What should Kim Wu 's intro quote be and her end quote be?

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Have any suggestions for what Kim should say when she comes into the stage and leaves?

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I’d say any way for her to speak English, Korean & Chinese.


Anything that makes me feel badass after somebody taking all my Kicks and nunchucks to the face… :slight_smile:

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She should be texting on a smartphone and blowing a bubble of gum

‘(Sigh)… Like really, I’m so over this’

'Omg do I really have to fight YOU’

’I TOLD you not to underestimate me- HIYYYYAHHHH!'
If love to see her do a split and land with a peace sign and a smile lol

Jokes aside Season 3 has an opportunity to bring in alternate win poses

And black hair red hair and purple or green hair options

Here’s how I picture Kim Wu, she does some nunchuck tricks.

Face the dragon!

Her taunt can be k-pop aegyo.

And her outro will be something like her outro in KI2.

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Please GOD dont make kim wu bratty

I dont want no teen queen.

Kim is perfection, shes cool, calm, super skilled, shes a titan slayer and she knows there isnt a soul on earth whos more skilled with weaponry than she is.

She has no time or need to be bratty. Arrogance would be a weakneas and she has no weakneas.

Shes undefeated, raised to protect the earth from demons and titans.

Shes almost like Taki from soul calibur a demon hunter but like Blade is in the 21st century completely covert.

Maybe she would be more complimentary but talk about her skill or dragon decendency?

Maybe somthing about focus and speed?

Id just hate her to be JUST some Kpop teen girl. How boring


As she will most likely be speaking foreign language it may not matter.

Reference Bleach or any Funimation anime of serious fighters and the English translation of Asian dialogue

ANYTHING is better than a California jet skiing Frog.

But at least a California Frog CAN Jetskii. I mean come on, when do you see that?

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Ending: just like KI2 were she deivers 3 kicks to the Camera.

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No… No… Just no!


How about the usual she just turns to say something and we see the back of her ear and it pauses in 2 secs



Personally, I kind of want to see snarky college student Kim Wu; has no idea what the heck is going on, but makes fun of it and prepares to kick its butt.

If not that, a solid combination of sass and competitiveness would work just fine.

This is sort of a combination of everybody’s in here, but here goes.

Intro: She walks onto the screen with a cocky sway, smile on her face. “Ni hao!” (Chinese for “Hello”. Step your Ni Hao Kai Lan game up, fam!)

She does a few kicks into the air, and whips out her nunchucks; game face on. “Time to show you why I inherited the dragon spirit.”

Outro: She spins her nunchucks in alternating hands, before putting them forward in front of her and resting them behind her neck.

“That’s what you get for underestimating me. Joh-eun jyeoss! (Korean for “Good riddance” according to Google Translate)”

She walks away, back to the screen. She holds her nunchucks in one hand, the other flashing a mock peace sign.

Supreme/Awesome Victory! PERFECT!


She’s a descendant of an Ancient prestigious clan of east Asian warriors that were bred/trained to fight Gargos and his ilk. Why does she sound like White American suburban brat? I’m not scolding you I’m legit asking.


In her endings in KI2, I’m sure she is breaking a Rock in half with one hand. College Suburban Kim just doesn’t work for me, IMO. I personally think she might be just as serious as Jago, maybe a little less. She is the descendant of the people who locked Gargos away. So she must have been training her whole life for his return, never stopping. Plus, she didn’t seem sassy like that in KI2.


She doesnt have to be a brat. When did you hear it?
let me know. Lol

High end anime assassins still have the same dialogue in top Japanese animation.
Kim could still loathe her opponent without being a brat!

Think of M. Bison or Juri in the sense they speak and say ‘oh you again’ or ‘must I pause my ascension to fight YOU’

legit point there since that’s how her story was in KI2


My idea still stands for Kim.

She’ll go nunchuck kata and speak in English: “Face the dragon!.. If you dare.”

Like Maya who spoke in Portuguese when she threw her daggers, Kim can speak Korean and Chinese through her nunchuck combat.

Her taunt will be k-pop aegyo.

Finally her outro will be something “Bruce Lee” when she does her kicks like in her KI2 intro.

No, no and h3ll no. We don’t need cassie cage in KI.


Yea unfortunately we don’t know what her new backstory will be, as all the new backstories have eliminated the previous incarnations.

She may not be still a guardian, Going from how they’ve changed the other character stories, they may write her as a fired circus performer who found solace in a gang of hell’s angels.

She should be like Goku, she can be as serious as Orchid but still kinda youthful and energetic. She should definitely not be a brat or a b*tch.