What Killer Instinct characters would you want as friends IRL

A bro hug would kill you though.

It would be worth it…I hope!

Sadira, Hisako, and Riptor. They are best girls, and they would be my best friendos.

i love this seriousness …


lovely this post at all very genius… and unique

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  1. Orchid - Beautiful woman with loads of cash and determination.
  2. Saberwolf - Awesome werewolf… He’s a beast nuff said.
  3. Glacious - Awesome tech guy… OMG THE TOYS!!!


I would offer to be her Secretary. Bring her a piping cup of motor oil in the morning and the latest copy of Scientific American. Answer the phone for her while she’s occupied with dragging people kicking and screaming into the future . Leave her little Post-it notes on her latest Evolution/Murder Reports with little heart drawings and internet cat jokes. Laugh at all her jokes even when they’re not funny or down right disturbing. And give her shoulder rubs when she needs them…

I know I know,

It would be a slow awkward relationship at first. Her constantly threatening me to Evolve or die…

but eventually I will teach her to love dang it!


Sadira- It would be od because death would be at my doorstep but I could at least try…plus that booty…
Riptor- A dinosaur…I’ll say it again… A…DINO…SAUR!!! WHO WOULD ■■■■ WITH ME!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! NOONE THAT’S WHO!!!

And least but not least…ARIA…I would have the world at my fingertips plus well…many many reasons one of which, knowledge about everything.