What Sadira Needs


I think most people will agree that since the advent of S3 Sadira was hit incredibly hard and she went from an S Tier/ A Tier character all the way down to last tier. Most top players agree that is now a low tier character. I can certainly take their word for it, as you hardly ever run into a skilled Sadira player in Ranked. It’s rare now a days (at least for me).

Of course being a low tier character in KI doesn’t mean she’s gone the way of SF’s Dan, because for the most part KI is well balanced (or as balanced as any fighter can be).

So why has Sadira fallen from grace?

Part of Sadira’s problem is that she has evolved into an incredibly difficult character to use. In short, Sadira can do great damage, but you have to work incredibly hard to get there. In fact much of Sadira’s damage now comes from resets. Much of these resets take a lot of work to master.

The question is would new players take time to learn all of this, versus picking a character like Jago where you can get great damage without all the hassle. In S2, as a Sadira main, if you got in, you could make it hurt. I was regularly performing easy to do combos and getting 60 to 80% damage. Now those same combos give me about 40 to 50%.

1st issue: Hard to pick up and play well with.
2nd issue: Has to work really hard to deal damage.

Here are my suggestions…

My first suggestion is to increase the potential damage caused by her webs. Yes, Sadira will still have to work to get damage, but her work will be much more rewarding.

My second suggestion is change the invincibility of Shadow Web Cling from the “wall” to until she either attacks or hits the ground. I have huge problems with this move, as it tends to create walls after you get hit. The other day I was playing against a Sabrewulf player who performed a dash into Shadow Eclipse. I used SWC to escape, only to have the “wall” form right next to Sabrewulf and thus I was still hit by Eclipse. I think full invincibility until she hits the ground would give Sadira ample time to get away, versus continuously being struck out of the move mid air, as happens all the time.

Fellow Sadira fans if you have any other ideas or suggestions, please put them here.

The goal isn’t to make Sadira over powered, my goodness I get raged quit on all the time as it is, but to bring back a lot of the fun and competitiveness of this character.


Increase the damage output of Web Cling ender (seriously, the fact that it deals 1% more damage than the Recluse ender is silly).

I would also like to see some adjustments being made to her Shadow Web Cling as well. Make it fully invulnerable until the player decides to attack, similar to how the properties of Arbiter’s Truth Seeker ender into Type-51 Carbine works.

Aside from that, she’s fine as is.

what do you think about being able to control if the shadow web cling goes to the left wall or right wall?

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That actually would be kind of cool especially if Sadira gets stuck in the corner with the likes of Riptor. :smiley:

Yes Shadow web cling needs to be adjust,
I’m 100% with direction choice, especiallyon the corner this adjustment will help her a lot against really bad MU and crazy press.

About full invincibility, it’s probably a good idea, if invincibility stop on the HK’s start up for example, yes, it’s a good thing, because you can punish her.
This tool MUST be better, it cost one meter and it’s actually to easy to punish and totally useless where she needs more, ON THE CORNER.
But it must stay punishable, like a DP, because this tool is design like that.

And the shadow widow’s bite damage must be adjust on juggles, this one don’t help her on her bad MU i’m agree, but actually the risk reward is really too bad for this move, no damage and too easy too break, she needs this adjustment for 2 reasons

1: to be logic about the risk reward
2 : to have more option on juggles (her main combo trait).

About more web’s PD i think it’s too much because it will open one chance with insane damage (web, web, web, web, maybe level 2 or 3, LP, ender), she has actually one the best instinct in the game so i don’t think she needs adjustment on this.

Not really. Her Web damage was reduced by 80%. Increasing the PD aspect of it wouldn’t hit too hard or at least not as hard as it used to. Webs also add KV… so honestly the most she would get off of something like this might be 30%. There are characters like Jago that already get this much or greater damage off of their one chance breaks.

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It would appear that they’ve fixed that strange jumping issue she had prior to 3.7 where she’d land hard on regular jumping attacks. It tended to happen when I’d go for a HP or HK and she’d land with her wrist daggers in the ground like she just landed from web cling. Never understood why that happened with her, so I’m guessing it was a bug?

Either way, as far as what I’d like to see, buffing the damage a tad on her instinct webs would be nice.

I also like the idea of allowing her to choose which wall she shadow web clings to. That seems like a nice addition to the shadow version in addition to some of the invulnerability that hit has. If they did this, I’d see no reason to make it any more invulnerable, as the opponent would need to guess which way she’s going in many, though not all situations. Guessing wrong might actually have some dire consequences too, so that could be fun.

My main issues with her are that she doesn’t have a particularly damaging move beyond shadow recluse and I also don’t really think that her damage ender is worth doing right now given the rest of her options.

I’ll get back to the damaging move issue in a moment. The hard part is what to do with her damage ender. Buffing the damage to the point where it’s a better option than shadow recluse seems kind of impractical given the fact that shadow recluse also launches the opponent. In order to make it SO useful that you’d actually choose it over shadow recluse, well… I don’t see that happening.

The other option is to rob Peter to pay Paul and nerf shadow recluse’s damage or have it launch the opponent too far away for a follow up, all in the name of making her damage ender more valuable, but, that doesn’t seem like a buff at all. At best, it’s a berf, and at worst, it takes a great option away from her.

So if you can’t buff the damage enough to make her damage ender a worthwhile choice (and I don’t think you can) and you can’t nerf other moves to make it more worthwhile, I think you almost have to tack on some other type of value to her damage ender.

Sure, give it a slight damage increase, maybe, but they could also give her ONE of the following:

  • Give her a single, one time use web for any successfully completed damage ender. I’ve heard this option mentioned before and it sounds good to me. I only worry that there’s no indicator that she has one available to use. Is that entirely fair?

  • Make it a Damage / Battery ender that gives her meter based on the level of ender.

  • Make it a Damage / Ground Bounce ender. Not bad in theory, but it also basically makes it shadow recluse in a sense.

  • Landing this ender gives her access to a one time use special move that’s her Ultra Ender kick.

  • Landing this kick on an opponent takes off as much as two of her throws (along with the PD of one of her throws) .

  • Causes a wall-splat if in range of a wall.

  • Recaptures an air born opponent, but only if there’s a wallsplat AND she’s in range to follow up. Damage scales accordingly.

  • Projectile invulnerable during wind up, but not once the kick comes out.

  • The windup on the move is substantial, and the move is massively minus on block.

Now, I know people will say that she doesn’t need any more moves and this sounds like it’d complicate her move set even more, but to that, I’d say a few things. For one, her move set is already complicated. Adding a hard hitting move that she can use to kick someone on the ground or out of the air isn’t going to change that.

Plus, I do think that she needs a move that’s a bit of a hammer given how much damage she’s normally able to take off of her opponent with her move set.

Yes, I get that her resets are why she’s dangerous, but there has to be something threatening in her move set that any novice can use and get good with, that actually does some damage. Plus, again, it makes her damage ender worth doing if you’re getting a move like this that not only does big damage on its own, but allows you to recapture in a (rather narrow) situation.

Anyways, I know I’ll be on an island in wanting this type of move regardless, but whatever they do, it’d be nice if her damage ender was more worthwhile. A more realistic option would be giving her a single use web or making it a damage/battery ender, as I think either of those would separate it from shadow recluse in terms of utility, and I think her damage ender needs that.

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