What should every Glacius player know to be successful?

Hi everyone. I thought I would drop a thread in here because I am a Glacius main since season 1 and I almost never post anything to his character thread. People are wondering why there are not more tech discussions, and folks like me are part of the problem. So I figured I’d make a start.

In the opinions of the Glacius players on the forums, what is Glacius’s “core” tech tool? What should everybody be using? Or what do you see people failing to do with the character?

could shoulder into could shoulder into could shoulder into could shoulder x infinity.


Pretty much this. I mean, why not? It randomly gets safer the later it hits, the pushback prevents any real punishes, the puddle punch threat prevents people starting their offense here, it’s too fast to react to and avoid, and its a decently advantageous opener. Maybe at higher levels have a hail cover you for extra protection but other than that just hit them with that shoulder!

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Sounds complicated, buffs needed.

Berf this alien lol

Well, judging by the salty AF responses I can see why we don’t have more tech discussions. Thanks guys.


I find at high levels its becomes less about the tech or setups and more about things like reads and neutral in terms of glacius :slight_smile:

Fair enough.

Here’s a more specific question: Now that Glacius has a true invincible reversal with HP puddle punch, is there any good use for shadow puddle punch?

Even before it became fully invincible i never used it much unless i was trying to squeeze in extra damage to close the round…but this is just my personal experience

Know you highest 1 chance breakables both 1 bar and two bar. It’s really ■■■■■■■ high and you can even bump the damage higher if you want to forgo the 1 chance and just add more damage.

You just have to maximize your damage really hard

I hardly ever use S. Puddle Punch now, unless it accidentally comes out. In reality it was never a big part of my Glay game plan.

Shadow Puddle Punch is the worst use of meter he has, really.

Am not sure if people know because i don’t see many glacius players do it but when your comboing someone mid-screen, and your at a certain distance and do shadow cold shoulder you can make it unbreakable, similar to how cinder players do low inferno into shadow trailblazer at a certain distance and you can’t break it because it ends early.

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can u post a video of this? please

Best method for Glacius players is keeping the enemy at a range other than your face. Except for full screen and upclose Glacius has advantage in every aspect.

Hail can be used as a projectile to attack or set up for defense. Keeping your opponent at bay is the real challenge but if you play smart and keep your foe away you can get away with alot.

In the case of Glacius up close, cold shoulder is pretty good but again you have to be careful of fighting opponents who know how to get in your face.

Spam cold shoulder and his his instinct. Win every time XD, he is extremely broken in my opinion, ive won to many matches that i shouldve lost

If you guys have nothing useful to say, I would appreciate if you could not fill this thread with your salt, thanks.


I am going to assume the best way is to advise against them or counteract: Why would it be a bad idea to spam cold shoulder? granted I think that is a REALLY dumb idea but all things considerd what’s the negtive side of it. I’m asking you since you’re one of the Glacius experts.

Hold up (Edit: meaning jump). That’s why spamming cold shoulder is bad. 9/10 times you can punish Glacius on the way down. People keep whining about cold shoulder knock back even though it’s negative in block, but a cold shoulder whiff is like an invitation to dinner. Spamming cold shoulder is not effective. Throwing it out at random times when your opponent isn’t ready for it is great.

Truly spamming cold shoulder (like truly spamming most moves) is a terrible idea, because cold shoulder->cold shoulder is pretty stuffable by most attempted punish normals. Also, once you get close your cold shoulders are more likely to leave you next to your opponent where they can actually hit you. Mixing cold shoulder->puddle punch is a less terrible idea, because threat of DP can serve to keep them still instead of stuffing you. But mindlessly pressuring in both of these ways will lose to someone who is patient, so the real goal is to lull them into holding down+back, where you can then mix them up with instant overheads, hail pressure, or throws.

I’m not a huge fan of trying to jump after blocking cold shoulder, simply because if the Glacius is playing patiently you’ve just set yourself up for an anti-air. I’m bad at fighting Glacius though, so what do I know? -shrug-