What Kind of Costume Pack Themes would You Like?

Disclaimer: If there is another thread like this, my apologies.

So it’s pretty obvious that a lot of us here would like to see more costumes for the cast right. And after playing some DOA I got thinking, what kind of theme based costume packs would be cool (once they are able to have the opportunity to do them)? Reasons why are optional.

Personally the themes I would like to see:
A ninja clan pack- because ninjas are awesome. Nuff said.
A businessmen pack- there’s just something about fighting a business suit that looks badass.
A futuristic pack- After seeing Maya’s futuristic accessories, I wondered how cool it would be for the cast. (i.e. an actual laser sword for Jago)
A casual Pack- I always wondered how the characters would look if they lived like normal, everyday lives.


A few accessory packs I would probably green light…

Jago- Noble Monk Set (Noble Wooden Bokken Sword, Noble Shinguards, Noble Headband but Jago is now unmasked.)

Spinal- Reaper Set (Reaper hood, Reaper cloak, and a Sythe to replace his sword, with a green phantom shield)

Tusk- Viking Set (Viking Helmet, Viking chain-meal armor, and Two handed Viking Axe)

Cinder- Pyro Set (Gas mask, and Biohazard armor for arms and legs)

Omen - Phantom Set (Unmasked, with fading arms and legs)

And for an alternate costume for Shadow Jago, I was thinking maybe a Cyber Jago alt. Where his body is completely cybernetic, with lightsaber blade, and fire to form the swayed off hair. I’d see this as a “What if UltraTech captured and transformed Jago into a weapon?” kinda thing. I mean seeing Shago has no real retro, why not go for something different than expected?


I would pay all the money!


Maybe one where Tusk is in a T-Shirt that says


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I just want some ancient warrior packs. Classic samurais, ninjas etc.


Does non-human characters count? Come on, who would want to see Omen wearing a business suit, Spinal wearing a pimp jacket, Riptor wearing a tutu, Aganos wearing a furry suit, and so on? XD

Well, in all seriousness, if I were to pick one of the characters, I would pick Kim Wu. I can just imagine her wearing casual clothes with her hair down.


Halloween Costume Pack :jack_o_lantern::skull::ghost::purple_heart::green_heart:


I feel Kim would definitely be the easiest for casual wear considering she’s a college student.

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Possible update for next month maybe???

I smell a Jack o Lantern head accessory for someone in the roster (Besides the one for retro Eyedol)


A Mecha Pack like a mini-transformers/mini-gundam type


Oh man if Spinal got a jack o lantern head costume…I would fangasm so hard lol

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Speaking of holiday pack, when the X-mas accessories got released I was kinda disappointed they didn’t add these items to the list

Jago - (Giant candy cane sword, regular mask but with a Santa hat and elf ears, with tied up teddy bears forming the shinguards)

Thunder - (Two candycane axes, with Santa hat, and elf shoes)

Glacius - (Snowman Head, and snow covered hands and legs)

Spinal - (Candycane sword with present lid for shield, krampus head and robe)

Cinder - Santa hat on fire. Like a small flame right on the white cotton end…

Just a few ideas for next Xmas maybe

Holiday themed accessories and colors would be pretty rad. New masks for masked characters like Omen, Jago/Shago, Fulgore, etc. on Halloween maybe.

A Traditional set. Get Tusk a kilt, Jago some robes, Kim Wu some Kill Bill garb.

A Saturday Morning Cartoon set. Skeletor for Spinal, Scooby Doo/Courage for Sabrewulf, Cobra Commander for Kan-Ra

Dress up Hisako! Bed Sheet Ghost, Sailor Scout BOO, Corpse Bride

We already have those, their labeled as “default”.

What about Orchid, Maya, Tj, and Kim?

I couldn’t find an amazon costume at my local super market so you got me there.

Lol well if we are going that route nobody ever should get a Halloween costume since literally anything can be a Halloween costume. That’s like saying Stryker from MK shouldn’t get one because some people are cops for Halloween so therefor he already has one :wink:

These are literally at my super market, well its not the same cop costume, but that image sorta looked like Orchid with her black outfit.

ARIA in a santa claus outfit. :heart_eyes: She can bring me presents anyday.


“Evolve or Die, Mister Grinch”