What new modes do you think should be introduced in season 3?

I think that a mode similar to Blazeblues abyss mode would be cool and easy to implament.

Team Battle and Tournaments.


Online Training Mode so we can practice endlessly with a friend. I have friends that are newcomers to fighting games, I would like to be able to take them through the game step by step without a time limit.

Custom Private Matches So we can tweak our matches: number of rounds, time limit, etc…

Arcade Branch: Basically have branching stories that change based on whether you win or lose a match!

  • Online training
  • Tournaments
  • Team Battle
  • A Mortal Kombat ‘Test Your Might’ kind of gamemode

I second this post

Team battle was in the original why can’t it be in this one, tournament mode, I was thinking of a mode called king of the hill where there’s a portal in the middle map and whoever stays in it longer gets points and whoever has the most points wins the game


A tournament mode for online lobbies with a choice between double or single elimination.


This 100% any thing additionally would be a bonus but I’d also like to see

Some kind of fun temporary power up mode, this would be a good opportunity to use Boosters which were kind of forgotten about.

Team battle 2v2 each with one life


Add a stage ultra to every stage, and maybe add a gametype where you can only win by stage ultraing the opponent. Not very creative, but I thought I’d throw it out.

Tag & Team are the most obvious. I really don’t know, I’ve only played KI and MKX so I’m not sure what else could be done.

What was Abyss Mode?

Tag Team Mode please :slight_smile:


Abyss mode was a mode in Blazeblue where you select a character and play through sort of an arcade mode and you face random enemies. You would get points from winning matches where you could use them to increase certain abilities, like power, speed, etc. Also with a final boss.

My thoughts for KI is that they could do something similar with a final boss of Gargos, sub boss of Aria, with a secret boss (of Shago, Fulgore, Omen, Eyedol) that you could face to replace Aria. This could also give thwm a reason to somehow incorporate the boosters.

Tag team. Here’s the best way, it remains 1 vs 1 but you can tag your partner in so that the other character goes out to heal some white damage but you cannot tag mid-combo. The mechanic must remain 1 vs 1, no assists either. Each character has one life bar since 2 life bars per character would probably make matches way too long and the team shares the instinct and shadow meters so you don’t hold 4 stocks of shadow meter and 2 stocks of Instinct meter. This would be great since there doesn’t need to be overcomplicating things with tagging mid-combo and assists etc. Keep it simple and it will be still fun as hell.


Tag-Team – This is a 1v1 mode. Tag in characters during match up (2v2 or 3v3). Similar to Marvel vs Capcom. I don’t think this can happen since KI wasn’t built for this.

Team Battle – This is a 1v1 mode. Each person can select teams of 2 or 3 DIFFERENT characters (pending 2v2 or 3v3). Each character gets one life bar. Cannot tag out of character and must play out each life bar. The order is selected prior to the match. After characters life bar is depleted, the character is swapped with the next one. Shadow meter carries over. ARIA would probably be ineligible.

Clan Battle – Similar to team except multiple players can play. 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5. Each player selects a character and they get two lifebars (Optional 1 lifebar). Ongoing, survival battle until final person is eliminated from a “clan”. Order of characters pre-determined. Shadow bars are reset after a person is eliminated. ARIA would probably be ineligible.

Tournament Mode – In lobbies/rooms of 4,8, 16, and maybe 32, Host can setup up a tournament bracket (Single or Double Elimination). Random seeding or host can select seeding. Matches can be ran individually or simultaneously. Optional Best of 3 or Best of 5. This would be a good addition to lobby mode in lieu of having King of Hill.

Shadow Battles- Train your shadow and battle them against other peoples shadows. Level Shadows. You and your opponent watch the battle. You have the option to control if they play defense, rushdown, neutral etc…

Online training (1v1)

Manual Training for each character

From my Other Thread

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The thought of having two or more Kan-ra on the same team is quite menacing.

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Tournaments and brackets

Classic ladders!
Season 1 ladder with Fulgore and Shago at the end not matter what.

Season 2 ladder with Omen and Aria at the end.

