadvantage.

While Kan Ra has more than enough tools, I wouldn’t mind seeing Sadira’s compensated for this disadvantage more via a few more tools, whereas I’m sure you’d just want to see one or two of her existing moves buffed in the damage department which, again, is totally fine by me. You know Sadira a lot more than I do, so I’ll certainly concede that your opinion holds more weight in this regard.

I’m just looking at it from a lower level perspective and perhaps even below that perspective and when I see two ground special moves, two air special moves and a bunch of more situational stuff (like when you’re in the air and the opponent is under you, for example), and who only has three traditional combo enders, I see a character that could maybe stand to have a little bit more added to her without drastically throwing off her balance or identity.