What justifies his damage output?

One of my mains is glacius so this might sound crazy but does anyone else think his damage output is a little too high? One combo can almost remove an entire life bar. I almost don’t want to use him because it feels like I’m cheating, someone online even called me a glacius damage noob (or something to that extend) for using him.


I hate his damage too.

Turn his “shadow cold shoulder” from a damage move into a CARRY move, and I think it will help emphasize screen control instead of emphasizing 60% lockout damage.

(Cut the damage on it down, but increase the CARRY distance by 200 - 300%)

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-Character size
-Mediocre pressure game w/out hails
-Gets outzoned by most other zoners
-Risky zoning tools, often leaves himself open (hail, shatter)
-Poor walk speed
-Dash? No.
-Floaty and vulnerable jump

Those are my reasons, you don’t have to agree.

And you should care, why?

Prepares for the numerous salty posts about Glacius


To be fair, it feels like the combat staff feels that way since he’s been getting some tweaks here and there to his linker damage and opener damage in the last couple of patches.

I don’t really see Glacius as stable. I look at other mixup heavy characters in the game and they’re usually toward the lower end of damage output. It’s similar to how zoning and zoning combos work too; relatively low damage output.

It can be argued that he’s not a mixup character and an essential zoner. Given the properties of his throw, his lance normals and jump lances, Shatter and walk speed, that’d make sense. Given that this is KI were talking about though, there’s hardly an essential purebread character archetype in this game. He’s a hybrid of sorts, in my mind, between a zoner and tank and combines the best of both. And the reason i say tank is essentially because of his instinct. He goes from being comfortable at full screen, not so much up close, to being able to threaten you at nearly every range for 15 seconds. And most times twice in a match.

One of the more recent patches made his normals not so booty buttcheeks anymore so he’s at ‘less’ risk up close. It’s just, for me, that his risks are not as pronounced as others with their whole gameplan. Do i want them to be more pronounced? I don’t think i do, honestly. I can’t say it’d do good for the ice giant, or for the game. Does it feel off? Yeah, and that’s what’s gnawed at me about Glacius for a while now, i think. I have that feeling he’s not stable, but hell if i can pinpoint what that might be. Plus, while i find him annoying, i don’t find him game breaking or anything. So yeah.

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I agree…he hits way to hard for someone that can zone, invincible wake up, use hail as protection, cross up teleport in instinct, special shadow counter windows, Unblockable specials, and god like neutral range poke and normal’s…oh and maybe be the best throw range/priority in the game.

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To Sonic that is, lol. Glay is fine the way he is. Not Overpowered in my opinion. Far from if you compare it to other characters available.

Well Sonic DID use Kim Wu to much success in the last tourney, so they are obviously going to nerf Glacius. :stuck_out_tongue:

First buff then nerf?

I was joking… :smirk:

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i was surprised to see him use Kim Wu too though

It was a surprise, but Sonic does have a very good Kim Wu… I should know. He’s killed me a number of times with her. :smiley:

They might nerf it since they made him into a stronger zoner.


I tend to agree. He has a lot more options than he did in both S1 and S2. If they did nerf his damage, I would assume it wouldn’t be by much. More or less normalizing it.

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Wait, are you seriously complaining about that one thing in instinct that you rarely see take effect ever? Go ahead and think Glacius is strong (cause he is) but this is pretty out there for a reason why.

How long did you think about this statement before you posted it?

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Glacius has good strengths, but as Sonic listed, glaring weakness.

I don’t know why people seem to tie zoner with low damage, but being a zoner doesn’t condemn you to be weak.

IMO Glacius is fine. Strong, but not ridiculously powerful. With strong pros, but also pronounced weakness

WHat are his weaknesses then? List his weakness to his strengths. I dont believe they are equal


I know! I know!!! People crying nerfs! That is Glacius’ greatest weakness!