What Killer Instinct characters would you want as friends IRL

  1. Jago
  2. Sabrewulf
  3. Glacius
  4. Thunder
  5. Sadira
  6. Orchid
  7. Spinal
  8. Fulgore
  9. Shadow Jago
  10. T.J. Combo
  11. Maya
  12. Kan-Ra
  13. Riptor
  14. Omen
  15. Aganos
  16. Hisako
  17. Cinder
  18. ARIA

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Not necessary your mains just what 3 characters would you choose out of the season 1 and 2 roster would you pick to hang out with?

I don’t want any of the KI characters as my friends. They’re all either a ■■■■, a robot, some kind of animal thing, possessed by something evil, or maybe they ARE evil, an alien thingy, or they only care about one thing which isn’t you. They’d probably kill you if you got in their way too.

They don’t exactly sound like good candidates for friends if you ask me.

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I went for Thunder, Orchid and Maya. I think they’re the only ones you could reason with.

All of them for me here :wink:

Currently the most popular girl in school is Hisako. Sounds good to me, you could, uh… Get On-Ryo-Zan’d. And, maybe you could try talking to her. I don’t know how well that’d go. Maybe it’s her stunning looks that draw everyone to her! Yeah, kissing that big, pretty and sharp mouth must be why people voted her.

I chose Aganos and both Maya and Orchid. I chose the golem due to his size and strength; he’d be great for taking out my enemies or simply as a bodyguard. As for the 2 ladies, I mean come on, they’re hot as all getout! :stuck_out_tongue:

Jago. So we can work as Valet Parking guys, and tell people as they come out, “I’m afraid your ride ends here.” XD


Fulgore, Kan Ra and Aria.

Fulgore: So I could point and BZZZZZZ, there goes some annoyances in the neighbourhood.
Kan Ra: To discuss the inner workings of the universe and how to take it over. Muahahaha!
Aria: To learn of the corporate world and how to take it over. Muahahaha!

My objectives are all very totalitarian in nature. I may be alone, but I’ll be on top. HAHAHA!

Eyedol, so I can cause drama between both heads


I chose:

Fulgore: Be awesome to hangout with the killer cyborg. Also be good to have a dude around who’d stick up for you also might make good security if you decide to go out at niht.

Cinder: He’d be the life of the party I beleive, course it should be a cook-out and in a field with less stuff to burn but seeing as he’s obsessed with showing off he’d make great entertainment. That and I have quite alot of questions to ask.

Glacius: Glacius is more than likely my best choise out of all 3. Becuase he’d not only make a cool freind to hang around. I’d love to ask him what it’s like where he lives because he would strike me with alot of curiosity being an alien life form. And maybe even get some perspective on how how they view the universe as a whole.

Fulgore because Fulgore.
Aganos because a Rock Golem friend is awesome
Omen because I want to be a shadow version of myself for powers.

I chose Orchid, Maya and TJ Combo.

Want to why I chose Orchid and Maya? i have reasons… But I won’t tell to you about my reasons…

Spinal would be awesome to hang out with. I’ll bet he tells hilarious jokes.


Allot of great choices and answers kind of feel sad no one picked Sabrewulf but I guess in real life he’d be f*cking terrifying not to mention dog hairs everywhere :smile:


Wet dog smell…pewww


jago would be cool only if he teaches me the endokuken
Wulf I would keep my distance
Glacuius has cool tech so I might want to see it
Thunder would cleanse my spirit
Sadira…erm she would kill me so no
Orchid is boring…all she would talk about is ultra tech
Spinal would be a good laugh
Fulgore would not be a great convo starter
T.j I would want to see choke on his own boxing glove
Maya like orchid would bore me
Kan-ra I would insult for having a stupid smile
Riptor…do I need to explain why
Omen…would corrupt my soul
Aganos would be an excellent bouncer/bodyguard
Hisako would creep me out
I would never be friends with a person who shouts out sick burn as an attack…so no cinder
ARIA would make me wish she would short circuit
Shadow jago would kill me
Rash would be a laugh but way to retro

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Thunder and Aganos, why? Because I want to join their buddy cop alliance…

Also spinal just so I could here his laugh.


Fixed that for ya. :wink:

Thank you! I was tired that night LOL.