What Mortal Kombat 11 guest characters would you like to see?

Assuming one day MK11 comes out, what guest characters would you like to see this time around? Personally, I would like to see:

  1. Jeepers Creepers - would love to see the version of him with the hat and the trench coat.

  2. Chucky - might be too small to actually work as a character, considering he’d only be a tall as a normal person’s kneecap.

  3. Pyramid Head - this is a long shot, but could totally happen. We all know Konami is ok with other companies using their characters (like having Solid Snake in Smash Bros) and Pyramid Head would definitely fit in the MK universe.

  4. Spawn - This one is a no-brainer. Spawn hasn’t been in a fighting game since Soul Calibur II and he would fit perfectly in the dark, violent world of MK.

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Doom Slayer
Beavis and Butt-Head

Definitely Doom Slayer!

  • good cross-promotion due to Doom Eternal coming out
  • demons in Netherlrealm games look similar to the ones in Doom
  • most of the time he is shown with a chainsaw or shotgun, both of these weapons we have seen in MKX

Maybe a KI character

  • no one who is similar to already existing MK characters
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One that’s not horror movie themed.


We’ve had two straight MK games with horror movie characters as guests, so while I’d fully expect them to make it three, and I can already imagine Michael Myers making an appearance, I really hope they go in a new direction, to change things up if nothing else.

Plus, and I know I’m in the minority here and that’s totally fine, but I’m not a huge fan of the old horror icons. Never really dug them back when they were popular. Again though, that’s just me. I know others like them a lot and I certainly don’t begrudge them for having a difference of opinion. If anything, I’m happy that they’re excited for those characters appearing on the roster.

But now that we’ve kinda been there and done that, it’d be nice for the MK fans that have either seen enough horror icons or simply aren’t that in to them to maybe get something else.

It’d be nice if there could be some sort of fighting game crossover with a character from this game or that game, like how Tekken got Geese and Akuma. I wonder if Team Ninja and Tecmo Koei would have anything against lending Hyabusa to MK? I mean, it’s not like Ninja Gaiden wasn’t violent.

Killer Instinct could obviously lend a character, and it wouldn’t shock me if MS allowed NRS to put the character on both the XB1 and PS4 versions. But, if MS limited the KI character to Xbox, I could easily see the PS4 version getting a character like a Bloodborne hunter or Sweet Tooth, or something along those lines, but hopefully we’re not looking at console exclusive characters.

Or maybe they go old school a bit? It’s not like the horror icons are all as popular as they once were, and MK tends to skew a bit older anyways. So how about a character from Eternal Champions? Weaponlord? Samurai Shodown? Bloody Roar? Battle Arena Toshinden? Golden Axe: The Duel? Maybe they even borrow a character from an MK clone like Kasumi Ninja, Tattoo Assassins, Thea Realm Fighters, Ultra Vortek, or Way of the Warrior?

I’m sure I’m getting too fan-servicy here. I can’t imagine a character from Way of the Warrior selling a ton for WB. But I do think there could be some fun guests from fighting games that WOULD sell, as I think Tekken 7 probably just showed us recently.

I’d maybe want to go that route. Spawn would be a nice add as well.