NO survival health limitations, just straight up classic ladder with every character int eh game until you reach the sub boss and boss. They don’t have to be separated by Season either…but either way is fine. Just sick of Survival and the limitations to Story mode.

Living towers or weekly changing towers with themes

Modifiers and tower challenges

basically everything in MKX lol


-Manual Training Mode: Have the game teach, in the simplest way possible, how to manual and walk you through your timing. Each character and any situation available.

-Killer Survival Mode: Similar to regular survival mode, but without a ladder. You win, your health recharges a small amount, and the next character drops down. After five wins, you go to the next background for five more.

Each match has it’s own item reward trigger: So before the match starts, the game pauses to tell you what will trigger rewards. Maybe it’s combo breaking, maybe it’s using a shadow move in a combo that you finish, maybe it’s doing a combo of more than 20 hits.

Whatever it is for that match, the opponent drops an item that you can pick up by moving over it(before it fades away). Items could be strength buffs of varying sizes, health refills of varying sizes, XP bonuses of varying sizes, game unlocks like profile items, character art, and perhaps even debuffs for your character as well.

-Master Mode: Learn from the pros. IG & MS brings in pro players to do training videos showing off their tech with their best characters. These videos get incorporated in to training you how to do that kind of tech, explained as simply as possible, telling you what they like about this or that move, what they don’t, etc.

-Mission Mode: Once a month, IG releases a new set of five character ladders for each character to play against, like an arcade ladder. Each one is geared toward telling a small part of that character’s story or providing some background for them overall or what’s happening to them in the story or to trigger something that happened to the character in the past. It’s meant to be a companion to the actual story mode; to simply provide more info beyond what we already find out as well as flesh out the character backgrounds.

Now, I’m not saying that this should require a new piece of artwork each month. If anything, I’d almost like to see them use the dossier screen from the start of season 1 story/arcade mode. Create one for each character in the game and have the new information gained pop up in a new dossier file once you’ve defeated the five characters and finished your “mission.”

-Ronin Mode: Once your character reaches level 50, they stop earning XP. There’s no real difference between a level 50 Sabrewulf that just reached the summit yesterday and a player that’s leveled Sabrewulf to 50 months and months ago and has put in several more hours.

What if, when you reached level 50 with a character, that this character was now useable in Ronin mode. When you choose the offline Ronin mode, your character “travels” on a map from one area to another. Fighting characters and through winning, unlocks special profile “belts” that can only be used when you pick that character, and decals for individual match wins which go toward getting new belts. You lose decals for individual match losses.

This way, a character that’s a level 50 can now open more status oriented stuff that they have the option to show off when they fight online or in tournaments if they so choose. Plus, it’s just nice to keep earning stuff with a character that you keep using beyond level 50.

Let’s say it starts off with a white belt for the profile background (but it only shows up for that character). After getting ten wins, where each win gets you a bronze KI logo above your profile, you then get ten silver KI logos that go over the bronze logos, then ten gold KI logos over those.

Once you get to ten, your belt changes from white to yellow and so on to orange, to green, to blue, to purple, to brown, to black, to bronze, to silver, to gold, to red. After that, you get a rotating black decal that says “MASTER” on one side in silver lettering and shows the character’s face on the other that goes in the large circle on the right side of the profile.

You’d also have the option to toggle on/off Ronin mode for the character. If you leave it set to “Ronin only” then you only gain decals and belts by fighting in Ronin mode. If you set it “on” then you can gain decals and new belts by fighting in any other mode online or offline. By setting it to “off,” the game saves your Ronin progress, and that character “exits” Ronin mode, restoring your regular profile background, decal etc to that character.

-Dojo Mode: Much smaller explanation here. I just want dojo mode for everyone, not just Jago.


KI Theatre Mode:

A mode where you can look at recorded fights and veiw them from different angles. You can use the XB1 Recording feature to record the clips and make machinima or movies or epic battles out of them! just like in the trailers!


Tag team mode or any team mode should not allow you to pick anyone more than one time, so there shouldn’t be 2 Kan-Ra characters in one team or any sort of doubling.